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I have some very disappointing / uncool / annoying news.

Due to a highly unlikely and incredibly frustrating sequence of shitty events, the visa I require to play in the US this weekend has not arrived. The rules in the US (and most countries, I guess) about performing without the right work visa are very strict, so I’m not allowed to appear at Festival Supreme on Saturday night.

I’m hugely disappointed, because it was going to be great fun: the line-up is spectacular, the vibe is going to be brilliant and I adore Jack Black and want very much to please him.

But most of all, I feel sick about letting down the people for whom seeing my set was a big reason for buying tickets. I know some of you are travelling a long way, I know some of you had to save up to afford the ticket price, I know you’re going to be pissed off at me. It’s a right pain in the arse.

Please believe me when I say we have done everything we can to solve this. My manager has actually been on the phone to senators trying to find a way to get around this problem. But the fact is, every now and then, it’s just going to happen. As you may know, I confirmed my inclusion on the festival bill only a few weeks ago, and although we had no reason to suspect getting a visa would be a problem, we had only a little room for error. Then a couple of things happened (understandable but rather maddening bureaucratic glitches) which we didn’t / couldn’t predict, and perhaps the Government shut-down slowed things up (I don’t actually know)… and here we are. Majorly bummed out. I’m sorry.

I know you’re going to have an amazing time anyway. There are so many fantastic acts on, and I’m gutted I’m not going to be there to see them. Even if, for some crazy reason, I was your main reason for going, you’ll have a brilliant time without me. You have to try to catch Beardyman, and Reggie, and Sarah Silverman, and Zach, and Tig, and Patton, and Garfunkel & Oates… well everyone you can. These are some of my favourite acts in the world and some of my dear friends. If you like my stuff, you will love so many acts there.

Also, I really want to do something to try to make this up to y’all. I can’t promise anything, because it’s a bit of a logistical nightmare, but could you do something for me? Try to keep hold of your ticket stub from Festival Supreme. OK? Or if you don’t think you can keep hold of it, take a selfie with your sad, sad face next to the ticket before you lose it. That way, we have some chance of putting on some sort of free compensatory gig next year. Fingers crossed.

In the meantime, I’m really sorry. I’ve unwittingly really fucked a lot of people around. And I was looking forward to this gig so much. Mortified.


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Diana Cyder on 10th of April 2015

That has to be about the sweetest, most sincere, cancellation, apology I’ve ever read. I sure hope you followed through on your desire to make good on it. Sometimes that’s not easy, but at least the intent was there, showing you understood the sacrifices your fans were making to be able to see you. You didn’t just brush it off as no big deal. I respect that beyond measure. Please don’t ever forget who you are, as some do, because who you are is wonderful and it’s always sad when celebrities lose the thing that made them great. Love you, Tim. Take care of you.

Victoria Wheelehan on 14th of November 2013

Hoping to see you in the states soon. I live in the mid west (which is way too close to the bible belt for an empirical atheist not wanting to be ostracized). I stumbled on your work and actually paid attention because I remember you being humorous on NMTB. I think you are a pretty rock solid artist without the comedy…just watched a few of your pieces that were funny (as they were meant), but I had to watch a second time to pick up the comedy because I was paying attention to the badass music. Overall…keep up the awesome. I think the world could always use a little bit more awesome in it; so thanks!

Amanda on 29th of October 2013

Fuck I wish I could like some of these comments.

Especially the one from Wendy waaaaay up there {anyone know how to make an arrow?} I sang the whole comment.

Come to Cape Town instead the whole lot of ya, no need for a Visa!

Steven on 24th of October 2013

While I was disappointed to not have the opportunity to see you at Festival Supreme, I look forward to the chance to see you perform live. The fact that you wrote this sincere post shows your dedication to your fans.


KenMoo on 22nd of October 2013

We still love you Tim.

In a sexy way.

bobbi lazarony on 21st of October 2013

I am one of the people you descibe above. Saved up, traveled far, only for your set. I won’t get into the calamities we experienced while in route to the festival because it sounds like you feel bad enough as it is!. On the bright side, I did buy another copy of your CD at the merch tent so that my friends you could get a taste of what they they had missed during the long drive home. ;) Please send out an email the next time you will be playing anywhere in California! Thank You!!

