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This may or may not be Tim's outfit on Friday...

Tim has already performed on the live Weekend Wogan special for Children in Need this year, but the fuzzy Australian just loves a certain bandaged bear so much that he’ll also be appearing on Children in Need on Friday, 16th November!

Your favourite unshod comedian/actor/musician/rockstar/fool (delete as appropriate) will be rocking his “dragged through a hedge backwards” look next to guitarist Dan Clews for a rendition of White Wine In The Sun at some point during the six-hour marathon show! We anticipate that he’ll be appearing after midnight (hope you’ve got plenty of caffeine handy) but as it’s a live event, it’s possible that things might change. The programme kicks off at 7:30pm.

Children in Need is the BBC’s UK corporate charity and they provide grants to projects in the UK that focus on children and young people who are disadvantaged. They support small and large organisations which empower children and extend their life choices. You can read more about the work they do here.

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Claire W on 30th of November 2012

I’m slightly confused about Kat’s comments. I thought CIN was about raising awareness and funds for charities who work with children and families from deprived backgrounds, with problems at home, vunerable, alone, ill, the list is endless. So surely, Tim singing a song about the importants of family,love and being there, telling children they are not alone that someone does care, is exactly what CIN is about. Does it matter that he’s singing about his family, mine or yours? I think you should watch it again and see if you can understand why this song was exactly the right song to play xxx

Cazz on 21st of November 2012

Absolutely BRILLIANT was just miffed that u wasnt interviewed after even though it was late & Dan should have stopped playing when u started playing the piano as couldn’t hear u play, BUT it was still fab & bollocks to those who said it was inappropriate on ‘twitter’, they have no idea wot they’re talking about, maybe in that respect u should have done ‘pope song’ lol. ‘White wine’ is my favourite Christmas song!

Amanda D. on 17th of November 2012

Tim, I first heard “White Wine in the Sun” when I saw you with the Sydney Symph and it just took my breath away. I have since listened to it many times and thought the CIN version (for we Australians available on Youtube) was one of the most beautiful I had heard/seen. And so appropriate, both at this time of the year, and also because it highlights the need for love of family. The sentiments expressed in this song are just BEAUTIFUL. I do hope you do a studio version – that would, indeed, be wonderful.

Kat on 17th of November 2012

The CIN song should never have been aired, it was nothing to do with christmas only your selfish self.

Loren on 17th of November 2012

I’ve just watched the performance from the live show. Thank-you. As an Australian who will again not make it home for christmas this year it made me cry for all the right reasons. Christmas day I know my family will be drinking a glass or two and thinking of me. So thanks again.

Becca on 17th of November 2012

Lovely version of White Wine In The Sun. Looking very smart sir. Lovelovelove.

Sam coleman on 17th of November 2012


kirsty mead on 16th of November 2012

Cant wait for Tim to be on…..Got remote at the ready to turn volume up so everyone can hear it :D xx

Emily Sanders on 15th of November 2012

The first time I heard White Wine in the Sun I cried, I am such a softie, Beautiful song choice Tim! Yeah, great idea melaniewatts how about it for later on in the night? xo

melaniewatts on 14th of November 2012

Lovely song choice; “White Wine in the Sun” is such a gorgeous song. But I can’t help feeling slightly disappointed we won’t be having you and Pudsey collaborating on “Bears Don’t Dig On Dancing”! Maybe for an encore later in the night? :) xx

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