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What a week for Matilda The Musical!

Last Sunday at the Evening Standard Awards ceremony, Matilda the Musical won the Ned Sherrin Award for Best Musical. It was presented by Miranda Hart and collected by Tim, Dennis Kelly and Matthew Warchus. There’s a short video of Tim, Dennis and Matthew receiving the award here.

During a week of press attendance Matilda The Musical opened on Thursday 24th November at the Cambridge Theatre in London’s West End. Here’s the opening night video showing some performance footage intercut with short interviews with members of the cast, the creative team and attendees:

Wonderful and delighted reviews rolled in:

The Guardian *****

“Writer Dennis Kelly and composer and lyricist Tim Minchin go to the top of the class with this anarchically joyous, gleefully nasty and ingenious musical adaptation of Roald Dahl’s story.

It’s an evening of unadulterated bliss.”

The Telegraph *****

“Hilarious, moving and magical.

Dennis Kelly’s script actually improves and deepens Dahl’s original. Meanwhile, Aussie comedian Tim Minchin has come up with a smashing score that combines take-home melodies with delicious lyrical wit in songs that consistently develop both the plot and our understanding of the characters.

A thrilling, warm-hearted production, which constantly combines comedy with a sense of wonder.”

The Evening Standard *****

“Matilda is a gem…enchanting. At the heart of this satisfyingly fresh adaptation of a cherished Roald Dahl story are Australian comedian Tim Minchin’s music and lyrics, which ooze humour…Dennis Kelly’s book switches smartly from grubby fun to a grown-up idiom.

This generous, big-hearted piece is already being spoken of as one of the best new British musicals in years.”

This video, the reviews and more detailed award information will all remain available, along with the rest of the story of Matilda so far, told in words, photos and videos on the regularly updated Matilda Page.

Do keep your eyes open for more Matilda news coming very soon and remember you can always sign up to the RSC mailing list.

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Mike Stiles on 10th of February 2012

Saw the matinee with a grandma and three children, Everyone completed mesmerised.Fabulous show. Funny,satirical, moving and inspiring. Can’t think of a better thetrical experience. Brilliant cast.
Evereyone has to see this show. Looking forward to your next project Tim.

Cassie S on 17th of January 2012

I so hope this comes to Australia! What a beautiful score and delightful lyrics, Tim you have out done yourself!

truecol on 2nd of January 2012

Thank you VERY MUCH Peter Fincham, I’d never seen Tim before, he is the best

Doug Green on 25th of December 2011

Remember the movie, Ben Hur, the actor that played Pontius Pilate…Frank Thring. You look an awfully lot like this guy as well have some of the same mannerisms. I hope you find this a complement.

Wilbe Turton on 22nd of December 2011

Good on The TV for banning a song which desecrates and tottally goes against Christian beliefs have respect fo the Christian values in the UK,

Lucy on 30th of November 2011

Well done Tim! All your success is well deserved.
Can’t wait to see Matilda! xx

Chris Moody on 29th of November 2011

We saw it in Stratford on New Year’s Eve and are going again on Saturday. I knew back then it was the best show I’ve seen since Les Miserables (24 years ago!) and will probably be the best show I ever see. It’s fantastic on every level, and I definitely think it improves on the book. And I love Roald Dahl’s writing.

Lucy on 29th of November 2011

Well done Tim! Great reviews. Can’t wait for it to go Nationwide!!

Jennifer Storey on 28th of November 2011

I saw Matilda for my birthday,before press week, it was the best birthday i have had in years.I hope it runs for a lot of years to come and goes worldwide.

Jill C. on 28th of November 2011

Please organise an Australian cast – opening in Melbourne! We will all be there with bells on! I’m loving my iTunes download of the cast recording – thank you Tim

rachel on 28th of November 2011

i love the CD to death, not only for kids, for us adults, so many sweet moments, congratulation to the sucess!! you shine tim minchin :D

Gin on 28th of November 2011

Tim is a total genius! We love the CD and the clips… trying to figure out how to get us to the other side of the world to see it!

debra on 28th of November 2011

Well done Timmy! Brilliant work.

Claire on 27th of November 2011

I’ve seen lots of productions, never more than once. Have now clocked 5 glorious visits to Matilda (3 of those with husband and enthusiastic sons who’ve got the CD and know all the songs!) and I’m wondering how long I should wait before the next trip, so as not to be weird. Just thinking about Matilda’s brilliance prompts an excitable shudder. It’s the same feeling you get when you see great art, or go to a monumentally good gig, or have a fantastic night out with friends … a secret formula that blesses the exceptional one-offs. Thanks Tim Minchin. Raising the bar like this is inspiring.

Richard Holm on 27th of November 2011

Forget the reviews, go and see it for yourself everyone if you can. It was so good even the small child who had eaten too many sweets vomiing on the stairs couldn’t detract from the spectacle on stage.

For me Tim’s timbre was etched all over the score, providing elouquently simple threads on which the lyrics hung so delicately, as though each had formed like a dew drop created by the perfect natural blend of circumstance, with an inevitable symbiois of wonderment.

Or some such b0ll0cks.

It’s just bloody good!

Tabitha Maser-Clarke on 27th of November 2011

Looks amazing! I want to see it so badly! Congratulations Tim! Another success.

Lisa on 27th of November 2011

Congrats everyone! ! PLEASE come to the states and Timmy you look hot in a tux.

Tracy B on 27th of November 2011

Caught a review from an old school friend and as our kids are huge Dahl fans, especially Matilda, we booked tickets for Stratford in January. Kids had to miss an afternoon of school – my 12 year old son missed 2 lessons, and despite my protestations that taking him to visit Shakespeare’s birthplace and seeing Matilda was equally as educational as an hour of both year 8 geography and music (yes music!), his school refused to authorise his absence! If we’d have been hit by the potential £80 fine for such a ‘crime’ – it would have been worth every penny! Everyone we know who has seen it raves about it. I promised my Mum if it went elsewhere I would take her, we saw it in London a couple of weeks ago. Mesmerised us all this year- from my 6 year old daughter to my 60 year old Mum! Incredible.

Paula Valentine on 27th of November 2011

Congratulations on what sounds like a fantastic opening of a fantastic show! When is it coming to Canada?

Julie W on 27th of November 2011

Congratulations on the great reviews! Can’t wait to see Matilda……. well done one and all

Jenny Storey on 27th of November 2011

I saw Matilda before press week and loved it.In my my view it should be made compulsory for everyone in the UK to see at least once.;-)

Luci Maria on 27th of November 2011

Saw the last show in stratford on my birthday and wrote in with the questionnaire for this to go to London. Truely a brilliant show to go and see, well done to everyone involved for being deservely successful.

mikey on 27th of November 2011

Saw it in stratford a while back. It was brilliant. A delightful shade of grotesque.

Mysticl on 27th of November 2011

So … wondering WHAT animated movie dreamworks is considering making with Tim … hmmmm … nope, no idea, none at all ;)

Looking forward to seeing this WHEN (not if) it goes international.

Adrian Hilton on 27th of November 2011

I prefer The Spectator review ;o)

“Matilda is a Technicolor triumph… It’s like a never-ending kids’ birthday party: Dennis Kelly’s superb book is the jelly and ice-cream; Tim Minchin’s fizzy music and lyrics are the cherry, icing and chocolate syrup on top…”

Mike Bruno on 27th of November 2011

I hope you can bring the troupe to tour the U.S.!

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