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Imagine if Tim was cast away on a desert island and he was only allowed to take eight bits of music, one book (plus the entire works of Shakespeare and a philosophical or religious work) and one luxury item with him.

Just think about the gentle sea breeze ruffling his ratty, golden mane; the sand getting in between the hairy toes of his bare, naked feet and those warm rays of the sun as they caress his beautifully tanned, soft skin… erm… what was I saying again?

Oh yes, this is what Tim will be doing on Sunday 6th May at 11:15am on BBC Radio 4 on Desert Island Discs, so if you’re curious as to what he’d bring along with him, wherever you are in the world, be sure to tune in and find out!

Update: If you do happen to miss Mr Sandy Toes first time around, then it will be repeated on Friday 11th May at 9am and up on iPlayer shortly after it airs. The programme will also be available indefinitely as a podcast. Go here to download it once it’s available.

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Becky Mullan-Feroze on 16th of June 2012

Fantastic night at Belton House – glad I wasn’t pissed with pink hair!

Jed on 11th of May 2012

It was a delight to listen to Tim’s selection – he connects on so many levels :-) Does anyone know the exact version of Charlie Rich ‘feel like going home’? I’ve trawled amazon, itunes and youtube and nothing seems to match. Radio Four helpfully say the choice was ‘feel like going home’ Charlie Rich :-{ The nearest I can find is Feel like going home (demo) but it doesn’t have that guitar… thanks all.

Jimmy on 11th of May 2012

great antidote to radio 4’s religous slot “thought (sic) for the day”

Jill Bulman on 11th of May 2012

I’m listening to Tim on Desert Island Discs now. Just to say I think his talent is profound as is his wisdom when dealing with criticism. Often it’s the most talented people who are not only sensitive to music, comedy, arts in general, who have the most sensitive souls. Wish some critics could understand this and make their criticism objective and professional rather than personal.

Tabitha Maser-Clarke on 7th of May 2012

I thoroughly enjoyed that yesterday. I listened to it all with my father, and he told me he understood why I like Tim so much, and how likeable he is. I was surprised he would choose a robotic sex doll over his piano though, haha. It was a great listen.

Steve Johnson on 7th of May 2012

I listened to this on iPlayer and then afterwards I noticed a link you could click to see other guests in the past had picked a similar luxury item. Considering what Tim picked, I clicked it. The first ‘match’ was Anna Scher who chose ‘A bespoke statue of Archbishop Desmond Tutu’. Fantastic!

Liz on 6th of May 2012

Just heard DID on IPlayer. Love you, love you, Tim Minchin!!

Amanda D. on 6th of May 2012

Tim will always walk tall in this household and that was confirmed yet again after DID. We, too, enjoyed listening to his choices and would have loved to hear him chat for much longer than the program allowed. Tim’s interview with Philip Adams on ABC radio this year (http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/latenightlive/tim-minchin/3805022) is a gem too and allows some real insights into his thoughts and values. He’s an extraordinary young man, and one who always walks to the beat of his own drum. It just amazes me that Tim has no formal musical training, yet performs to such a high standard – and thought that would have been a better line of questioning on DID than that old chestnut of the critic’s review. But never mind – any interview with Tim is a ‘must’ for us. Long may he enthrall, entertain and be the thoroughly decent human being that he is.

helene on 6th of May 2012

Turned on Desert Island Discs randomly and it made my Sunday morning. I saw/enjoyed Tim’s performance in Stirling a few years ago and so often before/since on TV. Loved the Kinks/Lennon music choices and listening to the discussion of religion/afterlife/heaven/etc. made me recall my favourite Mervyn Peake’s poem ‘To live at all is miracle enough’. It is. It is.

Sir R Glossip on 6th of May 2012

Perhaps you’ll write a sing for me too as I wouldn’t go to the end if my garden if you were playing live and giving out £5 notes.

@msjinnifer on 6th of May 2012

Nicki, I think you have rather missed the point about the lyrics of “lullaby”:

That’s it, close your eyes, shhh, not a sound
I can barely see your tiny chest move up and down
One thing they don’t mention in parenting books;
Your love for them grows, the closer to dead they look.

