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Belton House, Grantham

Ever wondered about what Tim’s toing and froing to America this summer is doing to the ozone layer? Well there’s some redemption as the Belton House gig tomorrow (to which you can till get tickets) is going to be very close to being carbon neutral!

The event will be powered by two generators running on 100% recycled vegetable oil. The oil is collected from the catering industry across the UK and then professionally filtered by a company based in Norfolk. Every aspect of the event, from the stage, the big screen, lighting, sound etc through to the food and bar providers will all be run off of these generators, as indeed will all the backstage elements including Tim’s dressing room.

The generators were brought in the week before the event and provide all the power while the event is being put together, so the only diesel used is by the four lorries bringing in the stage, the big screen, the marquees and the toilets.

Other eco steps taken are:

  • All event wristbands for staff, contractors, artists etc. are silicone based meaning they can be reused all week rather than a fresh band given each day.
  • All the waste from the event, including that produced by the public, is collected in two skips back stage after which it is taken to a recycling sorting plant.
  • Anything which can be recycled is separated out, while food waste goes to bio-fuel generator plants and anything else that can’t be recycled goes to high efficiency incinerators which produce electricity from the waste they burn.
  • So nothing goes into land-fill and even the gases produced by the incinerators is captured and filtered so nothing harmful goes into the air.


Somerset House, London

Now, we mentioned that there’d be a small, exclusive ticket release for this show, and true to our word, it has arrived! Tickets are very limited and will be restricted to two per customer. Given how quickly the main allocation sold out, we don’t anticipate these staying around for long, so grab yours here!

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Kit on 19th of June 2012

Belton House – brilliant gig. Thanks Tim.

Lucy on 17th of June 2012

Fab gig Tim! Had an great night.
Can’t wait for udderbelly!
Well done – loving the band too xx

Laura on 17th of June 2012

was there :D Tim was Great :D what a show !!!

Kit on 17th of June 2012


Before you make a judgement on Tim’s song (or anything else for that matter) listen to the whole thing. Yes, all the words. Please.


Zac on 16th of June 2012

Angela. I’m of a similar age to you, and I think Tim is great.
As for the pope song, he’s not insulting or persecuting your faith, as he says in verse 3 of the song, I don’t care what you want to believe , unless your beliefs infringe on the happiness of other people.
And to be fair, I think Tim would have that reaction to anyone who covers up for kiddy fiddlers, but it’s even worse if it’s a man who imposes threats of hell on society if we do wrong, but apparently it’s ok for him to commit sin.
If you look past the song at face value it’s actually very intelligent and meaningful.
And also, Tim is a staunch atheist, so he might not be the best comedian for you if your a christian. However , I say that, but a lot of his songs aren’t about religion, they can be about cheese, or canvas bags, or his dark side:)

Angela on 16th of June 2012

To all Tim Minchin fans ,

I am a 12 year old living in London. I used to enjoy Tim Minchins songs … and then I saw the Pope Song. You all think it is funny light hearted comedy . My friends idolize Tim Minchin and always tell me I have no sense in being Christian . They see him as a hero and tell me you should watch this and that video , and whenever I watch them I am shocked to find a kind and funny man abusing his influence over the world . We don’t know if there is a God or not . I don’t know , you don’t know . So I think it is unwise calling everyone but yourself wrong when you don’t know the answer . I think it is incredibly sad and wasteful to have a life mission of persecueting and degrading all those who believe in a God.

Zac on 16th of June 2012

Last night was so cool. I met him too, highlight of life :D

lydia on 16th of June 2012

that was a fun night!

Angie Hibbitt on 16th of June 2012

Yay!!! No rain! Fantastic fantastic night!

Emma on 15th of June 2012

Are we still on Tim? Been looking forward to your gig for a while now and concerned about the forecast storms?

Please say yes, would love to get my photo with you come rain or shine?!

Zac on 15th of June 2012

I will probably repeat what many people have said already, will Tim have time in his hectic schedule to sign some autographs and take some pictures afterwards:) it would be the best event in my 13 year existence.

Jill Thwaites on 14th of June 2012

Perhaps, Becky, but it hasn’t stopped me yet and I’m even older (and sadder??!)

Becky Mullan-Feroze on 14th of June 2012

Sunshine , showers or heavy storms, can’t wait to see Tim again ( 4th time) , would love to meet but would a 48 year old look daft swooning?

ash on 14th of June 2012

Huray for carbon neutral!
Really really hope there’s time for signing tomorrow night, I have a super special thing for Tim to sign!

Amy on 14th of June 2012

Will Tim have time tohave photos and sign autographs? Massive/Huge fan. Hope H2O holds off.

Boz on 14th of June 2012

Also praying for sunshine tomorrow – concert may be ‘carbon neutral’, but unfortunately is looking ‘H2O positive’ at present…!

Lucy on 14th of June 2012

First Tim gig tomorrow! Can’t wait!

Pee-Wee Lewis on 14th of June 2012

I don’t suppose Tim is doing any gigs in London on the 16th or 17th of July ?? We are from a little town 2 hours south of Melbourne, are HUGE Tim fans, and will be in London on those 2 days.
Just thought it was worth asking …

Jules on 14th of June 2012

Good stuff! Can’t wait to see you tomorrow, husband & daughter’s first time seeing you – so excited! Pray for sunshine ☀

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.