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Tim, Melanie C, Chris Moyles and Ben Forster will perform songs from Jesus Christ Superstar on ITV’s Easter special:

Andrew Lloyd Webber – 40 Musical Years this Sunday March 31st6:30pm – 8:00pm, on ITV1. (also ITVHD, STV, UTV and on ITV+1 at 7:30pm)

The 90 minute extravaganza, hosted by Michael Ball, will feature live music and one-off collaborations in celebration of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s continuous run of hits in the West End over the past 40 years. The cast of Jesus Christ Superstar join a star-studded line up which includes Myleene Klass, Nicole Scherzinger, Kimberley Walsh and Il Divo. There’ll be interviews with Michael Caine and Sir Alex Ferguson along with insights from the composer himself. Classical guitarist Milos Karadaglic will perform a number from Lloyd Webber’s eagerly awaited new musical, Stephen Ward.

UPDATE: For those people asking, unfortunately, this will only be aired in the UK.

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Peter ward on 29th of May 2013

when will the 40 years andrew Lloyd Webber show be in Austalia

Charlotte on 1st of April 2013

Tim – That performance was amazing!!!!!!

Dennis Wheeler on 1st of April 2013

Don’t Cry for me Argentina ?.. I cried with Joy at that performance- WOW !

cindy on 1st of April 2013

watched Tim’s performance (and the opening bit) on internet — TIM’S Performance amazing as always.

lilly on 31st of March 2013

Great programme – try ITV player – not before 24 hours after show. Sorry for all those who missed it!

Debbie Marks on 31st of March 2013

I am gutted I missed this today and wondered if this is repeated again on TV as can’t seem to find it?? Please could you let me know as soon as possible as don’t want to miss this show again.

Many thanks.

Debbie Marks

E ryan on 31st of March 2013

Could you let me know who performed the guitarist solo, he was amazing. I have been trying to look him up, but cannot find him. Please advise his full name! Loving the show!

Lianne on 31st of March 2013

I missed the first 20 minutes so sorry if that’s when Tim was on..

But if so why wasn’t he in the JCS medley?
They even cut Tim’s parts out.

I’m worried. Where’s the main man?!

David on 31st of March 2013

Check out Tunnel Bear.com if you live outside the UK – ITV Player should work for you then.

Meg Wallace on 31st of March 2013

Would also like to know how to watch this from the U.S…

beatleness on 30th of March 2013

Yeah, please tell us how those of us in the United States can see this show tomorrow

Dianna on 30th of March 2013

Is this going to be recorded and posted? I live in the states and can’t get these channels.

KC on 30th of March 2013

Yes! What the last poster said! Is there some way to watch this in Australia?

kelly Coughlin on 29th of March 2013

Dear website fairies,
is there a link to the show so I can watch online? We can’t get those stations in the States. Need me some Tim~Time!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.