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Tim is to play a one-off late night show at 54 Below, 254 W 54th St, Cellar – New York, on Saturday 2nd March 2013 at 11pm EST.

Tickets are available online here.
Doors open at 10pm.
Warning: there may be some adult language and content.

This is a rare opportunity to see Tim perform solo in such an intimate venue. Tickets are likely to sell out extremely quickly.

Still here?! If you fancy rocking up to a late night gig with Tim’s heady mix of clever, satirical and often beautiful songs, accompanied by virtuoso piano teasing and thrashing you need to get a wiggle on and pick up your tickets fast.

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noel Lockwood on 28th of February 2013

Tim, you see the response. Obviously you’d be out of your merciful gourd not to notice that your’e HIM! Well you could be. And HE, who can do all things, service being his forte, would miraculously have 2 0R 3 shows appear effortlessly in NYC. Or thereabout. Belt out that messianic chord that rings through the land that signals “I have COME, go directly to ticketmaster!”. There is ROOM at the INN that is TIM!

JC on 25th of February 2013

Dear Mr Minchin,
From NYC I have flown to Europe twice to see you (and Matilda). I have flown to California and back in 36 hours for your show. Just sayin’… You owe us nothing, I know. But could you find it in your heart to add one more tiny show, please?
Gutted ‘n’ Godless

Barbara Helms on 24th of February 2013

Dear Mr Minchin,

I, like Dani, am a dedicated fan and am requesting a second show to accommodate your NY following. Throwing my panties at the outside of the building from the street just won’t have the same effect.


pvfp on 24th of February 2013

I’ll fly in from the other coast if you’ll add a show at the end of the month. How ’bout it?

Dani on 24th of February 2013

Dear Mr. Minchin,
Obviously your popularity in the New York area is greater than can be accommodated in this particular venue. Please consider adding another show or two for those of us who would love to see a performance in person so we can throw our panties at you.
Thanks very much,
A dedicated fan

AG on 24th of February 2013

It sold out in an hour! Any chance of scheduling a 2nd show? I want to drive down from Boston!

Felipe on 23rd of February 2013

Do another show please!. Tickets sold too fast!

Suze on 23rd of February 2013

PLEASE do another show, Mr. Minchin, please!! It sold out too quickly! I have only personally converted 4 New Yorkers to Tim … must get more!

Andy on 23rd of February 2013

Fantastic opportunity for US friends. If only ’twere a month later… :-)

Liza (@Wickedagrarian) on 23rd of February 2013

Geez, no comments yet? I’m pretty excited about this. Neil deGrasse Tyson in NY the preceding Wednesday doing live taping of Startalk, too. It’s a half-week of nerdgasms!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.