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Tim has Latitude!

by Linzy 5th Mar 2012 | 13 comments

Your favourite stupid-haired pianist, Tim, and his lovely band, will be heading to the picturesque Henham Park in Suffolk for the Latitude Festival, which runs from the 12th to the 15th July!

Tim and co will be performing in the Comedy Tent, a tent whose bill also includes comedians including Jack Dee, Greg Davies, Rich Hall, Mark Watson, Nick Helm and The Infinite Monkey Cage!

There’ll also be musical performances from Paul Weller, Elbow, Laura Marling, The Horrors and Bon Iver, while there’s a whole load of things happening in the Literary, Cabaret and Film tents including the Early Edition, The Horne Section and Pappy’s!

Tickets are on sale now from the Latitude website, where you can also view the rest of the lineup.

I wonder what colour the sheep will be this year…

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Sophie Duncan on 9th of March 2012

Amazing, I’m performing with The Opera Group at Latitude! I hope to god I’ll bump into you somewhere and I’ll defo come and see you perform because I’ve been wanting to for ages. I hope I’m not on the same time!
Great News!

umm... on 7th of March 2012

Pro tip: sadfaces look like this: ):
not this: sadface

Just sayin’

Cass on 6th of March 2012

When I saw the tweet I was really excited that Tim was going allow his myriad fans to follow his every move via Google Latitude. But its just another festival far, far away. Sadface.

umm... on 5th of March 2012

I saw the words coloured sheep – sounds like fun…

Jinny on 5th of March 2012

Suiper. Really. But that would be Bon Iver, not Ivor….

Amanda Wheeler on 5th of March 2012

Surely Tim should be on the main stage not comedy? Worried we won’t all fit in…

Leigh on 5th of March 2012

Can we know what day you’re playing? I need to get a day ticket :D

Bugblatter on 5th of March 2012

The comedy tent is too small a gig! — Get them to upgrade you to The Obelisk Stage and rock the whole damn festival!

Claire on 5th of March 2012

I do hope they make the tent a squadillion times bigger then… We never managed to get in to it when lovelies like you are on. The queue goes down the little hill and on forever…. Sigh.

tracey barlow on 5th of March 2012

I would just like to say that your performances are fantastic,I didnt think that a commedian as good as the great billy connelly would ever grace these shores again …. how wrong i was!! Keep up the good work and the laughs comming we shall always be looking forward to more thank you.

J3 on 5th of March 2012

How are we supposed to book day tickets when we don’t know what day anyone other than the headliners are playing? I’m only interested in the comedy tent.

Tabitha Maser-Clarke on 5th of March 2012

I am distraught about this. I usually go to Latitude, but didn’t this year, since i’m only 14, and don’t have a good time surrounded by my drunken brother and his friends. Now I know that Tim is here, I have to go. But I haven’t got tickets. And I am dying to see him again. I want to be able to sit at the front and see him. I need to book a day ticket! What day is he on?! And I can’t believe Tim, my idol, is in Suffolk.

Terry Black on 5th of March 2012

The Infinite Monkey Cage have played both Glastonbury and the Cheltenham Science Festival.. by no means their ‘first live festival appearance’..

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