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Hey you, Americans! Are you starting to suffer from withdrawal symptoms after Tim’s tours last year, and do you like secularism and skepticism? Then boy, should you be excited right about now!

Your favourite Golden Lion Tamarin descendant, Tim, is set to rock up to the Reason Rally at the National Mall in Washington D.C. on the 24th March 2012, bringing his silly songs about science and rationalism with him!

The event is free to attend, and will run from 10am to 4pm. In addition to Tim, Bad Religion and Jamie Kilstein will also be performing and there’ll be talks from Richard Dawkins, PZ Myers and James Randi, amongst many others.

Additional information and the full line up can be found on the Reason Rally website.

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Laila on 9th of February 2012

Lolz, when I heard that a group of people were busing from York University to the Rally I decided to look it up, and I swear my train of thought went “eh, sounds interesting but there’s no way I’d be able t—OMG TIM MINCHIN’S GOING TO BE THERE!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M ABSOLUTELY GOING!!!!!”

Nathan Hevenstone on 29th of January 2012



(I’ll be there, and it will rock to FINALLY get a chance to see you live… not counting that point when I invite you and your orchestra to come to Florida Atlantic University to play a gig for the currently-being-started FAU chapter of the Secular Student Alliance… :D)

LaVerda on 28th of January 2012

Tim, We are all looking forward to seeing you in DC! Can’t wait!

Tabitha Maser-Clarke on 27th of January 2012

It’s sold out already!! There hasn’t been any Tim news for ages. I was so excited.. Anything else in England soon?

Josh on 25th of January 2012

What about us canadians that cant purchase anything or get to see him live? not fair on us :(

Stacy on 24th of January 2012

YES!!! I knew I moved to DC for a reason! Can’t. Freakin’. Wait.

Cristina on 23rd of January 2012

Incredible sadness that I live in Florida. Would have be more than awesome to see Tim perform, but that’s too far for me :(

harry on 23rd of January 2012

you are fucking mind blowing

Rachel on 20th of January 2012

Hoooooooray! It will be more than worth the 4 hour flight, which I am already dreading, even though I am slowly chiseling away at the beau to allow a 48-hour-straight-driving-road-trip-because-I-can’t-seem-to-be-able-to-convince-a-doctor-to-give-me-happy-pills.

Richard Scanlon on 16th of January 2012

have fun mr minchin, hope thing go realy well.

Kerry Evans on 12th of January 2012

Just watched the son cut from the J Ross show. At one point I worked for the Church Commissioners which was enough to put me off religion for life…and I don’t believe in God. If there was a Jesus he was just a prophet. I had mixed feelings about the song to be honest.Xmas has become so commercial and at least when the focus was on the birth of Christ it had some meaning rather than getting all the gadgets you want and eating too much. Not all followers are bigots…I should know I was brought up in Ulster! I do think comparing Jesus to a dragon will upset some people, but I also feel anyone has a right to express their views and this should not have been cut. However the lyrics did come accross as mocking for no reason and not to your usual standard..as you said you were tired when you wrote it. Also hated the commercial hawking of the video by Mr Ross…this is not what xmas is about. I refer you to your xmas song with proceeds donated to the NAS…

Angus Robertson on 9th of January 2012

I think time should pop over to Wetsboro.

PDXcat on 9th of January 2012

Make a West Coast stop over to Portland, Oregon pleeeeeaaaasseeee!

Portlandia needs you back here again!

The bacon maple bars are on me. Or choose a food cart…

Chick on 8th of January 2012

I laughed so much at the Golden Lion Tamarin comparison! (Didn’t know what one was till I clicked the link.) Thanks web-fairies. x

Lynne on 7th of January 2012

Yes, yes, yes. I am reasonable, and I will be there to see the famous Golden Lion Tamarind descendant, a most excellent example of evolution.

Celia on 7th of January 2012

I just reserved my flights and hotel. Why? Because Tim Minchin will be there! Worth every penny!

LionBear on 7th of January 2012

If there is any chance at all of me being there, I WILL be there. As a fellow possible Golden Lion Tamarin descendant (DNA results still pending), this would so be worth the ride down!

Though if you do plan on doing tours in the New England area, that would rock too.

Emily on 7th of January 2012

I’m there!!!!!

