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As many of you now know, due to various almost-impossible-to-control factors, the producers of Jesus Christ Superstar have unfortunately had to postpone the UK touring dates. I know this is going to properly dick with many of your plans, and I’m really sorry, for what it’s worth. It’s a right pain-in-the-perfect-butts for the cast, and was a very difficult decision for Andrew and the folk at RUG.
I really hope you can come to the rescheduled dates in Sept/Oct. It’ll be worth the wait, I reckon.

The announcement and rescheduled tour dates can be found here.

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mike w on 9th of July 2013

Come to the USA!!!!

Tim konijn on 13th of June 2013

aww was thinking of going to londen for it
maybe amsterdam soon?! :D

anyway sorry to hear

Char on 22nd of February 2013

Would love to see you in America!! Hope you can find your way here soon!!

Aideen on 21st of February 2013

Just left you a tweet earlier Tim. The facebook page is awash with very angry people and its getting worse…..and I am one of them. Not your fault but especially for those of us living in Dublin and Belfast, they’ve cancelled the dates there, and no apology has been made to us. Its just not on. Surely the cast have something to say or has the great lord gagged you all for fear of reprisal. I was there in October when you were in the O2 in Dublin and I was beyond excited about seeing the show again……absoloutely gutted.

Debbie on 16th of February 2013

Very disappointed but thanks Tim for post as would still have been none the wiser otherwise!!! My main concern is whether you and Ben Forster will still be in it by then???? I hope so!!! Ps Matilda is pure genius and can’t stop listening to it!

I want to be Tim Minchin ...... Please....... Fine ill just be James. on 13th of February 2013

It is truly a shame, but not up to tim.
I was given my tickets as a leaving present from my school shows because they know how much of a nerdy fan I am and they heard tim was in it and at the end of the show on stage they presented me with them. I had my count down for JCS going and everything but now I’ve got longer to wait but I’m sure it will be worth it.
Anyways I’m off bye guys and dolls. :D

Ros of Norwich on 10th of February 2013

No probs – Jesus will have grown out his hair; no Messiah wants to be remembered for sporting a side parting…

auntie louise on 9th of February 2013

Well all I can say is, if the show is half as good as it was on the previous tour, it would be worth twice the price……(but please don’t put the prices up). See you in October then!

Gary on 9th of February 2013

Very dissapointed, obviously not your fault Tim, but the date in Belfast(aswell as Dublin) have been completly cancelled and it just sounds like they’ve decided we aren’t big or important enough for the tour so they’re choosing to ignore us. The email I received practically said such, mentioning they had to cancel because of demand worldwide.

Glynis on 7th of February 2013

Sounds wonderful. I just wish I lived in Sydney! I have produced that play with my drama students in the past and really love its complexity and subtle humour. Stoppard is an intriguing and intelligent playwright that does not spoon feed his audiences. You will be stunning in that part Tim, and it would have been a great experience to see you get your teeth into it, and see how the director interprets Stoppards work. Major envy for the Sydney-siders!

Liz on 6th of February 2013

Hey pendle17, it wasn’t Tim who changed the dates of the tour. On his website he says that the change is a perfect pain for the cast too. Tim would be the last person to let people down – remember, he was the one who nearly killed himself flying to and from L.A. last summer to make sure he met all his festival commitments. But I agree with you that it is a very poor decision for the organisers to have made, and you have to wonder how they thought they could get away with it. But don’t blame Tim…he would have had nothing at all to do with the decision.

pendle17 on 6th of February 2013

This change of tour dates has put you down in my estimation. Why has it been changed? To add 2 more venues and make more money? That´s what it looks like. What about your fans? Don´t you owe it to them? What about those who have already booked transport/hotel? Don´t you care? I flew in from Spain to see you in Manchester in Oct, and was considering repeating in March. So glad I hadn’t sorted it yet.. Why can’t you keep the March dates AND do the October tour? By cancelling I believe you will do yourself a lot of harm and you don´t deserve that.

Renae on 6th of February 2013

Far out Tim! Come back to Australia already you poo face :P
Preferably Sydney.
Okaythanks. Do it. Please. xx

Ian on 6th of February 2013

everything’s alright, yes
everything’s fine
it’s cool and the ointment’s sweet
close your eyes close your eyes and relax
think of nothing tonight

Gabbie on 6th of February 2013

I think this is a disgrace and hope they are feeling ashamed…it isn’t a case of simply rebooking for those that have made special arrangement financially…I wonder if darling Andrew will refund those monies for me???

Anne Maree Mcmahon on 6th of February 2013

Tim , when are you coming to your home, Australia…… In particularlar,beautiful Melbourne ?

Emma on 6th of February 2013

Your tweet was the first I knew about this so thank you for informing us Tim, as neither RUG nor AEG has bothered to email ticket purchasers. My sister and I are now flying from Guernsey to Birmingham for no reason! Disappointed isn’t the word :-( how can we trust Octobers shows won’t be blown off too after making and paying for flights etc? and are you even going to be in Octobers run?

Glynis on 5th of February 2013

Shit happens- will just have to wait a bit longer. Guess it must have buggered your plans too! Thanks for posting.

robin on 5th of February 2013

oh my, I can’t wait to see the show in the States.

Lorna on 5th of February 2013

Barbera, did you pay for ticket insurance when you bought the ticket? I did when I saw JC Superstar. It’s always worth it incase something unexpected happens. If you did then you will be able to claim compensation via the insurances. Same for the flights via travel insurance.

Skye :) on 5th of February 2013

Hi Tim
I cant wait to see the show again, I saw the matinee performance in london last year and I thought you were AMAZING !!!
Shame …But plans change :)

Sam (NO1 FAN....from East Sussex anyway....out of the 16 year olds....in my school, wait, class....YOU GET MY POINT! AAAH YOU ARE AMAZING) on 5th of February 2013

I will have to keep watching my DVD over and over again to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

Barbara on 5th of February 2013

Really annoyed as I’ve already paid for flights and hotel for the Manchester show. Anywhere I can claim compensation?

MsJinnifer on 5th of February 2013

Oh bugger indeed. My main concern personally, apart from short-term disappointment is will Tim still be able to do the tour?? Worried…

Starr on 5th of February 2013

Hey Tim. Sorry to hear that. Maybe it’s the best thing, right. Keep singing and going forward. From what I see online, can’t wait until you travel over to the U.S.

Georgi on 5th of February 2013

Ahh gutted that i’m going to have to wait til october but, as you said, i’m sure it will be worth the wait! :)x

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