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Hi all, me here.

For some time I’ve been keeping certain tunes off t’internet in order to ensure audiences of my live shows get a few surprises. I like surprises.

However, as an Easter gift I’m putting the Tim Minchin and the Heritage Orchestra (UK, Aus) version of “Thank You God” up on the YouTubular for y’all to enjoy. I do hope you do. It’s embedded at the bottom of this bloggerage.

The vid has a bit of standup on it too, because the song requires a bit of context for ye first-time listeners. You can skip to 05:25 if you wanna just hear the song.

A wee warning – it ain’t suitable for work or for those who are sensitive to irreligious content.

I want to also take this opportunity to point you towards my new shop. My webman, Neil, has been working hard on getting the thing more efficient and easier to use. And there’s a few new bits of tatt there, with more to come soon. I don’t recommend you buy a tee shirt with a massive picture of my massive head on it, as I think it’s a weird thing to do. However, you people do shit that I think is weird all the time… so knock yourselves out: UK & Europe Shop, Australasia Shop and North America Shop.

Hope you get a break over Easter and eat an amount of chocolate that won’t trigger diabetes.

Peace out mthrfckrs.


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Juliette on 7th of October 2020

There, sorry!

Juliette on 7th of October 2020

This is an amazing song, Tim Minchin! I love listening to it, and it always puts me in a great mood. Thank you for voicing all the horrible side effects and shaming that comes with believing that their is a god, and that he’ll only help the good, and not the sinful. I am 10, and I think that this is one of the greatest songs ever written.

Prof Stick on 13th of November 2014

Tim that picture of you on the cross is pretty buff. Have you been working out?

Rachael on 21st of November 2013

I am in love with this song surely its not good the amount of times I’ve repeated this song… I’ve yet to find any merchandise with anything to do with this song? is there potential for any t-shirts??

Chrissy on 29th of May 2013

Can’t stop listening to this song. Captures one of my biggest pet peeves of religious thinking. And the tune (and presentation with full orchestra) is absolutely perfect. Thank you for this nugget of brilliance. I will link it on Facebook every single time someone thanks god for intervening to help them in some trivial (or not so trivial) matter.

Jim on 8th of May 2013

I want to preface this with saying I’m an agnostic. Typically this is a coward’s way around saying “atheist,” but I offer my own personal definition. I don’t care if there is a God. If there’s a God he’s often a cruel bastard.

“Thank You God” is simply one of the most brilliant pieces of music I’ve ever been exposed to. Maybe this is because I am also known for a dry and sarcastic sense of humor. It doesn’t hurt any that this is an extremely catchy tune. I’m pretty sure my neighbors are tired of me playing it way too loud every day for the past few months.

Aimed at the people that see the face of Jesus in a slice of toast as a miracle, when a real miracle would be a cure for AIDS. Absolutely fucking brilliant. Favorite lyrics – “Thank you Sam for the chance to acknowledge this omnipotent ophthamologist.”

Thank you for having the courage to stick up for your art despite your detractor’s attacks. My bucket list now includes seeing a live performance. Your two disk set is one of the best investments I’ve ever made for my mental health. Before you I thought the Capitol Steps political satire was the greatest.

Keep up the faith….er… lack of faith.

Loyal fan forever.


P.S. Fuck the punters.

Harriet on 1st of May 2013

Should be on The National Curriculum…globally. That’d sort out most of the world’s woes. Genius Tim. Thank you for posting.

Fiona Robertson on 16th of April 2013

Delicious genius. If Hitchens was in heaven, he’d be smiling down at you. He is, of course, either rotting in the ground or has been reduced to ashes, so has probably lost his sense of humour.

Fiona Robertson on 16th of April 2013

Delicious genius. If Hitchens was in heaven, he’d be smiling down at you. He is, of course, either rotting in the ground or has been reduced to ashes, so has probably lost his sense of humour.

Fiona Robertson on 16th of April 2013

Delicious genius. If Hitchens was in heaven, he’d be smiling down at you. He is, of course, either rotting in the ground or has been reduced to ashes, so has probably lost his sense of humour.

Таня on 15th of April 2013

Многие люди относятся к вере в Бога как к магии. Удивительна их святая наивность)
Как метко, Тим!!!

Pastafarian on 4th of April 2013

Hello Tim. We haven’t met. That may seem obvious but it’s hard to strike up a conversation with a stranger who isn’t there. Anyway, I’m a huge fan etc. A friend asked me to describe you to them during a conversation about possible cast members for ‘Godspell’. I said you were the main charcater in the Tim Minchin DVDs. The response was a raised eyebrow of the type usually reserved for ice cream vendors when asked for a big whippy by a child with a moustache, so I said ‘he’s like … a cross between Richard Dawkins, Bare Naked Ladies and Jimmy Carr.’ I just threw Jimmy in there because, well, the hair I guess. I thought I’d let you know that your songs have given me strength. I’m a dark haired man with a ginger beard. It’s hard being mixed race. Thank you.

