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Tim’s beguiling forelocks and naked toes will be gracing your screens for his third coming on Conan this Easter Monday!

On 9th April, Tim will be joining his fellow ginger, Conan, and appearing alongside Glee star, Cory Monteith, and Dodgers center fielder, Matt Kemp, on tbs at 11/10c.

Previous appearances on the show have had Tim performing Inflatable You and Prejudice, so perhaps this time he’ll be sitting down with Conan for a conversation as well as showcasing his lyrical trickery and musical masterstrokes!

If you’re in Canada, you can catch this on The Comedy Network at midnight on the 9th/10th April and if you’re in Australia, you can watch this on GEM at 11:30pm on 11th April.

Oh, and if you’re in SoCal, don’t forget, Tim’s doing two gigs and an in-store performance in your area in the next week!

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Lori Pyeatt on 15th of April 2012

So happy to see Tim on Conan’s show again! Conan and TBS had him perform on January, 2011. Since then I have seen everything on you-tube plus saw him in Chicago and Detroit. Very glad to see that he was interviewed by Conan this time – it made my day!!! One problem though…the newest CD/DVD is not available in the USA yet! Our t-shirts say 2011-2012 North American Tour but I only see a few concerts on the gig list.

Charlie on 13th of April 2012

Killed it on Conan! Come to DC/Maryland/Virginia area sometime please!!

Chris on 11th of April 2012

Look at that, actually guessed the song he was going to play. Over Twitter of course :D

P.S. It was 3 Minute Song for those who are interested :)

Janelle on 11th of April 2012

I really really really wish you could have been at the Melbourne Atheist Convention:(

Emily on 10th of April 2012

Tim’s first appearance on Conan in January last year hooked me as well. And I was lucky enough to tell Tim that after one of his concerts (I have seen him live four times now, most recently at the Reason Rally) So thank you, Conan!!!!!!

Andy on 6th of April 2012

This is awesome, I hardly ever watch TV, but will that night.

Ellie on 6th of April 2012

Jess, we call Conan “CoCo” and the “a” would make it cocoa…

JR on 6th of April 2012

Genuinely don’t know how Tim does it bouncing between the US and UK so often. But I’m so glad that he does – it’s such a treat that he comes to America on a regular basis now!

jess on 6th of April 2012

I dont get the heading tho…coco,( with or without the a…?)

Tricia Bertram on 6th of April 2012

I hate it after I’ve hit submit comment then see a spelling mistake. Shoud be “I know {you’re} in the US”. Fellow Aussie Ginger is going now……

Tricia Bertram on 6th of April 2012

Hi Tim, looking forward to the Conan performance. This coming Monday 9th April on ABC1’s Q & A at 9.30pm (Aussie show, Aussie time) Pell the pompous will debate Dawkins. I know your in the US but it might be worth downloading from ABC website. There is sure to be some comedy gold for you to mine.
Please write a song about pompous Pell, it will help me to stop ranting at the walls every time his name is mentioned or he opens his arrogant mouth.
I admire your wit, and enjoy all your work.

Jane Malick-Nugent on 6th of April 2012

Wonderful news!!!!!! Conan is responsible for that fateful night when I first experienced Tim Minchin. He had me at, “I couldn’t afford you with hair. You have all the holes real girls have got plus one for the….”
My two favorite gingers together and maybe Andy could trade in his Newt wig for another wig just this one time. I can’t wait! <3

mark evans on 5th of April 2012

in the USA you can see conan clips on http://www.teamcoco.com. I don’t know if they will transmit to the UK.

See you at the San Diego Show!

Kim on 5th of April 2012

So setting the PVR for Timawesomeness!

sarah on 5th of April 2012

It’s moments like these that I regret cancelling the cable.

Katy on 5th of April 2012

Is there anywhere we can watch it online? I’m from the UK :(

aly fricker on 5th of April 2012

ok so how do we see it if in UK

Lynn on 5th of April 2012


Aimie on 5th of April 2012

Oh good! Can’t wait. :)

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