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Tim will be headlining a charity gig for Amnesty International as part of their 50th Anniversary. Live & Ungagged Again! will be at The Sands Centre in Carlisle on Friday 23rd Sept at 7.30pm. 100% of the profits go to Amnesty International.

He’ll be joined by Jarred Christmas, Daniel Sloss, Imran Yusuf and the evening will be compered by Chris Ramsey.

Tickets are £21/£18 Students and go on sale 9am Tuesday 26th July.
Box Office: 01228 625222

Tim will be live, ungagged, uncaged, unrestrained, unimpeded, unshod, unabashed, …underpanted and unsurprisingly gloriously unkempt of hairdo. Fancy unwinding and having a giggle with Tim and the rest of the line up, all in aid of an important campaigning organisation?

You know what to do…

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Danielle on 16th of August 2011

Sept 23rd: My anniversary, the Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe 24-hour live podcast, and now this. Too bad I live in the States – would have loved to celebrate by watching Tim. Ah, well. Happy anniversary, baby. I got you a full day of my ear glued to SGU!

Debbie Cosgrove on 26th of July 2011

Woo hoo… got our tickets… there will be two red heads in the second row, keeping everything crossed that Tim will play our song :) Prejudice :) Can’t wait :) x

TheEditingKings on 25th of July 2011

Tim! i just found you on youtube and F-ing love you! I also am a musician! and love comedy. I have a youtube channel but it has no music yet. but it does have some awesome videos! its TheEditingKings! peace

Jordan Summers on 23rd of July 2011

Tim, if you need a place to stay, I live in Penrith, just down the road from Carlisle and you can have my bed. You can also choose whether you want me in that bed with you. I am a male. Get back to me?

lee Sheriff on 22nd of July 2011

hello time you are an ABSOLUTE pure legend i have your dvds, i laugh more n more that i watch you you are a rock legend in my eyes dude a really hope i can see one of your gigs :D LEGEND !!! please write back :)

fliss on 22nd of July 2011

First Rory Bremner in Workington and now Tim (!) in Carlisle!! What have we done to deserve this??!!! :D

PDXcat on 22nd of July 2011

For the US folks – yes the Aus/UK DVDs will play on your computer, but you likely need to download a ‘region unlocker’ as many computer dvd players will only allow limited region resets.

Shameless endorsment: the UK “Ready for This” performance is a must have, it even has the animated “Pope Song” as an extra.

Now, can we get some genuine cotton canvas bag swag, pleeeease??

Babs Drinkwater on 21st of July 2011

Fanfuckintastic! I have literally never been this happy!!! Can’t wait …

Libby on 21st of July 2011

Just an FYI…the DVDs from Australia do play on DVD players in the US. I have three of them. The trick is that they only play on the “cheap” DVD players (like the ones you can get for $30.00-$50.00). They wont play on Blu Ray players or the nice shiny expensive DVD players. The DVDs from the UK will not play in the USA.

I hope this helps :-)

Ronalda Ryan on 21st of July 2011

Tim Minchin you are a legend but you need to get your butt back to Australia preferably Brisbane because i obviously can’t marry you but i sure as heck want to see you live so bad!!!!!!!!!! I play your dvds all day every day and have introduced you to a wide range of my theatrical friends and even my kids have shown your songs to their teachers, so get your butt back here for your fans!!!!!!

Jo on 21st of July 2011

can’t wait – just hoping i get tickets!!!!

Shell on 21st of July 2011

Hi Julie
The DVDs in the ‘Shop’ on this site do ship internationally but are not all regions, although they will play on your computer. However, hang-fire (if you can) as there might be developments in this area later this year. Keep an eye on the site as we’ll announce any news here.
Shell x

Julie on 21st of July 2011

Question totally unrelated to above post. I want to buy DVDs and i live in the US. Do they work in our players? Do you take our nasty money?

Ian on 21st of July 2011

Lets hope they do the ‘black out’ right this time ;)

Lou Mason on 21st of July 2011

Woohoo! :D

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.