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Tonight the winners of the 2013 Whatsonstage.com Awards were revealed, at the Awards Ceremony and Concert, at the West End’s Palace Theatre. This year 60,000 theatregoers and members of the ticket-buying public voted.

Jesus Christ Superstar received five award nominations as we announced here. Tonight Tim won Best Supporting Actor in a Musical, for playing his dream role of Judas Iscariot and Melanie C picked up Best Supporting Actress in a Musical for her role as Mary Magdalene.

Tim and Melanie C also performed numbers from Jesus Christ Superstar live to a thrilled audience.

Many congratulations both!

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Neil Arthur Williams Dip (Mus), BA (Hons), MA (Mus), MA (Hum) on 20th of May 2014

As a classically-trained musicologist, composer/musician and singer myself, I find myself agreeing with you, Tim, that the autotuning of your performance, and indeed the entire show, was an abomination – completely unnecessary and an insult to anyone who ever performs on stage in any musical genre. I can only say that I wish you more power to your extremely talented elbow to be the very loud non-autotuned voice to help stamp out such ridiculous practices, particularly for live musicals. Don’t these tasteless producers and sound engineers realise that part of the joy of music is hearing the ephemeral moment with all its many imperfections. That’s what makes every live performance unique, dangerous and exciting; that’s what makes live music worth listening to because among those beautiful human imperfections is where we find those special moments where the hairs stand up on the back of the neck. Autotune is the death of that brilliance. Give me the odd flat and cracked note over the robotic so-called perfection of autotune any day. Autotune sucks the life, emotion and humanity out of any live performance. It is the violin setting on a Bontempi organ versus the ethereal splendour of a Stradivarius. Autotune sounds like a constant musical whine combined with an Adam’s apple being repeatedly hit with the edge of a hand. I can only hope that Andrew Lloyd Webber was equally unimpressed with how this soul-less piece of technology ruined what otherwise would have been a splendid show with great performances.

Liz Ringrose on 2nd of April 2013

We saw the show in Birmingham and Tim’s performance blew us away. He really stole the whole show for us.

Bernie Glynn on 20th of February 2013

I hope the cast comes to Australia. I know the show is, but I’d love to see Tim and Judas. Wow, great casting choice!

Jane Fisher on 20th of February 2013

Well deserved, the angst you put across was amazing. Sadly only got to see the DVD version but we did get to see you performing at the Larmer tree festival last year, where you were singing your socks/wellies off.

Robert Babish on 20th of February 2013

Congratulations Tim on the achievement. You’re an incredible performer and a wonderful person. Enjoyed working with you and watching you act during the filming of Californication this season.

Noel Herriman on 19th of February 2013

I saw your AMAZING performance in Nottingham and was privileged to meet you afterwards. Not only are you an outstanding performer, but a truly lovely humble man.Sincere Congratulations Tim on this award, and have an awesome opening of your beautifully written musical, “Matilda The Musical”on Broadway in April

Andrea on 19th of February 2013

Fastastic News, Congratulations !!! very well deserved Tim

Hilary Day on 18th of February 2013

You are amazing! Congratulations – so well deserved.

granny ginge A, K, A, irene on 18th of February 2013

oh yeh ……. congrats i `m such a fan of yours well bloody done mate x x x x x

Robin on 18th of February 2013

Congrats, Tim! You deserve it. I have been a fan of the original for years, but you were amazing as Judas.

GP on 18th of February 2013

So well deserved! Congrats. Love the DVD (…. feel free to bring the tour to the Southern Hemisphere :)

Ads carrel on 18th of February 2013

Onya Tim.good to see a west oz boy kicking goals

SallyG on 18th of February 2013

I renamed the show Judas Christ Superstar immediately on opening night at O2 (and my evening completed by chance encounter with Nathan and seeing Jeff and the Lord himself onstage!) – Tim you ROCK and took me to the dark side that night!

Naomi on 18th of February 2013

I was part of that thrilled audience! We couldn’t really see a lot of Tim’s performance from our seats up in the balcony section but the vocals were amazing. Really emphasised in my mind that there was no reason to auto-tune his vocals on the DVD recording, he’s clearly able to hit the big notes and perform it brilliantly. Counting down the months now till I get to see JCS in Leeds, literally can’t wait. Loved tonight and thought both JCS awards were thoroughly deserved, congratuwelldone!

Helena on 17th of February 2013

Congratulations Tim! you are great in the show and in everything you do…you are so talented!

Dee Lockhart on 17th of February 2013

Well done Tim! Congratulations on yet another success – keep them coming.

MsJinnifer on 17th of February 2013

Yayy! So pleased! More totally well-deserved affirmation! Although it should have been for Best Principal ( Don’t Forget He IS The Most Important Character in JCS) Actor!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.