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Photo thanks to QI (BBC Two, Fridays)

Both photos thanks to QI (BBC Two, Fridays)

Quite Interesting Tim...  Photo thanks to QI (BBC Two, Fridays)

Quite Interesting Tim…

This Friday 25th October, 2013 at 10pm, Tim will be on QI on BBC Two (except Wales) and even BBC Two HD, if you wish to examine his intellect in exquisite detail. Stephen Fry hosts divinely, as always, and the other panellists are Isy Suttie, Bill Bailey and (of course) Alan Davies.

This is Series K and the episode subject is ‘Keys‘.

It will be up on the BBC iPlayer here shortly after it airs.

The 45 minute QI XL episode will be broadcast Sunday 27th October: 10:30pm BBC Two – England, HD only; 11:00pm BBC Two – Scotland only; 11:30pm BBC Two – Wales only and Monday 28th October 2013, 00:25am BBC Two – Northern Ireland only. Probably worth checking your local TV schedule.

If you really can’t wait a few days for a looksie, here’s the episode preview:

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Kathy on 10th of December 2013

Never heard of Tim Minchin until I recently saw the live arena tour of Jesus Christ Superstar on television. I grew up on that music and thought Tim did an amazing job! The entire show was awesome but I loved Tim’s portrayal of judas. I kept wondering “who is that guy”?

BouncyBunny on 13th of November 2013

Twas a fab episode. I love QI and Tim Minchin so this was a cool mash up!

Patrick Kearns on 27th of October 2013

Hi Tim,

Firstly, congratulations Doctor for deciding against delivering babies, in favour of smacking arse with a kicker of an occasional address instead.
Although I am a novice newbie as a groupie, I’ve been caught in the clutches of the high preacher of the ‘Minchin Religion’. Unfortunately my conversion has stalled as I was unable to secure cancellation tickets for the last day in Sydney, of your apparition in Rosencrantz… – an unfortunate bummer.
I wish to thank you for arresting the twin escapees of ‘genius’ and ‘unique’, who, since flying the coop, have somehow infected with their own scarce magic, the questionable talents of so many undeserveds. It is reassuring to see this pidgeon pair restored to their rightful perch in the rare atmosphere at the top of the roost.
A poet, lyricist, son, brother, husband, father, doctor, musician, composer, multi-instrumentalist, play write, performer, singer, actor, recording artist, comedian, promoter of discs, hungry hippo fetisher etc. etc. – all I believe, can be individually defined. I am however, unable to conceive of any scientific, evidentiary or evolutionary explanation that would satisfy belief, when all these attributes so comprehensively inhabit and possess the one individual, irrepressible and impossibly gifted homo erectus called Tim, who, when viewed through a particular prism, is purportedly descendent from a fish called Tony – all feet and no fins. He has two heels but should have gills. His finger nails were fishy scales and his spikey hair was never there. Quite clearly – Supernatural.
So here’s a song for Tim

Science is infallible,
I can neither give nor take a few.
For a particular number
namely thirteen point eight
in billions of years
of unguided events,
had consigned me to this circumstance.
Now I see the light,
it can determine my fate.
I’ve got my short term goals
and know it’s never too late.
So thankyou Tim,
for I see clearly ahead.
I’d been blinded by that ‘meaning’ word –
Yes, so thoroughly misled.
Yet a particle of God they found
might lead to him entirely,
like the flapping fins of Tony
that gave birth to Tim’s extremities.
Paradoxically it seems inversely biblical,
some scientific crap would beget
some smallish portioned evidence of God.
But God is a non- entity
and Tim’s a living luminary –
omnipotent but right.
His philosophies are prophesies,
it’s the future and for sharing.
In them humanity will find Nivana,
if only for the daring.
So disregard your biases, do not hesitate.
With an ounce of luck
we’ll live to see a new messiah levitate.
Doctor Tim will diagnose your failings,
remove that growth of ‘meaning’ from your brain,
then dispense some relevant and brutal rant,
though make sure you feel no pain.
He will sing you to submission
and with a belly laugh to boot.
Then when next you lie awake and think of England,
count to thirteen point eight gazillion.
But mostly, think instead of Tim
and all the fun you’ll have –
Since now you can’t find meaning in a root.

As a cricketer, Shane Warne was always compulsive viewing, as you never quite knew what rabbit he might pull out of the hat next – there was always one. Tim Minchin reminds me of him – wildly passionate, captivating, compulsive viewing, never boring. What will the next rabbit be?
Maybe he is more a Kerouac beatnik, or both.
“The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow Roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue center light pop and everybody goes “Awwww!”

It’s coming around again and I still ‘really like Christmas’, so I’ll be ‘drinking white wine in the sun’ to you, Sarah and family this Christmas and for every other Christmas in this ‘one meaningless life of mine’.

Kind Regards,
Pat Kearns
(Rock God/Nerd Groupie)

deb on 22nd of October 2013


summer on 22nd of October 2013

My favourite two things, cannot wait :D yay

Euan Cowan on 22nd of October 2013

Cannot wait! I have long said that QI should have Tim on. Two of my favourite things put together!

Ros on 22nd of October 2013

Great!! Have been waiting to see you on telly or somewhere! Will be good!

Allison Gardner on 22nd of October 2013

Tim Minchin AND Bill Bailey on the same programme….think I have just died and gone to favourite comic heaven (just missing Eddie Izzard from the line up)

Laura on 22nd of October 2013

This news has brought great happiness to me. Very excited to see it!! Woop. xD

Laura on 22nd of October 2013

This news has brought great happiness to me. Very excited to see this!!

chestylaroo on 22nd of October 2013

I love Tim minchin his awesom!

Katie on 22nd of October 2013

All I know I learned from telly…

Rebekah Chadwick on 22nd of October 2013

Can’t wait to watch this! Going to record it too so then if I forget to watch it, I can watch it the next day or something :D <3

Lis on 22nd of October 2013

This is the best birthday present ever!! :)

Tara Askew on 22nd of October 2013

Very excited about Fridays show. Love Tim Minchin :-)

Meg on 22nd of October 2013

This news has made me immeasurably happy.

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