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Hull-ward bound in October!

by Shell 30th Aug 2011 | 19 comments

Tim will be appearing at Hull City Hall as part of the Hull Comedy Festival on Wednesday 26th October 2011 at 7.30pm.

He’ll be performing solo, but joining him on stage there’ll be a piano polished to a level of shininess rivaled only by those leggings and his lyrical and musical gymnastics. Bliss.

Tickets are available from the Box Office: 01482 300300 (option 2) and online here.

More information can be found on the Hull Comedy Festival website here.

The burning question, of course, is: will there be more ice fishing material?
^ One for the nerds.

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Chris Ablett on 27th of October 2011

What a brilliant gig in Hull this eve. Thanks for a great night Tim! Excellent as always!

Taff on 24th of September 2011

Is it a full show? We saw him at carlisle last night and while it was great, it was about 6 songs in 45 minutes from the orchestra tour

Mike in Hull on 10th of September 2011

Excellent! I will definitely be there after seeing Tim in “Tim Minchin and the Heritage Orchestra” and having a brilliant time.

Piskeylovestim on 10th of September 2011

Sadly I can’t go and have to sell my tickets ( 4 seats row K) I also have £200 of Thomas cook gift vouchers which I was using to book the hotel if anyone is interested please check my post on angry-feet.com

Trixibelle on 9th of September 2011

Woohoo I love tim minchin and have for year can’t wait to see him and his gingerness ( red head myself ) tickets booked , 47 sleeps and counting !

Rich Quelch - Director of Hull Comedy Festival. on 5th of September 2011


Great to see so many great and positive reactions to the audiences who are coming to see Tim at Hull Comedy Festival (venue: Hull City Hall)

We are very exciting about Tim coming and we hope you will love his show

We are all very proud here at Hull Comedy Festival HQ, that we finally got our musical & comedic genius!

Please spread the word, Tim is the one to watch at this year’s festival.

Hope all is well.

Director of Hull Comedy Festival
@hullcomedy (tweet us)

hartski on 31st of August 2011

Awesomesauce… just nobbled 2 Row E seats….. I’m bringing my own bear costume…

Wes on 31st of August 2011

Any chances of coming to South Africa at some stage?

Jilly on 31st of August 2011

We watched his Gingerness (I’m a ginger!!!) on the Comedy Proms on ‘catch-up’ last night and I’m now in love with him!
So I came to his website to find out if he is touring and found out he will be just the other side of the River Humber from where we live so booked tickets for me & my husband! Just booked (10:30am 31/8/11) and we are on row M. And it happens to have fallen when both my husband and I are on holiday from work but not going away… what a treat this will be! Thanks to Shell for pointing this out to me!

Piskeylovestim on 31st of August 2011

Sheffield is having a comedy festival in October too. Any chance of gracing us with your loveable gingerness pleeeease;D

Julianna Romanyk of Toronto on 31st of August 2011

E, I went to one of his shows at 13 and I looked like I was 11. Teenagers will get in easily.

Elaine (elainepixie) on 30th of August 2011

Yay! And yay ice fishing! (But a tad anxious about the prospect of more ice fishing material in the vicinity of burning questions. Very risky. Methane.)

Chris Ablett on 30th of August 2011

This is excellent news!!! Am always busy with my business when Tim does London in December, but am just down the road from this one, will definitely be there!!

ellie on 30th of August 2011

how did you book tickets

E on 30th of August 2011

How old do you have to be to get in?

V on 30th of August 2011

Tickets are £20. I booked about an hour ago and got row L.

Sophie on 30th of August 2011

Yipppeeee! that’s in half term too :D how much are tickets, roughly? Xxx

S on 30th of August 2011

wooop wooop!

Anji on 30th of August 2011

When are you coming to Margate?

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