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The West End production of Matilda the Musical announced some new cast members yesterday, including a replacement for the terrifying, tyrannical Miss Trunchbull!

Starting in September, Craige Els will take over the role of the formidable headmistress of Crunchem Hall joining existing cast members Haley Flaherty (Miss Honey), Kay Murphy (Mrs Wormwood) and James Clyde (Mr Wormwood).

In addition to the new Trunchbull, Matilda Shapland and Violet Tucker will be joining existing Matildas Tasha Shapple and Lottie Sicilia in the title role, while there will be new additions to the three teams of children that make up Matilda’s classmates too.

Tim took some time out and joined Dennis Kelly in getting to know the new Trunch a bit better and you can watch the video below!

The West End run was recently extended until 24th May 2015 and you can grab yourself some tickets from the Matilda the Musical website.

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Mah on 9th of August 2014

Hey I really appreciate your work..from just now discovering it in this Summer Acting intensive here in Portland..and I’ve also heard your Commencement Speech that was inspirational..but i wanted to know why is it that so many playwrights use men to play women roles . I have no problem with gender bending or the idea of it (I’m a trans-youth of color) but I’m always curious about why men are chosen to play the roles of women , straight men cast as queer characters(broke back mountain) , Cis gender-ed people to play Trans People (Boys Don’t Cry), its not that these filmed aren’t brilliantly crafted and work non present because they are that’s why they are so acclaimed..its why aren’t the people who face issues related to the character in their personal live not cast in the roles…i noticed people laughing at the actor who played Ms. Trunchbol..is the character choice for comical relief..for the audience and why is her presence comical…I consistently witness slithers of Misogyny in the media and I’m lead to believe that these very small insignificant slithers accumulate into a very significant injury..if we don’t recognize its affects we become enveloped in its purpose which is to divided ..then we become unaware/apathetic to its existence and the people who experience the brunt of it ..sorry this was long and im not a good writer but yeah..thankyou!
Mahatma Po

Moira Martingale on 23rd of July 2014

Sorry, Craige Els, unforgivably, I got your name wrong. (Is it an anagram?) I deserve to be put in the chokey.

Moira Martingale on 22nd of July 2014

Starlight Express? An inspiration? Crikey.
A novelty, yes, with all the roller-skating actors, but storyline was unmemorable ( which is why I’ve forgotten it) and I’m also struggling to recall any of the songs, other than the title one, and it didn’t compare with any of the previous (or future) ALW/TR productions or, come to that, other major musical theatre productions in the West End at that time (and they were getting helicopters on the stage in Miss Saigon).

Maybe Starlight Express inspired Tim by making him think: “Bloody hell, I can do better than this – and I’m still going through puberty!”
Other than that, Kevin Els seems a nice chap.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.