Dr. Hamed Mirzaei on 21st of October 2013

The fact that you considered us and took it upon yourself to write this makes you a better man (short for human) than many other.
Thank you.

Becca Moody on 21st of October 2013

Tim, it’s not your fault so please don’t put yourself down about it. It’s just a case of really shitty circumstances really, your idea about a compensatory gig is lovely (shame I’m not going to Festival Supreme anyway) and it shows what a great great guy you are. YOU haven’t let them down, the circumstances have.

Rachel on 20th of October 2013

It is terrible about your work visa, but I am overjoyed to hear that you may be coming back in the near future than, as I could not make it to festival supreme. I hear they oversold tickets and were actually turning people away anyways. Tim Minchin, you are my absolute favorite comedian ever, and I cannot wait until you can make it our here again (maybe a little closer to Portland, OR????). I won’t miss it!

Mel on 20th of October 2013

TIm, you are a mensch.
When you do finally make it the the west coast of the US, please PLEASE come to Portland, OR!

Roxanne on 20th of October 2013

In light of how Supremely packed and Supremely poorly managed this Festival of Errors is, I’m now delighted my first opportunity to see my favorite comedian isn’t here. I’m only completely irritated by the “packed like sardines” feel on the pier (pardon the pun), the lack of seating, and the drunken asshat who spilled his beer down my back as we stood watching the illustrious Reggie Watts in The Mighty Tent. Tim, we love you, glad u weren’t here :-). Looking forward to enjoying your show in a civilized venue.

Antonio on 19th of October 2013

I totally understand, I have relocated from Italy to USA 5 years ago and it was a NIGHTMARE. I’m lucky that I’ve already seen you, looking forward for next gig…

Vos on 19th of October 2013

Tim, I had to miss your JesusChristSuperStar performance (equally gutting) because it was rescheduled and then my BIg C came back and couldn’t go. So how about you do a gig in London instead! YEAH GREAT IDEA!!!

Charlie on 19th of October 2013

Hey Tim, bummer. We met last year at the largo, I’m the flight instructor. Shame I can’t hide you in the back of the plane and smuggle you into the US. Catch you next time.

jill on 19th of October 2013

While you were the main reason i bought a ticket, I am looking forward to some of the other performers. I will definitely hang on to my ticket if it means a chance to see you in the future. Love you and everything you do!

Ros Blyth on 19th of October 2013

What a huge response and such respect from your disappointed fans who were going to see you, and infinitely more fans who just recognise your honesty, genuineness and gentlemanly words of apology and fed-up-ness!

Quite right what some say – make the most of your weekend off with your family, do lots of running, rest for a bit (probably an impossibility for you with that head of yours buzzing with ideas) but it will do you good!

margaret elrick on 19th of October 2013

more red tape bullshit…..Scotland loves you Tim…hope we have the pleasure of your company soon..xxx

Ingmar Drewing on 19th of October 2013

Hm … there might emerge a black market for ticket stubs … ;o)

Ingmar Drewing on 19th of October 2013

Hm … there might emerge a black market for ticket stubs on eBay … ;o)

Nastassja Riemermann on 19th of October 2013

It would’ve been totally unfeasible for me to go, but I thought the suggestions of doing some sort of live/delayed telecast from the U.K. or performing for free to get around the “work visa” were interesting suggestions.

John on 19th of October 2013

Tim, you are a class act. This genuine and heartfelt apology to your audience (for something out of your control!) is exactly why you are a national treasure. International treasure, actually.

Susie Harrison on 19th of October 2013

I’m so sad to hear this… I didn’t even know you were coming till now, but I know you would have had entertainingly thought-provoking ideas to say or sing here after our government shut-down debacle! And you were actually going to be here in California… something I’ve been anticipating for a long time. No worries… you will get your visa for a future event and come here!!! And you’ll have a welcoming audience!!! I may live in SF, but would surely come to LA to see you perform! So is there a website I need to bookmark that will alert me of any performances you plan in the USA? I definitely don’t want to miss a chance to see you!

Cindy on 19th of October 2013

Must be Obama’s fault. The Right would have us think that everything is, so must be. Personally, I blame it on the Pope!

Daniel on 19th of October 2013

Come to California anyway! SF Bay Area loves you

Tamela on 19th of October 2013

S’ok, Tim. You can go ahead and blame the U.S. Congress. We all do.

