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There will be yet more Tim on your radio stations and telly boxes this week! For your ease of viewing and listening pleasure, please find the dates and some ATTs* below for your perusal:

Wednesday 16th November

Robert Elms
BBC Radio London 1pm-3pm
ATT* 1pm

The Matt Edmondson Show
BBC Radio 1 9pm-10pm
Sorry, no ATT* available

Thursday 17th November

BBC Breakfast
BBC One 6am-9.15am
ATT* after 8:30am

The Christian O’Connell Breakfast Show
Absolute Radio 6am-10am
Sorry, no ATT* available

Friday 18th November

Danny Wallace Breakfast Show
XFM 6.30am-10am
Sorry, no ATT* available

Front Row
BBC Radio 4 7.15pm-7.45pm
Sorry, no ATT* available.

*Please note, again, these ATTs (approximate Timmy times) are subject to change and are just a guide

If you miss any of the national BBC radio shows you’ll be able to catch up later using the BBC iPlayer. BBC radio broadcasts and their iPlayer catchups are also available to listen to worldwide.

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Lucy on 18th of November 2011

I am loving all the media coverage and the DVD Tim! Yet to see you live and see Matilda, but all of this is ace! xx

Tabitha Maser-Clarke on 16th of November 2011

I just got home from school, ignored all my homework, as I am more committed to Tim, haha, and i watched the DVD which was released on the 14th. I actually attended that night, and it was undoubtedly one of the best nights of my life. And despite the fact I am only 14, and not seen many nights i suppose, being in the same room as such an inspiration (and in a non-fruit-loop manner), my idol. But to know that i was in the same room, and seeing Tim, was just the best thing, it made me feel like my tummy was going to fall out my arse. It was an abosolutely brilliant night. Love the DVD, and just flickedon the Radio to hear Tim. With all Tim’s current whoring to the press, it’s just perfect for me. I’ve tried to tune into all the current radio that Tim’s been on. Even using mobile phones on the school bus… Ahh, even if Tim never reads this, its worth writing anyway.

Shona on 15th of November 2011

hi,re the last comment about seeing/hearing appearances from the US, try downloading for free something called expat shield to your pc. It gives your computer a different ip address and allows you to watch British tv,all channels, iplayer and itv player and channel 4. It works for me and I am in Spain so might work for the USA. Dot want anyone to miss out on seeing of hearing the amazing Tim Minchin!!!

Mary on 15th of November 2011

Hey team Minchin–Is the G+ page that’s up legit? I would spread it around but would like to confirm first.


Jenny Storey on 15th of November 2011

You really are a busy bunny loving it.xx

Linzy on 15th of November 2011

As it says in the last paragraph, all BBC radio broadcasts are available to listen to worldwide. You’ll also be able to catch them on iPlayer afterwards if you miss them.

Marina on 15th of November 2011

Sigh. So many appearances, and none that will be visible/audible from the US.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.