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If you’re in North America, you can catch Tim making his TV acting debut this weekend in the first episode of the new season of Californication!

Tim will be pretending to be a rock star – specifically one called Atticus Fetch – who’ll be appearing throughout the season to turn Hank Moody’s novel, A Crazy Little Thing Called Love, into a Broadway musical. Hmm… sounds familiar! We’ve also heard tales of him shooting scenes wearing nought but a sock and a smile, which means you’ll be seeing a lot more of him than you’re used to!

This raucous rock ‘n’ roll season will also feature guest appearances from notable rock stars such as former Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones, former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach and Marilyn Manson frontman, erm, Marilyn Manson.

Here’s a taster from the first episode of Tim doing his acting (and partial nudity) thing.

In America, you can catch the show on Sundays, at 10:30pm ET/PT on Showtime. Showtime are also having a free preview weekend that coincides with the first episode, so if you don’t subscribe, you might still be able to catch Tim’s debut! The full details about that are here.

The show will also air in Canada on Mondays, at 10:30pm ET on The Movie Network.

There are no confirmed details about broadcasts in the UK or Australia, but we’ll announce when we know more.

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StephanieV on 29th of January 2013

Move over David Duchovny, Tim Minchin just stole your show. I’m going to have to start calling him Midas. Everything he touches turns to gold.

mike hirsch on 21st of January 2013

just saw on a promo for Californication the Showtime is going to be showing Tim’s Royal Albert Hall show.

Sam on 16th of January 2013

I waver between thinking this show is tawdry tack and trying to convince myself that you would never do anything that wasn’t worthwhile. Sigh….. although I would normally never have watched this show in a million years I figure it is worth persevering if you are in it …. but I have all my fingers crossed that you haven’t sold yourself and all your wonderful talent short. That would be a terrible waste! Here’s hoping it all turns out okay in the end. But I have to confess I need a bit of assurance that it will!

StephanieV on 15th of January 2013

I have to admit, the only part of the show worth watching was Tim’s scene. Fucking awesome use of the Rock-N-Roll Nerd character. Not so sure his wife would agree with the hand-job argument. ;) LOVED the “If Bono can write a Spiderman musical” comment. Looks like Tim has remembered that those tights are supposed to be ironic! And crying over his piano (and coke) being puked on was pretty hilarious. Very 80s Rock Star. <3

Sean on 14th of January 2013

Holy shit. That was brilliant. I’ve seen every episode of Californication. But now I have even more reason to follow this season. I can’t believe Tim Minchin is apart of this spectacular, satire of a show. I only hope America will appreciate his presence half as much as I do!

traci on 13th of January 2013

we don’t subscribe to Showtime, but are thrilled that they are having a free preview weekend, so we will actually be able to see the show tonight! the clip looks great! congrats to you, Tim!!

btw, will you ever tour again in the US? we would love to see you again in Dallas, TX!

samantha cass mitchell on 13th of January 2013

From the snippet i just watched,..i must admit,…it looks great!….and must say,..Tim..barechested…WOOT-WOO!!. :) Cant wait to se it in full in the UK..soones rather than later..hopefully!. x

Amanda on 12th of January 2013

Will this be aired in England this year… or at all?

Debra on 12th of January 2013

Oh freaking AWESOME casting. Genius! Can we work ‘If you really loved me..’ into the script?

Debbie Wythe on 11th of January 2013

Duchovny still looking mighty hot at 52!

Cindy on 11th of January 2013

have already set my pvr to record — can’t wait!

AliE on 11th of January 2013

OMG! My favourite musical comedian & my favourite TV show in one – heaven!!!

Beth Mitchell on 11th of January 2013

Watch party Sunday night at my house!

StephanieV on 11th of January 2013

Can’t wait! Thanks for tweeting. I would have missed it! Did you keep the cock sock for a souvenir, Tim? Must have really hit the gym. For a furry ginger, you’re cut! xxx

Jo on 11th of January 2013

Congratulations Tim! Good on you for grabbing hold of these different opportunities that come your way. Have fun!!

The Face on 11th of January 2013

Yes!! Love this show, been a fan since the beginning. You will be the absolute perfect addition to it. Exactly the fresh face and brilliant mind it needs. You rock so hard dude! Love ya. Cannot wait to watch season 6 of Californication… keep kickin ass!!

Becca on 10th of January 2013

Oh my god, this is perfect! So funny, really hope it comes to the UK soon, if at all.

Mandy Gasson on 10th of January 2013

Love this! What is hilarious to me though, is if you then click on the youtube link and watch the little interview with the new guest stars for this season (including TIm), he is described by one of the regular cast as an “English” Composer. Gotta love Americans!

Kish on 10th of January 2013

That’s seems like the perfect part for you to play in your first role Tim. You pulled it off brilliantly! Hope you have more chances soon, I’d enjoy laughing my ass off at TV for once.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.