Ange on 19th of October 2013

Hey Tim, can’t you record your set and send it over? Modern technology could almost make up for your not turning up, surely? Love your work. Cheers

Diogo on 19th of October 2013

Besides the fact that you don’t own any apologies and even so you gave, I have read every comment on this page and I was amazed by the number of quality comments written with proper English words… I started listen to your musics in Brazil and now that I’m living in Canada I’m checking everyday your page in hope of one day you can make it to Canada to spread your blissfully enlighten words wrapped up with your great piano music

Pamla Tindall on 19th of October 2013

Tim, your wonderful apology is just #5,693 of the reasons why I love you so much. Your heart is amazing. If you ever come to Kentucky, consider yourself a welcome guest.

Lyn Matthews on 18th of October 2013

Your apology epitomises why you are adored.

wendy on 18th of October 2013

It’s not your fault, it’s not your fault, it’s not your fault……*pause* It’s not your fault.

We love you anyway, you are such a gent to make such an apology…but it’s not your fault.

Make the most of the rest with your wife & sprogs xxxx

Janey on 18th of October 2013

Hi Tim. Whilst I live in Australia and your unfortunate circumstances affect me in no way whatsoever, I felt compelled to comment on the comments I’ve just scrolled through here. The articulate, polite and understanding fans you have are only surpassed by their ability to spell and construct clear and complete sentences! I’m SO impressed considering the drivel found on every site I’ve ever come across regardless of subject. Obviously your superior talent and intellect attracts like minded fans.

Renee on 18th of October 2013

You have more fans than you know over here in our little corner of the East Coast. My respect for your lyrical craftsmanship and keen mind is only surpassed by astonishment at the sheer level of artistry and musicality you bring to everything you do.

My friends and I discovered you late, and would have loved to have had money enough to come to California to see you, but it was not to be. It looks like it would have been an amazing event. What an incredible loss for us.

Please come and do another US tour- if you get to PA or New York we’ll be first in line. You have no idea what a religious fishbowl we live in here and how many of us need your voice of reason right now.

One thing I’ve learned- never underestimate the sheer stupidity of US elected officials. Or the people that put them into office.

Thank you for being sheer class in the face of such frustrations.

Margaret Urwin on 18th of October 2013

Fucking red tape…we all still love you!

jane kelly on 18th of October 2013

Dont fret. No one has died. The comments from disappointed people, whilst understandable, don’t exactly help you feel ok about a situation which is totally out of your control. Just chill out……like I said, no one died xxx

Jemma on 18th of October 2013

I was also wondering if not getting paid would get around the visa issue? Any way….come to NZ soon!!!

Carolyn Hardy-Asfour on 18th of October 2013

It’s the same reason I couldnt get my passport renewed in time to see you in JCS, (still havent received it) I was really sad about it but at least there is the DVD (not the same but whatcha gonna do) Dont feel bad (I know easier said then done) it is not your fault but the fault of our faulty system, is it a fault to use the word fault so many times when describing a faulty situation? You are still adored, when you are bummed, we feel bummed, so chin up, shit happens that we cant control, (it’s like life that way) So we just have to roll with it. Hopefully next year you will have another gig I can show up to for my birthday, (I want front row because I really want front row) Please have a smile and just write a song about it, you never know what good things could come from this.

Moira Martingale on 18th of October 2013

You see? The people of the entire world want you to visit them (with the possible exception of the Pope). And if ever you fancy breaking into France – I don’t mean literally; not using a crowbar and jemmy – I have the perfect venue and no visa needed. Sunflowers … table tennis … hot and cold running cheese … sunblock on the house. Just say the word, TM.*

*In French.

Allygard on 18th of October 2013

it is nice that you care about letting your fans down but as one of them I have to say I am glad you have to have some time off. Enjoy your weekend and have a duvet day (and consider letting us in on the name of your new musical…it is driving me nuts trying to guess what film it is based on).

Allygard on 18th of October 2013

It is nice you care so much about your fans, but from one of them…I am quite pleased that you are having some enforced rest, your schedule has been mad this year and I couldn’t believe you were planning to fly to LA so soon after finishing JCS. (Mind you Mel C and Ben are equally mad, going straight back on tour themselves). Enjoy your weekend and have a duvet day! Your fans won’t mind.

