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Last June a windswept and snazzily attired Tim wowed the Eden Sessions crowds, at the Eden Project in Cornwall, with his Large Band: bassist Pete Clements, Brad Webb on drums, guitarist Tristan Cassel-Delavois and a big horne section.

Those of you who attended might remember it as a soggy but he’s worth it spectacular show set amongst the lush gardens of Eden and beautifully lit space age Biomes… in a sustained English summer downpour!

Eden Sessions TV has produced this interview with Tim, intercut with some great live footage from the show:

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Glynis on 4th of February 2013

Thanks for sharing Tim. Always really interested to hear your perspective. I was there back in June at Eden, and although the weather was mighty moist you were so worth it. Only an artist of your quality is worth enduring standing in the rain for 3 hours – easily worth it and would do it again! Great to see you in the South West me luvver!

Deena on 3rd of February 2013

It was a truely fantastic show, which 12 hrs of solid Cornish moonsoon couldn’t ruin. Thanks Tim for being brave and coming over the border – it’s great to feel that we’re not entirely forgotton down here in darkest Cornwall! Would love to see more of this footage, as until they fit wipers to specticles, much of your show was viewed through rain splattered googles!!

Pamela on 2nd of February 2013

Sorry finger slip. Can it join the rest?

Pamela on 2nd of February 2013

Thanks for a charming interview and fun clips, I joined in the Boobs wave! Please come back to the US West coast, dying to see you live. Have a another great run with JCS!!! Still waiting for US DVD, sigh.

Abby on 2nd of February 2013

This was THE best day of my life, even if i did nearly get hypothermia :P

Jeanne on 2nd of February 2013

We loved you in Seattle, WA, US back in June 2011. I strongly recommend coming back to the States & stopping in Seattle soon! Can’t wait to see Matilda this summer!

Suzi on 2nd of February 2013

Hey Tim, Come back to Melbourne… we miss you !!! xxx

Catherine Ford on 1st of February 2013

Lovely interview. Thanks for sharing. Love ya Tim. x

Tom on 1st of February 2013

Superb stuff as always. Would love to live inside an enclosed biosphere for a day. I might even grow up if spent long enough there.

Tash Westwood on 1st of February 2013

Had a very long day at Eden waiting for the genius that is Mr Tim Minchin and his amazing Big Band! The weather was typically British and I got soaked through to my pants. But I stayed till the end, dripping wet and freezing cold, but that’s what fans do. Other fans who turn up late barge past you to get to the front, Rude! Being 2/3 rows back isn’t the same as being at the front but good enough..
Yea, so I loved the back drop busting too, funny as fudge!

Paradisiac on 1st of February 2013

was amazing, didnt mind the heavy rain, and tim put on a great show.

Rosie on 31st of January 2013

Had an awesome time at the show – especially ‘Colostrum’!! There is nobody else on the this planet who inspires me enough to make me stand for the best part of 6 hours in the monsoon which we had at Eden that day – only for you Tim!! Next time you come to the South West, please bring some sun though!! ;-)

MsJinnifer on 31st of January 2013

Yayy! — we woz there and we woz WET! Tim was awesome as usual. Lovely interview. Would be great to see the whole gig recording somewhere. Colostrum — whoosh — thank you god. Eden couldn’t show that — I expect they were embarrassed their infrastructure was defeated by the weather. :-D

Hayley Parrish on 31st of January 2013

Was down Eden from 10 in the morning, til the sessions finished around 11pm, never been so happy to be rained on, never seen rain like it for hours on end, but it was so worth it, was in the front stood for hours. Tim and the band were amazing the weather was horrendous but one of the best days ever x

Starr Hardgrove on 31st of January 2013

You’re my new hero, Tim. Love this video.

lucas on 31st of January 2013

absolutely brilliant, went down to see a university and ended up seeing this show

Clare on 31st of January 2013

Utterly worth it. Even if I was soaked through to my pants. Would have loved to see the stage blowing away bit again mind xD

Racheal on 31st of January 2013


What a wonderful night, well worth getting soaked for.

Abi on 31st of January 2013

Oh I so wanted to go this! We’re quite close to Eden, it would have been fantastic :)
I was due my first baby a few weeks after this though, so we didn’t get tickets, good job really as he came a few weeks early :)
It looks amazing though! :)

Sabir on 31st of January 2013

You Goo….d! Come to Azerbaijan [Baku]. If this is much difficult.. :/ We are waiting.. ;)

Anna on 31st of January 2013

This was an awesome show, wish they’d shown the bit when the backdrop blew out though.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.