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Promenading on BBC2

by Linzy 26th Aug 2011 | 86 comments

We said we’d post a reminder about the TV broadcast of the BBC’s Comedy Prom and here it is!

This Saturday, 27th August, as well as the return of Doctor Who, is the broadcast of the BBC’s Comedy Prom, as recorded on the 13th August. Fortunately they don’t clash, however, they do have something in common. What? You’ll have to tune in to find out!

The Comedy Prom will be showing on BBC 2 and BBC HD at 9pm. There’ll be a handful of songs from the host of the evening, Tim, and it’ll feature the astounding vocal trickery of Beardyman, hilarious puppet antics from the cast of Mongrels and enchanting silent comedy from The Boy With Tape On His Face.

Also making appearances will be comic rapper, Doc Brown, cabaret duo, Kit and the Widow, soprano, Susan Bullock and pianist, Danny Driver. Sue Perkins will also be lending a helping hand throughout proceedings, and the whole thing will be backed by the BBC Concert Orchestra, led by Jules Buckley.

Unfortunately, the broadcast will only be available in the UK, however, here’s a clip of Tim from it, for those that won’t be able to see the spectacle:

And for those in the UK, here are two clips from Beardyman and Mongrels to whet your appetite!

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Mike on 24th of December 2017

Now some six years later, aside from the mind-numbingly clever lyrics – What was the musical basis or inspiration for the opening number?

Richard on 9th of September 2011

Totally awesome! But where oh where can I watch the introduction song again? Its gone from iPlayer and the BBC have wiped all sign of it from Youtube. Its disappearance is a tragic loss to our great nation.

Jem on 6th of September 2011

My husband and I have already watched the Comedy Prom twice and kept the recording for further viewings. Tim you are truely amazing, such clever lyrics, with such catchy tunes, we were singing along on our second viewing. Beardy Man was also incredible – so much talent. We loved every second.

MgtS on 5th of September 2011

Saw the broadcast last weekend of the Comedy Prom and found it really amusing and innovative. Really enjoyed Tim Minchin’s MC-ing and his talent shone through. Don’t often really enjoy the Prom TV broadcasts – I’m much rather be there, but live 500 miles from London – but this was more accessible somehow.
Well done to everyone. Is Tim Minchin ever in Argyll?

samantha mitchell on 4th of September 2011

Recorded the BBC Comedy Proms,..watched it last night. Honestly?!…..thought it was just brilliant!!. Tim and Beardyman were the highlights for me. loved every second of it. xx

tash on 1st of September 2011

Fantastic, thank you…

Steve P on 1st of September 2011

And it was Brilliant. Not perfect, but it’s ours….

Sarah Long on 31st of August 2011

This was yet another stroke of genious from Tim, loved every minute!

Linda H on 31st of August 2011

Just watched “your” prom for the 3rd time, have already listenened to it 4 times – just wonderful. If they have another comedy prom next year (they have to) and ask you to front it again for goodness sake don’t have other commitments, they can’t and shouldn’t do it without you.
I’m also with Kay on “my earth” – always tissue time with me, it says it all. x

Kaye Phillips on 30th of August 2011

one of the most memorable performances. Thanks to everyone involved. I thoroughly enjoyed it all – and the “its my earth” brings me to tears everytime. Thank you.

John Bartlett on 30th of August 2011

Congrats! Excellent show. Have listened to Lullaby over and over – laughed so much my lungs ache.
Looking forward to next year’s Prom.

Claire on 30th of August 2011

My parents spoke highly of the Comedy Prom, so I watched it on iplayer and wasn’t disappointed. Tim Minchin was an outstanding host, with his superb talents on show throughout. More please BBC and well done to everyone involved. First class all the way.

Steve on 30th of August 2011

This was a wonderful evenings entertainment. Well done Tim – and everyone else. It may not be to everyones taste, but I have heard lots of really good comments about it.

And “Not perfect” – just awesome.