Melissa Contreras on 18th of October 2013

Tim, it’s not your fault, these things happen. I respect and am touched by your heartfelt apology, and am happy to see only positive and encouraging comments saying the same as me. All of us fans appreciate your sadness for not being able to play, but I’m sure anyone planned to go, as you say, will have a great time and will see you another time, which will rock. I can’t believe it’s been four years since I saw you live in Tunbridge Wells, Kent in October 2009, when you picked my friend to be the bear, as I had got front row tickets, awesome night, unforgettable. Will try and see you again one day.

Melissa x

James on 18th of October 2013

Think of it as a good source of material for your next gig here (crappy US government bureaucracy especially)… on the bright side the anticipation and turnout for your next performance will be exponential!

Kash on 18th of October 2013

Tim why don’t you waive your fee for Festival Supreme? That way you wont need a work visa; but you will be out of pocket…

Moira on 18th of October 2013

You see? The people of the entire world want you to visit them (with the possible exception of the Pope). And if ever you fancy breaking into France – I don’t mean literally; not using a crowbar and jemmy – I have the perfect venue and no visa needed.

Sunflowers … table tennis … hot and cold running cheese … sunblock on the house. Just say the word, TM.*

*In French.

Melissa Contreras on 18th of October 2013


It was absolutely not your fault, your apology is so heartfelt. I am touched to not read one bad comment here, everyone has love and admiration for you and your honesty, these things happen. I can’t believe it was four years ago that I saw you live in Tunbridge Wells in Kent. Need to see you again. Loved your occasional address also, well done on that!

Melissa x

Jen on 18th of October 2013

So very sad! Seeing you (even if for only 30-45 minutes) was the whole reason I bought my ticket, flew solo to LA and am now crying in a hotel room alone. I know you feel terrible, and I still love you and your brilliant, talented, witty, wonderful mind. A complimentary show (maybe, if possible) is a very generous offer on your part. Guess I will keep my fingers crossed. And on a final note…Fuck our government!!!

Catherine on 18th of October 2013

Tim I love wit and have seen you on British TV any times. A heart-felt apology

Brigitte R on 18th of October 2013

I feel the need to apologize to you for the shitty way our government is run. I bet you would have been able to get your visa if the people in Congress weren’t such idiotic dickheads who care more about the money they receive from large corporations than the needs of the American people. :-(

You haven’t done anything wrong and you have nothing to apologize for. Not getting your visa isn’t your fault, it’s the people in Congress. They caused this stupid mess, not you.

Chin up there. We still love you. :-)

Jaylah on 18th of October 2013

It’s kind in you to both let us know, and even go so far as to apologise for something that most assuredly isn’t your fault. We most assuredly will not hold it against you.

Just another casualty of yet another hissy fit thrown by a few nursery-school mentality idiots who call themselves the Tea Party. Who are, at this very moment, running around patting themselves on the back and telling anyone who will listen, “See? Our little tantrum didn’t cause any harm.”

Perhaps you could eventually turn this highly annoying development into good by writing a monologue/song about it and including it in your shows at some later time. It’s the same group, for the most part, that don’t believe in evolution and fear gays.

Stephanie Schoen on 18th of October 2013

(Sound of a breaking heart) Fie on that group of inane politicians who kept you from us! :/ I shall hold onto my FS ticket for dear life and look forward to seeing you “early” next year! XOXO

KJV on 18th of October 2013

Since the Passport/Visa Office was closed due to the Big Tea Party Tantrum, it is a logical conclusion that the Tea Party is to blame for your misfortune. As further proof, the Tea Party has no sense of humor, hates the UK (still), and reviles the lawlessness of long-haired Londoners swooping in to take jobs away from Americans. You are a blameless victim of xenophobic circumstance!

Jessica on 18th of October 2013

The shutdown most likely affected the visa. Getting visas into this country is a huge pain. I’m so sorry you can’t play this time, But when you do come down into California I can guarantee a sold out show. I’ll have to save up a bit but I’ll try my hardest to get out to see you.

Johnny from Dallas on 18th of October 2013

Visas suck fisted buttholes! They should let you play due to the fact everything you do needs to be heard by everyone.