Lynda on 1st of April 2013

Wonderfully magnificent!!!! I thought Sam had turned you for a minute…What was I thinking! LMFAO
Have loved your irreverent humour for a while now. Love the way your mind works :o) Brilliant musician/composer too.
Oh if I was 20 years younger and you were single I’d turn into a stalker and track you down. As Claire said “you sexy bitch”.
Hope to see JCS in May. Oh yeah, I find it ironic (hmmm is that the correct term) that you are playing Judas.
PS: FYI – I’m not a stalker nor about to turn into one…you can rest easy

Debbie on 31st of March 2013

Thank you so much Tim, I have waited and waited for this song to appear on YouTube and Easter perfect….Now I can send it too the few friends I have left that are not convinced of your comedy/composing genius….how rude!!
Read the article in the Observer today you consistently come across as a proper, good bloke.
I promise I not a stalker but I do love your work with a passion!
Wishing you all the best for success on Broadway with Matilda and hope to see you on a tour here again soon x (saw you in JCS last December ,couldn’t justify paying to see it again even though I thought the whole thing was magnificent)bought the DVD instead and was dismayed when I read they had auto tuned? your voice now that really is rude and unnecessary !!!

Toby on 31st of March 2013

Tim Minchin that was fucking amazing. Thanks for posting!

Rene on 31st of March 2013

Great song, But my question: IF you are an atheist, how can it be that you personalize God (you call Him many names like a sexist). If you are a non believer and personalize something you don’t believe in you are ready for some serious issues :). So are you in denie or… . I believe that searching for the truth is a very good goal. I’m a believer but not like the church want me too believe. So maybe God is good and exist but in history human wanted money, power and status so they maked God like a big santaclaus, but an angry one….So what is the deal here an Atheist of a Believer?

Liz in Oz on 31st of March 2013

Ah Tim, this is a fantastic song – one in a million. It encapsulates so many clever ideas into one great performance. Well done! Keep well and keep up the good work – we need you to be there, plugging for rationalism over myth. You are such a breath of fresh air and we would really like to thank you for all that you do.

Chris on 31st of March 2013


pedagogue on 31st of March 2013

Hilarious TRUTH, Tim! Keep popping the bubbles of the deluded… it’s a tough job but someone has to do it…

David H on 30th of March 2013

Unfunny rubbish!

Tim on 29th of March 2013

If you’re as much of a fan of Tim (his brilliant mind and musical talent) as me it MAY be easy to think of him as “godlike” LOL


Oh Tim, Why have you forsaken us?

Kelly Coughlin on 29th of March 2013

No Macca’s and DITCH the sugar and processed food America! Thanks Tim for being an advocate about Diabetes. Our children thank you!

Karen on 29th of March 2013

Thanks Tim, a generous gift. Happy-chocolate-&-lamb-family-feasting from Fremantle. :-)

Ella on 29th of March 2013

Thanks! I love this song! Will you be releasing Woody Allen Jesus as an itunes download? I really like it and would love to download it to add to my collection of your songs.

Laura on 29th of March 2013

I’ve been waiting to hear this song again since the one and only time I heard it at your show in San Francisco. It is a tour-de-f*cking-force, Mister Minchin. Thank YOU, sir!

Andrew Mc on 29th of March 2013

I saw this on the SSO special and have been searching for it ever since.
Love it , love it , love it !
Thankyou and happy Holidays !

Marius on 29th of March 2013

This made lent so much more bearable. Jesus you are a superstar. Thank you Tim.

Daniel Johansson on 29th of March 2013

Just loved the “Personal Jesus”-scene in the last episode of Californication! Brilliant!

Gravespinner on 29th of March 2013

Love the stuff you do. Love this, love Storm, and love the opportunity to use your teachings.

gormster on 29th of March 2013

I remember when I saw you play this at the Opera House, I was positively shitting myself right up until the break.

Katie on 29th of March 2013

This is my favorite song, not just by you but by anyone. It never fails to make me laugh (or think), no matter how many times I listen to it…. in a row. Thanks for the Easter gift!

VeryUnique on 29th of March 2013

Had to listen 3 times, LOVE it !
So hilarious !

Kathy on 29th of March 2013

That was brilliant! [again, of course]

Andy Downie on 28th of March 2013

For a moment I thought you had been enlightened… Only Kidding…. of course. Yet another great Minchin creation. One beacon of rationality and empiricism in a world fogged by irrationality and the deluded…. I like to think I am another of those beacons….

Christopher Schiebel on 28th of March 2013

Tim does come to the US on tour. Saw him a few years ago and the show was brilliant!

James on 28th of March 2013

Hey Tim,

Trying to buy some shirts but every time I order one shirt and move onto the next shirt to order, it resets.. do you have to buy the shirts one at a time?
Also, will there be some of your merchandise at Jesus Christ Superstar concerts or just the JC stuff?