Paul on 29th of August 2011

Firstly, I have never before emailed or even commented on a celebrity, comedian, musician – but felt this was such a fantastic nights entertainment I had to give thanks. The wit, charm and intelligence in all of Tims performances are second to none. I have not yet managed to see a live performance but I am am sure it would be such a fantastic event you would tell everyone you know for years to come. Brilliant! Thank you! And keep going so I can see you live soon! Above all, you are a fantastic musician and present it in such a way you appeal to the masses.

rachel on 29th of August 2011

just watched it and all i can say is ,,,,,,,,,,,wow wish i was there minchin was breathtaking

Hilary Day on 29th of August 2011

absolutely brilliant! all of it. but especially Tim! as always. pleeeaaase do it again…

Ben Green on 29th of August 2011

Tim minchin is great at the keytar

Jim Sloan on 29th of August 2011

Never heard of, or saw you, before this week! Thought your performance at the Proms was stunning and hugely entertaining: I wish you much success in all your future endeavours. Keep at it. I am certain more and more of those who get to know of you will appreciate your unique talents. I’ll be on the lookout for you!

Kathryn Devney on 28th of August 2011

Had a fantastic time at the first ever Proms. Felt the atmosphere even though I was only watching it on TV. The very talented Tim Minchin excelled himself as the host of the show especially the finale. I loved the song and want it to be mine!! Thanks Tim you made my night!!

Jane on 28th of August 2011

Absolutely fantastic concert – thank you Tim! The world needs more of you, Beardy Man and Man with Tape On His Face!

Alice Ho on 28th of August 2011

I thought it was absolutely fantastic. And Tim introduced as a ‘comedy rock god’ put a huge smile on my face. I read some reviews though and so sad to hear that people didn’t enjoy it and turned it off! Maybe it’s not for everyone but Tim was amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed the Beardy man.

Jackie on 28th of August 2011

Accidentally landed on the Comedy Proms last night – what a fantastic treat it was! Loved your own entertainment – such charisma, such personality, such wit) – I’ve not seen you before but I was Impressed! Loved the Show, well done Aunty BBC!

Cherry on 28th of August 2011

Fantastic, Anything with Tim is great tho! I cant believe that there were people who had never heard of you before this……….. such a fantastic talent!

Joanne Rose on 28th of August 2011

Absolutely fabulous,, enjoyed it very much always love watching Tim Minchin. So very talented and a musical genius always awesome to watch.

Steve H on 28th of August 2011

Was at the concert (but missed Doc Brown because of traffic problems) and though there were a few bits cut from the original it was a great showing on the TV. Beardyman was the find of the night for me – but I was already a fan of Tim – and we attended primarily because Tim was hosting. Planning on making it an annual occurrence now.

Moira Mapley on 28th of August 2011

Just watched this and it was fantasmagorical – sooooooo clever – soooooo entertaining – I want more…….

Tabitha Maser-Clarke on 28th of August 2011

Ahh, I watched it last night, just because Tim was on it. When i saw the advert with Tim sliding on the piano, I literally screamed. Just seeing him on tele was so lovely. I think the Comedy Proms were a little odd, with the opera and such. I loved Beardy Man, and Tim obviously. It was so lovely, I made all my family sit down to watch it with me. I sang along, just grinning. It left me feeling so happy to see him. Especially since it was the same stage as the one I first saw him on. You were great Tim! Thank you! I loved Lullaby, Prejudice (quite outrageous and BRILLIANT for the Proms), F Sharp, Not Perfect.. just everything!
From Tabitha, aged 14.

M-Min on 28th of August 2011

I’m still delighting in the Prom!I only knew Sue Perkins before this Prom,I was amazed at everyone’s musical skills and talent for comedy. But where else can such performers play?How I wish I’d been there in person!

Pat Thistlethwaite on 28th of August 2011

Just to say – I had never heard of you (sorry!) but found the Comedy Prom absolutely fantastic – and marvelled at the musical ability of you all – and the ability to do those fantastic things and ‘act the goat’ at the same time. Loved it! Hope it is on for next year’s Proms too.

Helen Tope on 28th of August 2011

Liked Tim before, bloody love him after the Comedy Prom. Fan-ruddy-tastic!!

Mandy Goldfinch on 28th of August 2011

Please do it again next year!

Jane Cornes on 28th of August 2011

What an amazing event, you stole the show…!! Also loved the beardyman. More next year pretty please, I’ll be a good girl if you do.

Henk and Sonja on 28th of August 2011

It was great, so much fun and talent in one show! What a privilege to see it by satellite. A big thanks from the Netherlands.

