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Last month, before Tim headed stateside once again, he and Dennis Kelly popped into the Cambridge Theatre to take a look at the transformations taking place and to giggle whilst asking each other some of the questions posed by those out there in the twitterverse:

For more information head over to the Matilda The Musical website or catch up with the Matilda page on this site.

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Matt on 8th of October 2011

Aww the question I want answered wasn’t asked: Are they going to do another musical together anytime soon?

Greg on 7th of October 2011

Saw Tim in LA, first in the hotel lobby then at the Largo…he was best on stage but charming and casual at first contact. Great show and food for discussion afterword.

Veronique on 6th of October 2011

Happy birthday Tim Minchin from my town Subiaco – well Shenton Park to be honest.

I am no longer there but in Scotland. I keep checking in on you and like what is happening. I keep nodding my 68 year old head sagely and am glad you are in the public eye. Long may you stay there and keep singing the sorts of lyrics that you seem to devise and that suit you so well.

I raise my glass and celebrate your birthday and that of my grand nephew in California.

V xx

Laís on 6th of October 2011

“You where mostly wrong, and I was right”, so you guys really are friends, not just co-workers…=]

Sarah Edwards on 5th of October 2011

On the subject of ‘when I grow up’, my 6 year old said (at 5am), “I’m a bit scared about growing up because I’ve never done it before.” Nice twitterview.

Judy Lupchansky on 5th of October 2011

‘Farmerdom’ is a perfectly cromulent word. Though perhaps some would find ‘farmerhood’ more morphologically agreeable.

naomix on 5th of October 2011

‘Farmerdom’. I remain unconvinced that ‘farmerdom’ is actually a word….however, since Tim said it…it must be.

Debbie Morgan on 5th of October 2011

Similar to Tim in conversation which was excellent and gives a little inside info to be going on with – thanks

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.