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On Sunday 15th June at 3pm, the Royal Shakespeare Company will present the first ‘relaxed performance’ of Matilda The Musical at the Cambridge Theatre in the West End. The National Autistic Society is working closely with the RSC on this special performance offering full access to the theatre for people with autism and learning disabilities.

Tim: “Through no work of my own, two of my favourite organisations – The Royal Shakespeare Co and the National Autistic Society – have come together to organise a relaxed performance of one of my favourite musicals! I’m so bloody chuffed it’s happening, and only wish I could be there to witness it.”

The performance will provide a relaxed environment, with elements of the production adapted to reduce anxiety or stress. Lighting and sound levels will be adjusted to soften their impact and there will be a relaxed attitude to noise and moving around the auditorium during the performance. Designated ‘chill-out’ areas will be provided outside the auditorium with soft seating and activities for people to use if being in the auditorium becomes overwhelming for them.

Tickets for this performance will be offered at the reduced rate of £20 and can be booked through the RSC Ticket Hotline 0844 800 1110 or in person at the Cambridge Theatre box office.

All those who book will be sent a visual story to help them familiarise themselves with the plot, characters and the setting before they arrive at the theatre. Further event details can be found on the dedicated RELAXED PERFORMANCE section of the Matilda the Musical website.

The original cast recording of Matilda the Musical is available from iTunes and on CD. The CD is available from the RSC Shop or the SHOP tab on this site.

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Ray on 6th of April 2015

So. Matilda unplugged works as well? Yay! There should be an unplugged organisation making these mainstream events and stories available to all! Like a second channel, or channel two (if you will!), and maybe the existing channel two can be persuaded to comply with the necessary programming arrangements….

Anita on 23rd of June 2014

My family made the trip up to London for the performance. Matilda was every bit as magical as we had hoped it would be. The bonus for my family was that not only was the performance on Fathers’ Day but it was also on my birthday, so it made for an extra special treat for all of us. The children thoroughly loved it – they were wide eyed through the entire performance and sang along when they knew the words. We cannot thank everyone enough for their commitment to taking part in the relaxed performance – whether on stage, backstage, front of house or one of the many volunteers available to assist you. You all ROCK! Please put on another performance soon – we will be there!!!!

Martin Crowley on 16th of June 2014

Well I’m ** chuffed as well as I’ve just been to it(!), taken my son with ASD and family and we had the best day out ever…oh and your songs are fantastic! My boy ( aged 8 ) had learnt pretty much all the songs before the day and sung along to them all! Thanks to all involved.

Libby Hyett on 25th of March 2014

Warm congratulations to everyone involved. I believe that the ‘relaxed performance’ will bring happiness to lots of people, thank you. :)

Lizzie P on 23rd of March 2014

What an awesome idea! Hope it gets noticed and followed by theatres/companies around the globe!

Renee on 22nd of March 2014

This is seriously wonderful.. only wish they’d do this here in the US. Maybe if it’s successful over there they’ll consider it at the Shubert?

R.K. on 21st of March 2014

Not sure if I’m gonna make it. Got a dog. Got a job. Got a girlfriend. And not enough dough. So unfortunately probably gonna skip this performance.
Come to Holland and I’ll be there. Specially if you’re in this musical, Tim… ;-)

Justine on 21st of March 2014

I’m bloody chuffed too, well done!! So happy i just wish i could go with my son!

sally on 20th of March 2014

I took my autistic son to see Matilda early last year and he (Me too) thought it was great, but we did have to go out at one part. I don’t remember exactly why, and probably he didn’t really know why either it could have been noise, lighting anything. A chill out place would have been great.
Despite this we had a great time and it is good news this performance is being put on to allow other challenged children to experience this fab show.

Lorna on 20th of March 2014

Wow! Thank you. I’ve always wanted to take my youngest son to see Matilda but I’ve been afraid he would make too much noise. I’ll be booking. Thanks again!

George Chance on 20th of March 2014

As a father of a teenage son, who has Aspbergers, I applaud everyone involved with this. I am in the United States, so I won’t make the performance, but I think it is important to know this is appreciated.

Thank you

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.