Hanneke de bruijn on 28th of August 2011

I Enjoyed the Comedian Proms Yesterday Very much..!! Never Heard of Tim before, he is a fabulous Artist!..!

Fay Andrews on 28th of August 2011

Sheer joy to watch and listen, I sat enthralled by the multi-talented Tim but also by the other performers. This is from a lover of Thomas Tallis and the music of The Sixteen. I shall watch it all over again on the TV with just as much pleasure.
Oh dear my e-mail sounds as if it has come from an older lady, well it has!
Regards Fay

Peter on 28th of August 2011

The closing song on the Prom was…… I can’t find a word that sums it up. “beautiful” is close enough.

Hilary Morrison on 28th of August 2011

what a laugh – a must for every year – made a fantastic change to have something to enjoy on a saturday night!! well done everyone.

chrisx on 28th of August 2011

thank u, thank u, thank u tim! Saw you for the first time, doing the comedy prom. After a really rotten week, you made my heart soar! It was the best viewing!

Alison Clyde on 28th of August 2011

Fantastic, please can we have more next year hosted by Tim, who was absolutely fabulous. The orchestra was superb. More please…

Melanie on 28th of August 2011

Fantastically talented Mr Minchin. You are amazing, surprising, refreshingly original, better than nearly all of today’s boring comedians who have run out of funny jokes and along you come and you give us your highly original songs with music to boot. Your fingers run along the keyboards with fluidity and muscicality. What more could I ask for? I could hear you all night! The amazing Mr Minchin.

Terri Foster on 28th of August 2011

I loved it! Showed classical music can be fun!

Iain on 28th of August 2011

Brilliant program – the whole family watched it and laughed – even my 10 year old loved it….More of the same next year with Tim as host please!

Elisabeth on 28th of August 2011

I too stumbled on it by accident. Wonderful! I absolutely loved it! Not only should we have a Comedy Prom every year but I think Tim should come back as the host again & again. Brilliant! Thank you all for the great entertainment!

Mandy on 28th of August 2011

comedy prom excellent! Lots of brilliant talent on show and Tim Minchin to boot! what more could you ask for a television programme?

Sue Donnellan on 28th of August 2011

Brilliant Tim what a special night. Thank you

Rene on 27th of August 2011

Amazing,amazing and funny with perfect music to boot. Where can I get that last song ….it’s my earth…. So touching ? Well done to all x

HellyBelly on 27th of August 2011

Thanks SO much Tim and Co! After I spent the weekend at The Green Man Festival, my visiting and very old (80+) have had to suffer me singing snippets all week – well you won them over tonight and to keep Dad awake for an hour and 40 minutes whilst watching the TV is a miracle Tim, something obviously you can perform. FABULOUS, FABULOUS show, hope you get to host this next year!!

James on 27th of August 2011

An excellent show with amazingly talented people. Compulsive viewing. I was a bit sleepy before it started but wow, did this wake me up! The suround sound was superb as well. Well done BBC HD..

Wilf Youngs on 27th of August 2011

Brilliant! Stumbled on it by accident. Mr Minchin so talented but in view of the absolute abundance of talent being displayed – including the empathetic audience – felt it a bit unbalanced towards him. Hope next year’s is a bit less unicentric (is that a word?) but you know what I mean.

Catherine on 27th of August 2011

Fantastic show!! Would have loved to be in the audience =)

Steve on 27th of August 2011

I loved the prejudice song, as one of those effected it struck a chord with me (excuse the pun)

Miggy and Rose on 27th of August 2011

BBc´s fantastic show, fantastic talent, Tim Minchin is an absolute genius …. well done BBC bring more of these great shows on!

Tony & Rhian on 27th of August 2011

Absolutely blown away! Talent in spades. Tim, your lyrics and musicianship are right out of the top draw. Thank you and your fellow performers for an outstanding first Comedy Prom.

John Shemilt on 27th of August 2011

I am 63 years of age. I have just watched the BBC’s Comedy Prom. I have to tell you that Tom Minchin is BRILLIANT and that his program(me) is, for me, the program(me) of the year. So talented, so oleasant in every way. Priceless!

Catherine on 27th of August 2011

I watched the Prom in awe. I’ve loved Tim for ages, but now, as a fellow ginger, I am going to promote him to my demi-god.