Keep ya head up and TOE-GUN!!!!!

Roxanne on 18th of October 2013

OMFG! This is all I’ve talked about to my friends for weeks. And, yes, you are the (only) reason I bought the tix. I told myself when you come to California, I’m doing whatever I can to make it to the show. Seriously sad and bummed. Seriously.

Anybody want two tix to FS? Oh, I have matching plane tix, too.

Julie on 18th of October 2013

I ♥ this apology.

Markie on 18th of October 2013

We’ll miss you on the pier! I’ll have a glass of red wine at 8:15 in your honor.

Nartweag on 18th of October 2013

It is way better to find out now, than get detained and banned from entering the US for 10 years, like POGO did.
Glad your management is looking out for you!
Sorry our system is so jacked up :(

liliana mothbane on 18th of October 2013

Just give a few handies to the right people, it’ll all work out.

MrSolomon the average king of the planet on 18th of October 2013

C’mon people! Take a look at Mr.Stefan’s comment! He speaks about Karma yet he has no clue what he is talking about (sins and stuff wtf?)! Let’s give him a big applause!
or just screw him, well doesn’t really matter to me, in the end, I am freaking king of the world!

Regina on 18th of October 2013

Does that mean you cant even just go or enter country at all? (curiouser) xxx again, sorry if that duplicated xxxx

Penny on 18th of October 2013

What a true gent you are, Tim! Blame the fucktards who caused the government shutdown (Ya, I’m looking at you, Ted Cruz!) and the ones who made the debt ceiling into a cudgel with which to bludgeon the President (That’s you, Newt Gingrich, take a bow!). Why are the Repugnicants always such poor losers? And why do they even have such a thing as a “debt ceiling”? It’s bullshit and if they haven’t figured that out by now… sigh… the US is sooo screwed! And they don’t care if they take the rest of us with them. But I digress…

Wish I’d had a ticket just to send you a sad faced selfie. And since the US fucked you over, would you consider putting the Canadian flag on top of the US one on your “Shop” link? We’re so much nicer than Americans… we’d have given you a visa and our country will never have a government shutdown. (Well, not like the Yanks anyway, although our PM is an expert at proroguing Parliament. But I digress again.)

You da’ bomb, man!

(And the person who posted about Obama closing the monuments so veterans couldn’t get to them was kidding, right? Right!? She knows he’s not the one responsible, doesn’t she?!? Augh… so screwed!)

Regina on 18th of October 2013

Does that mean you cant even just go or enter country at all? (curiouser) xxx

Teddifish on 18th of October 2013

What? After we re-opened the government just to make it happen? ;-)

Don’t worry. We love you anyway. And maybe you should just go anyway and have fun. It might be a nice change to get to participate without having to work!

Teddifish on 18th of October 2013

But we re-opened the government just so you could be there! :-(

Wish it would have worked out, but we know it’s not your fault. We still love you!

Eric B. Ross on 18th of October 2013

Debbie Marlow, It needs to be said that Tim’s not getting a Visa has nothing to do with the closing of U.S. national parks during the Republican close-down of the U.S. government. And that’s the point about the barricades around the DC memorials that you totally fail to understand: President Obama did NOT do that. It was a consequence of Republican behavior. Follow the facts!

John B on 18th of October 2013

Too bad you’re not a Mexican. They stream into our country by the truck load with no documentation what so ever..

John B on 18th of October 2013

Too bad you’re not a Mexican. They stream into our country by the truck load with no documentation what so ever.

Dave Mac on 18th of October 2013

Fly to Mexico and sneak in under the border, you should have no problem with working here then.

Hadas on 18th of October 2013

I’m sorry to hear that Tim. But unfortunately, what you say is true: the US government is quite strict about their work visas. (I used to work at a research university and part of my last job was to help academics and foreign graduate students with their J-1 and H-1B visa applications.)

And it’s majorly fucked up at the moment. So rude. If our founding fathers were here, I’m damn sure they’d be pretty pissed. They founded a new country, slaved over a constitution and created the first constitutional republic.

//rant off

You’re a mensch, Tim. Namaste!

