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Due to the high demand for his satirical lyrical trickery, musical athleticism and sanguine wardrobe choices, Tim’s added a second show at Largo at the Coronet in LA on the 10th April 2012.

Tickets are available exclusively online via Largo’s website here.

This is an intimate venue, holding just 280 people. Tim’s gigs always sell out very quickly so best snap up those tickets fast!

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umm... on 14th of March 2012

Come to Australia!!!!! Please Tim!!! xxx

Megan on 11th of March 2012

Please come up to Seattle or Portland again! I can’t drive 12 hours to see you— I mean, I WILL, but I’m a terrible driver!

Karen on 11th of March 2012

Sometimes people annoy me with their lack of appreiciation of other peoples lives. Everybody wants Tim here, there and everywhere. Tim is a genius, not a miracle worker, he can’t be everywhere and be at home writing new material! Don’t forget he has to fit in being a loving husband and father too! Loving Tim as a person as well as an artist! Keep up all the good work Tim. X

Sadie on 10th of March 2012

Going! This is my first time seeing Tim Minchin live. I am so flippin excited :D

Jeffrey Sherrard on 10th of March 2012


I just printed my tickets for Tim’s second Largo performance. Thank you for giving us another opportunity to share in the Minchin-y goodness. I wouldn’t be surprised if this one sells out quickly as well, so folks better secure their tickets soon!


Largo + Minchin = !!!WIN!!!

Helena Guerrero on 9th of March 2012

I love your old material! Can’t have enough of it. Could you please play “So rock ” and “Angry ” poem?
I missed those last time.. Love them…

Mish on 9th of March 2012

Tim! This will be the 3rd time my group and I are going to see you at the Largo. I have one request, please, please, please could you give us new material? Like Robert said, I love all your material but after seeing it hundreds of time online and seeing you perform more than once in person, some new material would really liven things up.

umm... on 9th of March 2012

Robert is so lucky!! No fair!

Craig Samson on 9th of March 2012

Tim, when you coming Glasgow……

Robert on 9th of March 2012

Hey Tim, I’m coming to see you for the third time you been at Largo! Thanks for giving so much love to the L.A. crowd. Just one request: please give us as much new material as you can stand! White Wine in the Sun always makes me choke up, and Dark Side is awesome, but I’d take something I haven’t heard over them. That said, I never get tired of seeing you do Storm.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.