Heather McCarthy on 27th of August 2011

Just watched the comedy prom!! Best thing on tv for ages, better than the last night, of proms, such fun, and Tim such an infectious personality. Was smiling / laughing all through the programme. Get depressed people off Prosac and onto a hefty dose of Tim Minchin. Let’s have more. Well done whoever thought to do this !!

AlPanto on 27th of August 2011

Ace, enjoyed every minute.

Claire on 27th of August 2011


Cheryl on 27th of August 2011

Absolutely brilliant show. All acts were superb. Going to rewatch it with my children tomorrow. Well done. Let’s hope there will be another Comedy prom next year and that Tim is the host.

Sini on 27th of August 2011

There were so many extremely talented performers and still it was a show about Tim Minchin & co, WELL DONE TIM, hubby loved it too! Couldn’t record the show so hoping to be able to buy it somehow..?xx

tessa vdb on 27th of August 2011

Watched the Comedy Prom this evening. More than impressed by Tim Minchin. Brilliant host, heartwarming personality. Congratulations Tim.

Jenn on 27th of August 2011

SO gutted I missed it live, but absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!! I love Tim!!! You are awesome!!!! I also really liked boy with tape on his face, and his wee horses!!!

Kathy T on 27th of August 2011

Wonderful Proms, stumbled upon it but enjoyed every second. I only envy those who were there!!

Valerie Roscoe on 27th of August 2011

Brill. This is the first time I have seen Tim, but will look out for him again – so clever and talented.

CORINNE RODRIGUEZ on 27th of August 2011

Just finished watching the BBC Comedy Proms and my head is just bursting with the wonderful talent I have just witnessed and most particularly TIM MINCHIN. What an enormous original talent – evocative, hugely funny, highly intelligent and immensely likeable.
Can’t want to see more of him.

Ruth on 27th of August 2011

Just discovered u flicking through the T.V channels and found BBC Comedy Prom. I was mesmerized by you – what a genius! “Only a ginger can call a ginger ginger”! Love it! Good on you!

charlotte on 27th of August 2011

Brilliant. Loved it. Great choices,especially Kit and the Widow and Beardyman and of course that strange bloke that kept talking inbetween.

Astrid on 27th of August 2011

Tim, discovered the comedy proms purely by accident…. couldn’t turn it off. You were ABSOLUTELY fantastic! Brilliant! Well done! Have recorded it and will be watching it again!

Bernie on 27th of August 2011

It was fantastic!

LooLoo on 27th of August 2011

Thank you! Had no idea what to expect but wow! what talent. Looks lIke Tim really enjoyed himself too!

Megan on 27th of August 2011

You totally rule…

Synonym-Beeg on 27th of August 2011

Wonderful! Beautifully crafted music and words…and laughter! Excellent.

AnneS on 27th of August 2011

Brilliant show

Helen on 27th of August 2011

He was brilliant and hope he hosts next years Comedy Prom too :)) I shall definitely be trying to get tickets.

HellyBelly on 27th of August 2011

Loving it!

Elaine (elainepixie) on 27th of August 2011

Can’t wait to relive this tonight!

Belinda on 27th of August 2011

Tim Minchin brilliant!

Frannie on 26th of August 2011

Brilliant! I know what I’ll be doing instead of revising….

LollyPolly on 26th of August 2011

Can’t wait to see this again…but I might have to. Sky+ set.

john bagnall on 26th of August 2011

Magic. Can’t wait to see it on the Beeb. Sorry I missed it live.

Jontom on 26th of August 2011

Set to record and to keep for posterity:) Looking forward to watching this with the surround sound cranked up to 11!

lillie on 26th of August 2011

it was legendary… my sister and I were there, and my mum caught the end on BBC radio3 and reckoned she could hear us at the end – I listened back, and yep there we were :P … my voice killed from all the cheering, but it was well worth it :D

Cat on 26th of August 2011

F-sharp has just been given a whole new light. It’s amazing with the orchestra. Everything is amazing with Tim. lol

Linzy on 26th of August 2011

Yep, it’ll be on iPlayer afterwards for seven days for those that can’t watch it as it goes out.

Elise on 26th of August 2011

Will it be available on the iplayer (in UK)? I have already made plans for Saturday night but I don’t want to miss this!

Tracey/rm on 26th of August 2011

Can’t wait! Tx

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