Alia s. on 7th of January 2012

So excited for this…! But now I’ve gotta convince someone to drive me without letting my mum find out where I’ll be spending my afternoon. All worth it to see Tim of course!

Sam on 7th of January 2012

Please, please be careful!! Aren’t there some mighty strange/deranged people over there who might feel confronted by the truth of your viewpoints? They had better take good care of you in the great US of A, that’s all I have to say! I just don’t know why I worry about you as if you were a member of my own family. Nobody else I have every heard of has the same effect on me!

sherrietee on 7th of January 2012

for you, I will brave the District. I even live close to the Metro now! Thank you for doing it on a Saturday so I don’t have to take time off from work.

katie on 7th of January 2012

stop by grand rapids michigan :D

Amanda on 6th of January 2012

Whaa! What do reasonable Americans who live in Alaska do?!?! Sigh… thank god for YouTube.

Rachel Ward on 6th of January 2012

Are there many reasonable Americans, I thought they all had “god”! You do need to be careful Tim, some of them aren’t just unreasonable, some are bonkers!

lisa on 6th of January 2012


James on 6th of January 2012

The National Zoo in Washington, D.C. has a bunch of Golden Lion Tamarins if you feel so inclined to visit them.

Robin on 6th of January 2012

This reasonable American would love it if you followed Richard Dawkins down the east coast a little ways and honor the Ft Bragg, NC secular event with your presence at their “Rock Beyond Belief.” It’s a counter event to “Rock the Fort” that used Army funds to stage a God-fest. I was thrill to see RIchard Dawkins is speaking! Please, please, please…..please!

Helena on 6th of January 2012

Please pop over to SF!!!

nic walmsley on 6th of January 2012

cant wait for you to come back to Oz :)

- on 6th of January 2012

Seems it will be amazing!
Well, I live in Brazil. Someday I’ll travel to see Tim. ;)

Emily on 6th of January 2012

So gutted I can’t afford flights. Would love to go. Anything similar happening in England for us reasonable folk?

Lisa Raymond on 6th of January 2012

So excited!!!! Now just have to convince the roommate to come with me!!! (Runs off to begin plotting)

Nicholas on 6th of January 2012

Can I party with you afterwards. This is a great announcement, I have been looking forward to when you would be back in the states.

A tinge of ginge on 6th of January 2012

sounds like a good time minus parking:) I’ll be there reasonablly early

Toby Ratcliffe on 6th of January 2012

Fuckin A!!! Hell yeah, this gets more awesome each day. I will be driving in from Oklahoma.

DW on 6th of January 2012

I live less than a mile away. Cant wait to walk over.

Lorien on 5th of January 2012

Will there be enough parking in Washington DC for all us non-believers?

Jason Jones on 5th of January 2012

The only thing consistent in life, is inconsistency’, mate! lol

NOT Storm on 5th of January 2012

I agree with ‘a ginger’ – London dates please! Or Birmingham. Or anywhere inbetween. Also, if you could kindly talk to your good friends in Bad Religion, and Richard Dawkins….if I say pretty please?

On that note, see you soon! In London!

Lisa on 5th of January 2012

Dawkins and Minchin in one day. How much better can it get?

Lise on 5th of January 2012

FREE!?? Dawkins, Myers AND Tim FREE?? Why don’t we get that here in Oz? Is that to try and convert a few Americans over to smart thinking? hehehe

Grae on 5th of January 2012

Ticket to Washington DC – $400
New shorts and string vest – $10
Enough Booze to make two grown elephants fall over – $450
Watching Tim sing ‘I love Jesus’ in the states – PRICELESS


Robin on 5th of January 2012

I am an American…I am reasonable…I am willing to take a 5 hour road trip…I am there!!!

Dan Boyle on 5th of January 2012

Help, help, help, I’m being kidnapped….

Phoebe on 5th of January 2012

Damn I wish I lived in America.

F. Andy Seidl on 5th of January 2012

See you there!

A ginger on 5th of January 2012

Please please oh please do one of these in North London ! I know that most of us already agree with all you have to say but the teenagers of JFS could do with a dose of you!

rebecca on 5th of January 2012

don’t get shot xoxo

Theo Gregory on 5th of January 2012

Why can’t I live in America :'(

Michael Roberts on 5th of January 2012

I’m not American. :(

I’m unreasonable too. :(

I’m an unreasonable un-American.

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