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Yep, that’s right – due to what can only be popular demand, a third night has been added to Tim’s stint at Vicar Street! Tickets for the new date on the 15th went on sale this morning from Ticketmaster so there’s still opportunity for you to grab good seats but you’d best be quick about it!

Can you believe it’ll only be the fourth time he’s brought his bare feet, grand piano and stupid… songs to Ireland for a full length show? All the more reason to head on down and given it’s a Saturday, you’ve got no excuse not to take a mini-break to see him!

Are you in?

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Mathew on 15th of August 2011

Yea luckily I am in Ireland but not so lucky as I can’t go! :( Damn age restrictions!

Olivia on 12th of August 2011

Wow!!! I’m super excited! I was just browsing for dates in the UK to travel and see Tim and now he’s coming here! Really can’t wait!

Celine on 30th of July 2011

So in im in front row centre! Cant wait!!

The Maples on 29th of July 2011

THANK YOU! You’ve solved our vacation plans for us Tim! My husband and I traveled from San Diego California to see you in Anaheim on July 2nd and enjoyed the hell out of that concert (even with the god awful venue. My deepest sympathy). We were so bummed at the prospect of possibly waiting another year till you tour in the U.S. again (assuming my fellow yanks and I have even made ourselves worthy of a return visit. Doubtful!). We jokingly tossed around the idea of “OH, lets JUST go to Ireland for vacation this year so we can see Tim Minchin again”. Then tonight we saw you added on the third date in Dublin and found we could get our greedy little hands on some decent seats, so we jumped on it and said “Screw train travel plans to Canada, Ireland here we come!” Now mind you, we don’t need you as an “excuse” to go on a trip to Ireland again, but where you WILL come in handy Tim is in helping the $3500+ we will spend in a mere 5- 6 nights of jet lagged travel not so tough to swallow. Talk about a pricey concert! No pressure for a concert we will never forget though Tim. Afterall, we are just trying to do our part to make up for your night in Anti-Hymen, right?! Cheers and see you on the Emerald Isle.

Alessandra on 28th of July 2011

I would like so much to be in Ireland…

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.