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Tim will be hopping into his acting shoes for the ABC TV mini-series The Secret River, adapted from Kate Grenville’s acclaimed novel.

The series, which will air on, Australian television channel, ABC1 in two 90 minute episodes, stars British actor Oliver Jackson-Cohen (Mr Selfridge, Raven, Dracula) as William Thornhill, a convict, and AACTA award winner Sarah Snook (Sisters of War, Not Suitable for Children) as Sal, his free settler wife, who are transported to the new colony of New South Wales in 1805.

Tim joins a stellar cast which also includes: Lachy Hulme (Howzat! Kerry Packer’s War, Power Games: The Packer-Murdoch Story, Offspring), Genevieve Lemon (Top of the Lake, Rake) and Trevor Jamieson (Rabbit-Proof Fence, Around the Block).

Through the story of the young couple’s adventures, The Secret River explores social and cultural issues and the escalating conflicts, sparked by the interactions between newly arrived white convicts and settlers and the original indigenous inhabitants, during the colonisation of Australia.

Carole Sklan, Head of ABC TV Fiction said: “Producer, Stephen Luby and director Daina Reid have assembled a fantastic cast and crew to realize this landmark drama. A love story and story of outcasts, the drama ultimately looks at how good people are capable of doing terrible things.”

The novel won the Commonwealth Writers Prize in 2006 and was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize in the same year. It has been adapted for television by Oscar nominee screenwriter, Jan Sardi and Mac Gudgeon.

The Secret River will shoot for eight weeks in locations across Victoria and on The Hawkesbury River, north of Sydney so Tim might have to get his feet wet.

We’ll announce, on here, as soon as we get word of exactly when and where it will air on your telly boxes.

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gcat on 18th of August 2014

Reading this now– Tim will make a smashing Smasher Sullivan!!
Want to see it here in the states somehow?

gcat on 17th of August 2014

Just reading the book now. Please post how we in the States can see this too!
The parallels apply to us too, thematically.
Love ya Tim!!

Libby Hyett on 30th of July 2014


aly fricker on 23rd of July 2014

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WvHdTecH3A tells about the Perth stage production. Sounds like a fantastic role for Tim

Kellicia Kuipers on 30th of June 2014

Oh, I can’t wait for this! ♥

Kellicia on 30th of June 2014

Oh! I can’t wait for this. Tim is just amazing.

Shane Johnston on 28th of June 2014

ohhhhh… does this also mean that Tim will also be doing some shows while in OZ??? please let it be so!

CakePop on 28th of June 2014

For anyone in other countries, you may be able to watch it online. ABC has a website called “iview” :) They put most of their shows on there the day after it shows on tv.

CakePop on 28th of June 2014

Ooh that’s awesome! And looks like Australia will get something BEFORE the rest of the world for once haha :D

Lisa on 28th of June 2014

Big news.
Excellent news.

Lynda on 28th of June 2014

I am so looking forward to this mini series. Love Tim’s work and it will be interesting to see him in this. Also think Lachy Hulme is a brilliant actor. I’ve seen him in a few different shows and I’m sure he will not disappoint for those who haven’t seen his work before.

Jonathan Delong on 28th of June 2014

So i am well aware that Tim does not have the biggest fan following, but those few of us in America who love him, and his comedy, need some way to watch this…

Caroline on 28th of June 2014

This is so exciting! I saw the STC stage play and it was great. It’s a fabulous story, can’t wait!! :)

Steve Vanden-Eykel on 27th of June 2014

You know who I’d like to see Tim play? Quentyn Martell.

Emma K on 27th of June 2014

What an exciting project! These are stories that need telling. I hope they cover the potato famine. Most convicts were only guilty of stealing food.

Andrew M on 27th of June 2014

This is great news, but I have no idea who any of his co-stars are, and I’ve hardly ever heard of any of the things they’ve apparently been in!

Regina on 27th of June 2014

So is that avail to view in the US TOO?? ❤️✌️

Regina on 27th of June 2014

So is that avail to view in the US TOO?? ❤️✌️

mark laverack on 27th of June 2014

When will it be on uk tv. Tim is amazing

Donna Sivoli on 27th of June 2014

I will cancel all other interests to watch Tim Minchin’s performance in this mini series. I’m a big fan of his work.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.