Theresa on 18th of October 2013

Well it’s L.A.’s loss. I couldn’t believe we were going to be lucky enough to get you. Please try and visit SoCal soon. You have lots of fans here! Thanks’

karen on 18th of October 2013

I’m so sorry we keep electing fucktards.

lyn on 18th of October 2013

i don’t have a ticket [i’m australian] but i think the idea of a live camera feed is a good one and certainly better than nothing.
or do it as a volunteer, as a tourist, then you don’t require a working visa. put a hat out at the end and accept some ‘gifts’.

Kirk on 18th of October 2013

Just a thought could you not do it and not get paid then you would not need a work permit.

liz the brave on 18th of October 2013

Bummer, I will pray about it! Ok no I really wont, but since I am essentially ineffective to do anything about this tragic situation, I shall pray….hahha

Nikolay on 18th of October 2013

So… Since you’re not going to perform in the US anyway, how about making a small detour and coming to Bulgaria? You are more than welcome here (not sure whether you need a visa though)

Natalia on 18th of October 2013

What a pity, Tim!
I live in Southamerica (Uruguay), and I really love your work, really. I promised myself to go to see you once at least. And with this reference, it won’t be in the US. No problem! I’ll see you in the UK once in my life. It’s one of my special dreams.

Debby Marlow on 18th of October 2013

I’m so sorry to hear of this caffuffall.If I had a ticket I’m sure I would have to be sedated until the whole thing was over. My [email protected] marched on Washington D.C.last week.Oct.13.We carried barricades from the Lincoln Memorial to The White House and dropped them at the gates.Mr. Obama had our Memorials blocked and our veterans couldn’t get to them so we moved them.It was very empowering.So I sit here now thinking there must be something we could do.

OK I think I sent my text before I finished.Any way with a little notice maybe we could have called the bikers and formed some sort of rally and pickeded some one for you.I do hope to see you one day Mr.M.My Heartfelt Regards For You And Your family. Blessed Be,Debby Marlow


Sarah Jane on 18th of October 2013

Live stream it? You won’t be there, but you’ll be there. And think of all the smells you won’t have to smell. And the hands you won’t have to shake. And depending on how you set up the feed, you could maybe not wear pants. Am sure this is not an original idea for a solution, but the “lack of smells” thing maybe isn’t an obvious benefit.

Stefan on 18th of October 2013

It’s Karma – clearly a curse on your heathen ways.
It’s also what happens when a muslim from Kenya becomes the POTUS
And it probably didn’t help that you knocked back the invite from those nice white folk to attend their tea party. I’d suggest that Tony Abbott also has something to do with it but I don’t want to get into any ridonkulous conspiracy theories.
Do not hide behind your gentlemanly apologies, sharply intelligent wit and incredible musical talents – you are a sinner – Repent!

Christine on 18th of October 2013

Ah, our lovely government fucks up again. Sigh.

Love seeing you any time I can, Tim. :-)

hw on 18th of October 2013

I didn’t have a ticket , but am willing to send you a photo of a really sad face if it means I might get to see you if you do come to the US soon

Kate on 18th of October 2013

What a perfect shit you are!
Just kidding, I didn’t have tickets but on behalf of all who do, we’re going to blame it on our shitastic government but mostly Sarah Palin. I know, I know, she currently holds no office but I really don’t see the relevance of that small detail.
So carry on, be well and don’t sweat the visa.
All the Best.

Alexandra arrowsmith on 18th of October 2013

Hey. That sucks. Your true fans will get it matey. Wish I was remotely close to seeing you myself. Regards. AA

Cathy on 18th of October 2013

You are a legend Tim – I hope you get to make it up to your fans – they will be stoked

Linda on 18th of October 2013

You are a class act. Lots of ‘big’ people would just shrug their shoulders and not give it another thought. Thanks

Jennie Dell on 18th of October 2013

If I were in the USA (I live in Australia) and I’d saved up and bought a ticket for Festival Supreme, and I had to travel a fair distance to get there … I would forgive you because I know these things happen. I was once inexplicably turned away by US Immigration on the US / Canadian border south of Vancouver.

“Ma’am”, the guy said. “I do not believe you are a bona fide non-immigrant”.

Me? migrate to the USA from Australia, leaving my husband, two kids and job behind? As if!!

So I’d take a selfie with my FS ticket and look forward to whatever compensatory Minchin gig might come my way.

