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Two beards collide to make beautiful music together! On Tuesday 30th September, 2014, at 9pm (BST) Tim will be special guest producer on Beardyman’s One Album Per Hour – Live.

You may remember Beardyman, who is acclaimed for his extraordinary beatboxing skills and use of live looping technology, appearing with Tim on the 2011 Comedy Prom, where Tim introduced him as “…an oral wizard [and] a lingual freak…”.

They need you to suggest song titles. Tim will be sifting through these and deciding which ones Beardyman must use as inspiration for songs on the album. An album they’ll be creating completely LIVE, from scratch, in real time as we all watch them! That’s an album written, produced, mixed and mastered… in an hour.

So get involved! You can find out more and make your suggestions, on Beardyman’s website, via this link.

Then on Tuesday at 9pm, watch the album come together on Beardyman’s YouTube channel or at
www.beardyman.co.uk. If you can’t watch live the full show will be up on those sites afterwards.

There’s even a countdown to the show:

To get an idea what Tim’s in for, check out the full show with Jack Black as guest producer a couple of weeks ago here.

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Andy on 28th of October 2021

Why doesn’t this exist anymore? :(

Celia on 30th of September 2014

That was fantastic – we need more educated insanity like this – so much fun it is obscene! Thanks Tim & Beardyman you’re the best!

Glyn Viney on 29th of September 2014


Flow on 28th of September 2014

Tim is such a creative artist, which I really much appreciate, as I work similar – I guess… a few titles came into my mind, when I saw the article so i just submitted them

david pheby on 27th of September 2014

If only I had a cable tie

Mark on 27th of September 2014

The final front ear
Star Trek is our future
I’m a theist not atheist

Jordan Harrison-Twist on 27th of September 2014

Samson’s Unfortunate Alopecia
Sasquatch Seduction
As Shakespeare Once Said…
Genocidal Wank
Put a Donk Sonnet

Mari on 27th of September 2014

Scotland In the Fold
The Bias Backbeat

Benjamin James Wylie of Siren Sun on 27th of September 2014

1. Paper Willy
2. Sovereign Pancake
3. The Rust
4. Holy Mogley
5. Fakkd

Starr Hardgrove on 27th of September 2014

Affirmative Babylon
Grassy Bottoms
I’d Love to Love Your Family
The Ballad of Tone-def Nelson

Rebecca on 27th of September 2014

Life jacket under your seat/in the event of cabin pressure dropping
Blind ignorance Fugue
Piracy Tarantella
Hypocracy Jerk
Stroking Sword Jig
Validation Point 1-9: Jesus and Standsted

sally jeffreys on 27th of September 2014

“a wet wipe for every eventuallity” ….as in make up remover wipes ,baby bottom wipes ,kitchen bleach wipes ,fake tan wipes ,moisturising wipes,leather sofa cleaning wipes etc … etc ..and what if they got mixed up ! eg.. tanning the babys bottom and bleaching your anus and moisturising your oven .etc.

Annie on 27th of September 2014

The Beard Illuminati
A Close Shave and other hairy anecdotes
Moulting on the Decks
Satan’s Eyebrows

Yeah i’ve run out. But I feel these subjects will be both topical and enlightening. Saw Beardy at Latitude and i’m not sure anything can compare to ‘Pigeon on a Stick’.

2 G's and R and an E and I and an N on 27th of September 2014

:3 You have to include something ginger.

Shell on 27th of September 2014

Hi Meg and Alan,
You make your song title suggestions via the link in the blog above, not here. They won’t have a chance of being used in the show if you don’t also put them on Beardyman’s dedicated website page: http://entry.beardyman.co.uk/tim-minchin/ That is where Tim will look for them.

Meg on 27th of September 2014

Interminable Shoe Angst;
The Ballad of Turtle Dysentry;
Rooster Pudding Cataclysm

Alan Wyatt on 27th of September 2014

G’day Tim

Song suggestion: Something along the lines of.. not enough time in the day, so how do people find time to pray.. when god(s) don’t exist anyway.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.