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If you follow Tim on Twitter, you may remember this that he posted this after seeing Harry Oakwood (Millionaire) performing live: “If you have a chance to see @HarryOakwood play, take it. That is my directive for the day.

Well, if you’re heading to Tim’s Somerset House gig, now’s your chance to take his advice as the five-piece folk band have been personally requested to open the show! Here’s a bit more about them:

The Millionaire, Harry Oakwood, had a dream. He would build a band. A band of brothers who would serve him and act under his name. Harry Oakwood (Millionaire) are that band.

Not much is known about Harry. When probed on the subject the band reply in unison, “We are not at liberty to say”. “Just wait till you see his dog though!” adds the one holding a drumstick in his hand. They are more forthcoming about their influences though, citing The Band (first & foremost) along with Patrick Watson, Lowell George and Elliot Smith as inspiration.

What we do know is that Harry had a brief. All sing, check. All write, check. Great songs, check. Soaring harmonies, check. Barnstorming live shows, check. The criteria have been met.

Be sure to turn up early so that you can witness these guys in all their glory!

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Ginge on 8th of July 2012

Just got back from the Somerset House gig: These guys were so great, very entertaining.

I was standing at the back and when Tim played, “When I Grow Up” there was a couple dancing for all they were worth in the rain. It’s the closest I’ve come to seeing true joy personified. Thanks for inspiring this and for always bringing fun and thought wherever you go.

P.S. Is Brasil actually a verb?

JG on 2nd of July 2012

Anyone know the line up timings for the Somerset House gig – who’s on stage when etc?

Jenny Storey on 20th of June 2012

Balls, big ones as well. I Have been trying to see these since you recomended them,no wonder you asked me about somerset house. :'(

Nina Rose on 20th of June 2012

Can’t wait! Still can’t believe I’m going to this concert, I’m so excited :D

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.