Jeanette Smith on 28th of March 2013

Incredible! I am a new fan and absolutely love what you do. I hope you are coming to U.S. sometime soon. I think you are the person I would most like to see live!

Jools on 28th of March 2013

Excellent easter pressie, thanks Tim.

Mark Simpson on 28th of March 2013

Hilarious song Tim. We honour you each mealtime by ridiculing the sacred too: We sing: “Tim’s dead baby / didn’t go to heaven” to the tune of ‘Ten green bottles’.

What an inspiration you are!

Casson Scowcroft on 28th of March 2013

Brilliant.. Please please, and please may I play trombone for your orchestra if you ever tour the US? I promise to hit all the right notes. Only problem might come when I miss my entrance from laughing. Seriously. Sign me up!!!

Julie on 28th of March 2013

As Christian I would like to thank you Tim for always asking the questions that need to be voiced. Well done…as always .Happy Easter

Cassandra Farlow on 28th of March 2013

Thanks Tim ,this has made me even more excited to see you in Sydney can’t wait .Have a great time with the family over the Easter ,longed for ,Break .KEEP BEING YOU NEVER CHANGE.

Deborah on 28th of March 2013

Magnificent magnificentness! I love your work. Thanks for the video.

Siobhan on 28th of March 2013

Another brilliant combination of awesome music and spot-on lyrics. A perfect Easter present! PS. Saw Matilda last week and haven’t stopped listening to the soundtrack since, you are a frickin genius!

Robert on 28th of March 2013

Hey, how about adding The Fence to the US iTunes store?

Bob K on 28th of March 2013

Outstanding, as usual. When will we see you at an Amaz!ng Meeting?!

Chris on 28th of March 2013

Awesome – thank you Tim! (I hope I never get cataracts)

Malte on 28th of March 2013

I wonder what Sam thought when he heard that.

Shawn B on 28th of March 2013

That is all well and good, but when are you coming back to East Coast – North America?

Dianna on 28th of March 2013

You are an amazing person. I became very excited to hear this song as I have been wanting to hear it from you for a very long time. All I have to say is its just one more reason that I have to buy this dvd. Thanks Tim.

Nicholas on 28th of March 2013

We of the North America/Japan areas still eagerly await NTSC versions of your DVDs.

Kate W on 28th of March 2013

The guys in the percussion section beaming through the ba-da-da dada bit of the chorus and Jules bopping make me happy. Tim’s bit’s good too, obviously.

MsJinnifer on 28th of March 2013

I.C.T.I.M.!! Aaaaawsomeness! Thank you so so much! Enjoy the next couple of days –aiming to be word-perfect in time for your resurrection.

Joshua on 28th of March 2013

Some great stuff in the shop! It needs a way to share individual items on social media tho!

Andy Darbyshire on 28th of March 2013

absolutely brilliant – you should teach in Sunday School!!!

Marie on 28th of March 2013

Tim, I love you on Californication – you are a wild guy. Happy Easter.

Nelson on 28th of March 2013

The fact it sounded like he was going to admit the existence of god frightened me.

Kayleigh Sawkins on 28th of March 2013

Absolutely amazing, love it. You never cease to inspire! xx

Natalie on 28th of March 2013

I love this song! it’s so catchy. I wish I could have seen the orchestra live though, Tim you’ve played Ontario a few times now could you please come back?

Darron on 28th of March 2013

I just purchased a massive t-shirt adorned with a massive picture of your massive head. Your reverse psychology is as effective as ever. Well played sir.

The Face on 28th of March 2013

OH and.. You were absolutely amazing on Californication… sooo fuckin’ good.

Claire on 28th of March 2013

Ahh Minchin you sexy bitch

Steven on 28th of March 2013

HUGE fan of you Tim. There isn’t a Youtube video, DVD or song of yours that I haven’t heard. I am actually listening to this song in between watching your amazing character Atticus Fetch on Californication and the Royal Albert Hall performance with the Heritage Orchestra. Long story short, you’re fucking awesome and anyone who disagrees can jump arse first into an unlubed dildo field!

The Face on 28th of March 2013

Brilliant. I love you so much, Tim!!

Little Jen on 28th of March 2013

Ohhhh nooooo credit card hands got all twitchy. Shiney new merch Very :-(:-( we aren’t going to see much of you this year in UK. Snifffllle XX Much love and good luck have fun. xx Jen

Robin on 28th of March 2013

Love this one, and I agree with Ella, quite the earworm. Thanks for posting it!

Carrie on 28th of March 2013

Thank you, Tim, for fixing my jones of the video..for this song.

Maggie on 28th of March 2013

This almost makes me believe there’s a god.

Liza (wickedagrarian) on 28th of March 2013

Neato!! Thank you Go– I mean, Tim. And Neil. :)

Ella on 28th of March 2013

Came to see the heritage orchestra tour in Edinburgh 2 years ago (!!) and I remember being a bit weirded out by the stand up preceding this song and the start of it… Then being delighted by it of course! Regularly gets stuck in my head

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