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Tim’s appearing on The One Show tomorrow 11th May at 7pm on BBC One.

He’ll be chatting with Chris Evans and Alex Jones about Matilda The Musical, Californication and summer festivals, so expect musical insights, sexy speculation about the upcoming TV role and maybe even advice on wellies or canvas. Something for everyone. He’ll also be and performing ‘When I Grow Up’, one of the songs he wrote for Matilda The Musical, live on the show. The other guest is Des O’Connor.

If you miss it tomorrow evening you’ll be able to catch it on the BBC iPlayer for seven days.

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@msjinnifer on 19th of May 2012

Just caught up with this. Great song and performance, of course. BUT does Tim really have to do such a horrible show? Smarmy yes, as well as trivial and self-serving (Chris Evans). Am I the only one who thought Tim looked really ill at ease? Is there a PR guru making this happen? Not a happy watch, for me….

GT on 17th of May 2012

Thank you lovely people who uploaded it to You tube :)

Michael on 15th of May 2012

I caught the show (first time I’ve ever watched The One Show, funnily enough ;) ), and it was quite remarkable. I don’t know if it was Tim who wrote this or not, but whoever it was I’d like to say well-done to the one that did, as it’s quite an evocative song (it’s been a long while since I’ve read the book, so I don’t know if the words were taken ad verbatim from the book). It perfectly encapsulates the mindset of a child thinking on when they will be a grown up. I remember these thoughts. And, of course, Tim’s performance was superb. The cadence of his voice was well suited to the song. For that reason I’d like to add my voice to the list of people who wish for this performance to be uploaded to Youtube!

Em from Oz on 15th of May 2012

WHY CAN’T I WATCH IT!!! Does anyone know why its not letting me listen to it in Australia? If i don’t get to watch it in the next couple of days, i will be depressed.

Liz on 14th of May 2012

Yes, please upload – we would all be very grateful down here

GT on 14th of May 2012

Please please upload to Youtube …for those in the southern hemisphere

Chick on 13th of May 2012

Tim looked very svelte. Either he’s been working out or has given up cheese.. or possibly both. Lovely viewing!

Claire on 13th of May 2012

Great interview. However, Chris Evans…never ever cut Tim Minchin off when he is speaking!!

Gin on 12th of May 2012

We can’t get this in the Southern hemisphere ….. anyone know how can we see it?

Phil Hibberd on 12th of May 2012

Tim was great – made the others look smarmy and insincere. Oh wait….

Mystra on 12th of May 2012

Is there any way to watch this outside of the U.K.? I may or may not be running a youtube search every hour, on the hour, to see if it’s been uploaded.

Lori on 12th of May 2012

I sure hope someone posts this on Youtube!

Fran on 11th of May 2012

Watching it right now :) Love Tim so much :D :D

ella on 11th of May 2012

I’m watching it right now!! God I love tim, but where’s his eyeliner!!!! :)

adrian hillis on 11th of May 2012

really enjoyed your interview on desert island discs, especially the deep purple – adrian.

Liz on 10th of May 2012

We’re in Australia. Is there any way we can watch BBC IPlayer? I am happy to pay for a subscription to a service or provider, if it means we can watch our dear Tim.

Lesley on 10th of May 2012

Woooohooooo planner set, can’t wait. Love u xxx

Ellie Ketteringham on 10th of May 2012

tim!!!!!!!!!!!! cannot wait to see your beautiful face on my television screen :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

claire on 10th of May 2012

Awesome. Can’t wait!!

fallingonabruise on 10th of May 2012

I wanted to marry Des when I was 5 :) (i am now 44)

Sam Dandenon on 10th of May 2012

cant catch it :( thank god for record =)

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.