Your gracious and sincere explanation warmed my heart.
Cheers, Jennie x

Bob K on 18th of October 2013

Tim, this seems to be a common issue right now. Have a google of “Adi Shamir”, a world renowned cryptographer. He was also forced to cancel for a science conference. Not sure whats going on the the old US of A.

Lawrence on 18th of October 2013

It probably is to do with the government shut down…

Regina on 18th of October 2013

oops, there it was, sorry for the double comments….:)

Helen on 18th of October 2013

I love you Tim Minchin. Hope you visit Helsinki!!!

Jake on 18th of October 2013

Bureaucracy happens…and sometimes it’s a bitch. If anybody actually blames you for this, they are more than welcome to send me their ticket stub… :P

Kristy on 18th of October 2013

what a shame! I think it is great you are thinking about offering a free compensatory gig though….that’s pretty awesome. I don’t know many/any artists who would even consider doing the same. Nice work Tim! :)

eLi gARF, piaNOwArTist on 18th of October 2013

you are a good soul Tim.

too bad the land of the free has these dumb rules.

from a fan in Japan; hope to see you live someday!

jon on 18th of October 2013

Just hold a free concert, similar location next year? To say sorry, and to prove you’re a hero!

David on 18th of October 2013

Definitely the government shut-down. You didn’t mess up. Our elected officials did.

Daniel on 18th of October 2013

On behalf of Americans and America, I apologize.

If it helps any at all, we are all well aware of the level of incompetence of our government, but we are stuck by the fact that no one competent to hold an elected office ever runs for an elected office.

hw on 18th of October 2013

I didn’t have a ticket , but am willing to send you a really sad face if it means I might get to see you if you do come to the US soon

Suzanne on 18th of October 2013

I feel bad for those who planned for this trip. (I’d just booked a Prog Rock cruise, so I couldn’t justify the cross country trip).

Our government shutdown is at fault in this, the office handling visas was closed for two weeks. Apparently, it is not essential to get people into our country right now.

Jozef on 18th of October 2013

If I can’t have you someone else will do.

Sue Hood on 18th of October 2013

I think that you are very considerate to apologise to the people who bought tickets, and you are not the type of person to say you are going to be there and not show up (I hope)… your fans will understand… btw.. I am a fan, but I live in Australia!! :)

Richard Goldstein on 18th of October 2013

We still love you. Get the visa and come play in NYC!! (please)

Emily on 18th of October 2013

Tim, always so good to your adoring fans. No-one will hold it against you as it’s not your fault. You’ve been awesome to fans very time I’ve seen you. Always so ready for a chat and a photo and never rushed. Have some fun with the kids and the mrs. You deserve it. Xx

Annette Papaluca on 18th of October 2013

That is RED TAPE for you. So very unjust. Your apology is articulate and sounds heart felt, so do not let it get you down too much. Your fans will continue to be your fans, and it is a shame you will can not be present for the event for your own positive experience as well.

Katie on 18th of October 2013

What a lovely apology for something that was clearly not your fault, you are a real gentleman Tim!

Bianca on 18th of October 2013

That really sucks for you as well as the festival goers :( I hope you get some kind of compensation or at least an apology too for losing out on the experience! Though I wouldn’t count on it. Do something fun over the festival weekend to take your mind off it!

Robert Ferentz on 18th of October 2013

Finally, the U.S gets a taste of what I always get. No truly funny people ever come to Israel to put on a good show. (Ok, I guess U.S Republicans ARE funny, but that’s not what I mean)
I know it’s petty and unbecoming of a rational adult, but I can’t help it.
Also, the U.S didn’t give me a tourist visa when I wanted to visit. Haven’t applied again, because fuck ’em.
Besides all the immediate rush of bad feelings, I love you, Tim and I would give my left (or right) nut to be at your show someday. A nut is cheaper than flight tickets.

Marion on 18th of October 2013

Yes, probably was the shutdown that caused the delay. Really unfortunate, since the shutdown was utterly unnecessary. Yours is the best apology I’ve heard by a non-responsible party. Love your work Tim!

Patrik on 18th of October 2013

Tim, I am not going to be there and am thus not missing out, but could you not perform on the bigscreen by link from wherever you are? With a feedback link you can even respond to the audience… If you do I would love to get in on that feed…
Keep up the exquisite work!