This is a subtle and funny point about the ambivalence that’s an inevitable part of being a parent if we’re honest enough to admit it. The parent in the song doesn’t actually think (or wish!) the baby is dead — that’s just the point. It’s irony….the audience laugh with relief.
And as for the Song for Phil Daoust — as I heard it, Tim was very open and honest about his being sensitive to that kind of criticism — not to all criticism. He also said he regretted that the song is still out there on the net, as it was written in the heat of the moment. So I’d just say — cut him some slack about that.
Enjoyed the show and can’t wait for Judas….

Hamish on 6th of May 2012

Awesome interview Tim, and I’m so happy that you chose I Want You and You and Me Song!!! Loved it

nicki dixon on 6th of May 2012

Hi Tim
I’m open-minded. But was offended in your Proms gig by the joke about children seeming sweetest when they look dead. Was also offended in vindictive song about critic by the gross punishments you’d like to inflict. I admire your talents but maybe you sometimes confuse ‘challenging’ with offensive. It is an elusive gift to be challenging without being offensive. Re atheism, many people (me included) feel very angry about ‘religion’ but still have a deep, built-in spiritual sense of something beyond themselves that rational thinking does nothing to dislodge. Sorry, just thoughts after hearing DID.

Janine on 6th of May 2012

Really enjoyed that Tim, you came across really well, glad you like Waterloo Sunset, one of my favourites too x

Helena Guerrero on 4th of May 2012

Goodie!! program in archives so we can listen and download it:

Helena Guerrero on 4th of May 2012

oooohhhh! I so much want to listen to this, but it’s 3 am for me…someone knows if BBC keeps files of broadcast to listen at a later time? Thanks!
tim, I just watched for ….n time your last DVD and I just love The Fence…brilliant show by the way, absolutely brilliant!

Janet Hope on 4th of May 2012

So that’ll be approx. 1.15am in Canberra? How can I hear it at a more decent hour?

Cathy on 4th of May 2012

I discovered Tim on DID. David Tennant picked “White Wine in the Sun” as one of his disks. From there, my musical horizons expanded exponentially.

@msjinnifer on 3rd of May 2012

Next stop Jools? Please? Can Tim’s people call his people? Or can we ask Jools’s people to call Tim’s people? I’m assuming that Tim has squads of people who do this stuff now he’s so busy….oops that was not meant as sarcasm. Never do that, ever.

aly fricker on 3rd of May 2012

Just how establishment are you now Tim ?..BBC Prom, Radio 4 on Christmas Day, West End Musical and now the epitomy of British Culture….. We have a judgement call in our house when the programme is on-often listen to the choices and joke…wouldn’t like to be stuck on a desert island with them! Can’t imagine that will be said on Sunday..I can’t wait.

Sam2 on 3rd of May 2012

Oh this is such great news. I have been wondering for ages why the lovely Tim hasn’t been on Desert Island Discs and now it will be a treat to look forward to. And, even better, it’s something we Australians can share!

Maggz / HatsByBilly on 3rd of May 2012

Happy birthday for Sunday Claire!!
Only for Tim Minchin will I contemplate surfacing before noon on a Sunday…
looking forward to this one

Jane on 3rd of May 2012

So looking forward to this.

Janine on 3rd of May 2012


Hilary Day on 3rd of May 2012

can’t wait to hear his choices …

Andy on 3rd of May 2012

What’s the betting his luxury object will be a Steinway!? ;-)

Emma on 3rd of May 2012

dammit, i’ll just have started my shift at work, gunna have to rely on iplayer for this one!

Melodie on 3rd of May 2012

A bible would be PERFECT. So many leaves of thin, soft paper! The perfect substitute for toilet paper, or “loo rolls,” as they say on the other side of the pond.

Win on 3rd of May 2012

Luxury item? Guyliner, smelly cheese, gonna struggle!

Andy on 3rd of May 2012

It’ll be interesting to see what his reaction to being given the Bible is. Kirsty’s got a little bit uppity with people who’ve tried to refuse it in the past…

Chris on 3rd of May 2012

That’s great. Poland comes aboard. :)

claire on 3rd of May 2012

oooh on my birthday!!! birthday treat :)

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