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Just For Laughs are hosting a ten day comedy festival this September in Toronto and Tim will be putting on one of his fancy-pants comedy shows for it!

You’ll be able to catch Tim’s ivory-tickling on the 18th September 2014. The venue will be chosen closer to the time based on the demand for seats.

This isn’t just any show you can buy a ticket for though, as JFL42 is a pass-based festival, which allows you to potentially see as many of the shows in the festival as humanly possible!

Passes start at $49 and go on sale on Friday at 11am EDT. They all include at least two credits, where a credit allows you to reserve a seat at any non-headline show in the festival, including Tim’s!

If a show is sold-out when you get your pass, do add it to your wishlist as the demand is monitored and if it’s high enough they’ll either add an extra show or move it to a bigger venue.

For more information on how the passes work, visit the JFL42 website.

Headline acts include Seth Meyers, Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer and Wanda Sykes, while Paul F Tompkins, Deanne Smith and Doug Benson are just some of the other 42 acts. You can check the full lineup here.

Interested in this “avant-garde” comedy festival? You’ll be able to grab your pass from the JFL42 website, here!

To keep up to date with the latest festival news, follow them on Twitter and you can check out photos of last year’s festival on Instagram.

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Spencer on 17th of October 2015

Ah I seem to always miss you. I’ve been checking my usual ticket outlets to see if you’re coming in, but this was somehow not on any of their radars. Hope to see you next time, Tim. :)

Zain on 23rd of June 2014

I cannot wait for this show! I just bought my tickets. First time seeing Tim Minchin and very excited to see this man perform.

Pb on 12th of June 2014

We never thought we’d ever get to see Tim in person! Stuck out here in the boonies, megamiles beyond miles a f_ng way…now we have tickets AND airmiles so it is actually going go happen!!!!!!!!!!

André on 7th of June 2014

=( Tim one day i come to us for see your show

cindy on 5th of June 2014

OMG – so excited – finally coming back to Toronto – can’t wait!!!

Sam on 5th of June 2014

That’s close enough for me to go! I am so excited I might cry.

Diane on 4th of June 2014

Yea!! I am so excited to see him perform live and in person!

Katie on 4th of June 2014

I’m so there. Can’t wait to welcome Tim back to Toronto!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.