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Hosanna! The spectacular Jesus Christ Superstar Arena Tour DVD, with Tim cast in his (award winning) dream role as Judas Iscariot, will be released in the USA on the 10th September 2013! The DVD and Blu-ray are already available for pre-order from Amazon.

The production was filmed over two nights at Birmingham’s NIA when the show toured UK arenas in 2012. As well as Tim in the role of Judas, the fabulous cast includes Melanie C as Mary Magdalene, Chris Moyles as King Herod and Winner of the ITV primetime show Superstar Ben Forster in the title role of Jesus.

Here are a few clips to give you a taste of how Tim and the cast entranced audiences, broke their hearts and rocked their asses!

Damned For All Time


Judas’ Death


Awesome tambourine action Tim!

By the way: this DVD has been out in the UK since November 2012 and was released in Australia in July this year.

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Diana Kennedy on 14th of April 2015

Just watched the dvd last night. So amazing! Tim Minchin stole the show. Just fantastic. Why did it never come to the U.S.?

Joe on 20th of January 2015

Did Suzzane ever get a response about the auto-tuning? For me it killed the show. The first time I saw it at the cinema I was completely mesmerized and loved every second, but re-watching I can’t help but notice the auto-tuning. It’s so grating that I wonder how I missed it on my first viewing. Perhaps the cinema version was true to the performance? If that’s the case, I want that one =\

Jan on 5th of January 2014

Watching the DVD as I type. I hadn’t realised it was Tim Minchin; what a voice. Fantastic show.

myrna on 27th of September 2013

Just watched the thing three times. Yes I am nuts, why do you ask? Perfect Judas. No comparison. Can’t wait until it hits USA stages. Boston or Worcester are great cities; just saying.

Laura on 15th of September 2013

Tim! Please come tour the States again. Your fans quite demand it!

Jenny on 15th of September 2013

Amazing artistry. Finally a JCSS recording done that compares to the 1970 vinyl release. Will buy. From only those clips, Minchin’s Judas is inspired, and perfect cast! Ben Forster’s range gave me goosebumps. Love love love!

Dani on 13th of September 2013

Tim is the sexiest Judas ever!! Love those subtle little hums during the chorus in Superstar!

Amanda Knight on 9th of September 2013

I can’t wait! I am going to buy it right now. Come to America Tim! Another tour, please, we love you!

Suzanne on 2nd of September 2013

There was so much negative feedback about the autotuning done. Any word on whether they went back to the master audio for the US version? I’ve seen enough audience videos and the cast member videos from the stage that shows it is NOT needed and would love to have a version that isn’t mucked up with unneeded ‘tweaking’.

traci thomas on 2nd of September 2013

awesome!!! thank you!!! now it would be amazing if the show could come to the US! please??

Vicki on 1st of September 2013

Awesome! I’ve just put the DVD in my Amazon cart. I haven’t listened to this music in a long time, but it still is wonderful.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.