Cathy on 18th of October 2013

You really care about your audience Tim …
You Rock ! X

Tracy on 18th of October 2013

Sorry to hear that Tim.

Really enjoyed you on Tuesday in Jesus Christ Superstar in Liverpool. You were amazing

Julia Savill on 18th of October 2013

Ah Tim gutted for you! Like you say though, the other acts there will be great and your fans will get to see and support them on your behalf, you’ll definitely be there in spirit and in excitement! So chin up, all is not lost, you’re a very talented performer and everyone wishes you well until next time we get to have a laugh with you!

All the best,

Nimbuskirk on 18th of October 2013

I wasn’t attending this event, but your offer re: ticket stubs shows why you’re such a bloody gentleman as well as a fantastic artist. I’ve had artists be denied Visas at my venue before and it’s an absolute fucking nightmare (coming from Nigeria over to England), and more disappointing for the artist than people realise; just as or if not more so than the audience.

Sorry to hear the bad news. But well done on the amends.

Adrienne on 18th of October 2013

I think you should do a new tour soon, that would be AMAZING!!!! :)

Holly on 18th of October 2013

I don’t usually comment on blogs but this is just too sucky not to comment on. I can’t imagine how disappointed you are as it sounds like an amazing line up you were going to get to hang out with, but if it makes you feel any better, none of your fans are going to be annoyed with you – they all love you too much :)
PS – my daughter is singing Quiet from Matilda tomorrow at our local show! This has nothing to do with your blog, I just wanted to tell you that!

Regina on 18th of October 2013

I cant blv its that strict/hard just to work here For one hour???? Maybe the shutdown can definitely be partly to blame though, For sure. Things are so tenuous here, a lot Of ppl, myself included still out Of work and barely towing the line. Cant you,just come over and do it anyway?? how will they know? Maybe apply For citizenship here too? I would love it and glad its not me got cancelled on almost last minute, itd be devastating. But, its not your fault Tim, keep on trying. Get some much deserved rest and down time now and hope to see you in nyc area too in near future. Xxx Love, Regina VC

Kieran Mitchell on 18th of October 2013

You said you weren’t sure how much the government shutdown slowed things up – the answer is… a lot! It’s predicted that most people trying to get things like work visa will have to wait several weeks extra, per week that the government is shut down.

Olivia Forsberg on 18th of October 2013

Nicely said Tim, now have a beer (or a white wine) and relax and enjoy some extra time with your family. : )

Emily Armitage on 18th of October 2013

Tim, you really are an awesome person.

Beth Mitchell on 18th of October 2013

While I am sorry to hear this, it is totally understandable. I bought my tickets long before you were announced to be there, so you set was just an unexpected bonus. I, for one won’t hold it against you.

Fran on 18th of October 2013

Didn’t know you were going, so not personally gutted :)

Huge load of guilt you have taken on though – not good for your wellbeing to carry that big a load, and it sounds like it wasn’t your doing anyway.

In the great cosmic scheme of things this is a bit of a pinprick really, so put away your flagellator and go do something fun.

Unsolicited advice given freely, and freely ignored without offense

Sam Skinner on 18th of October 2013

You owe me nothing. I had no ticket. But I feel compensated nonetheless – thanx Tim luv ya work xxx

Matthew Stokes on 18th of October 2013

Wow! If ever there was an apology, that was it! I wasn’t going, but feel bad for anyone that was…and for Tim who is clearly gutted to not be there. It always surprises me the frequency there are “scheduling clashes” and concerts that get cancelled – with no explanation. Probably due to getting a better offer. But in this case, there is clearly a legitimate reason. Sounds like a brilliant line up though, so go…enjoy it…and then IF something else gets planned, think how smug you will be going to such an exclusive one-off event! :)

charlie on 18th of October 2013

Not your fault Tim, Sad wont be seeing you though

Jennette on 18th of October 2013

Wow Tim Minchin, that is a bummer, and you are awesome for sending this & maybe even being able to “be noice” to those who will have missed you…………
I lub you & your acidic sense of humour…

Geo on 18th of October 2013

No problem to me Tim, but my granddaughter will be in bits, but hey ho thats the yanks for you :-(

Gareth Wesley on 18th of October 2013

I still love you Tim, don’t you worry <3

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