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DC Turner’s acclaimed animation of Tim’s sublime ranty beat-poem ‘Storm‘ is to be aired on ABC2 on Monday 8th July 2013 at 9:15pm according to this ABC2 announcement.

Stormc1 (1)

Tracy King, Producer says: “As Storm approaches 2.5million YouTube views, we are continuing to seek new audiences offline as well as online, and are delighted that ABC has optioned the film for television broadcast. Australian viewers will be able to see animated Tim in all his televisual glory, and not one of those obscure 4am timeslots that short cartoons often get relegated to, either. All being well, this will be the first of many TV outings for Storm!”


You can look back at Tim, Tracy and Dan’s earlier comments when we first announced that the ‘Storm’ animation was live online, way back in April 2011, here and if you’re not able to view it on the telly, perhaps because you’re not in Australia or maybe a roo ate the remote… you’ll find the film and more information at www.stormmovie.net.

UPDATE: Apologies that this wasn’t on your telly-boxes after all. It appears to have been postponed. No information yet on when it will be re-scheduled.

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Irene on 8th of July 2013

Not in Melbourne either:(

Ros on 8th of July 2013

They didn’t show it in Sydney either. Any idea what went wrong? I was keen to see it and to record it for posterity. Anything of Tim’s has pride of place in our house.

Jane on 8th of July 2013

What happened? It wasn’t on (in hobart at least)

Kirsty on 7th of July 2013

It’s not on in Perth. :(

Jennifer on 7th of July 2013

Quite honestly, I’m ecstatic that ANY poetry at all gets airplay! I love Tim’s poetry, and although his facial expressions absolutely add to the performance, I think the animation is pretty cool too. Anything to get both Tim and poetry the airplay they deserve. Can’t wait to see it on the ABC! Cheers.

Irene on 6th of July 2013

Yay! Its a great and thought provoking poem, fantastic that it gets tv exposure!

Terry Cain on 6th of July 2013

Personally I prefer Tim performing Storm…facial expressions are brilliant! But quite happy to watch the animated version on TV. I have his Ready For This DVD. :)

Mary on 5th of July 2013

Hey when are you going to do a show in Minneapolis/St. Paul MN???

Regina on 5th of July 2013

Is ridiculous Tim, you would NOT have to hide anywhere if Storm or anything by you aired on tv in US. Palin old news, nobody cares, freedom of speech. If that the case most artists here would also have to be on the run. I wish ppl stop making ridiculous statements like that or it keeps Tim scared away potentially. Is perfectly safe. I was just listening to that yesterday on my cell in my yard lying in the sun. Isn’t that surprising, same assertions I keep hearing you make in a lot of your song lyrics. And btw I would appreciate all your DVD being available in the States too. Or better yet, just you again.

Kaily Simpson on 5th of July 2013

Wow… If this aired on television here in the US, Hannity’s head would explode, and there’d be riots of folks wearing tea bags on their heads (what the actual fuck is that about anyway?), Sarah Palin would write another book on how Christianity is under attack, and Tim Minchin would end up hiding in a Moscow airport with Snowden…

Nick Reilingh on 5th of July 2013

Glynn, “optioned” refers to the publishing copyright that the film is under. When you see “All rights reserved,” one of those rights is for television broadcast, and in this case it appears ABC has paid for or otherwise acquired the option to broadcast the short, at least in Australia.

Usually this also implies a contract with some exclusivity; i.e. that Tim’s publishing company is not allowed to sell the film to a different broadcaster in Australia for as long as ABC continues to renew the option.

Rod on 5th of July 2013

Absolutely fantastic poem and animation. Saw this on YouTube ages ago. Well done ABC for deciding to broadcast it – better late than never.

Steve Vanden-Eykel on 5th of July 2013

Well I may be in the minority, but I still say if you want to see Storm, you’re better off watching one of Tim’s live performances, not this ugly piece of hackimation.

Glynn Webb on 5th of July 2013

What on earth does “optioned” mean? Option is a noun not a verb.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.