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Australians, it’s time to get excited!

Back in February we told you that Matilda was heading to Sydney and finally, after months of waiting, you’ll be able to grab yourself some tickets to see this ridiculously brilliant, multi-award-winning musical with your own eyes!

Performances at the Sydney Lyric Theatre start on the 28th July 2015 and you’ll be able to buy tickets from 9am tomorrow morning (15th October 2014) at Ticketmaster.

Tim said: “I am incredibly excited that Matilda is opening in Sydney. Ten years ago this month, I was writing songs for the 2004 Christmas show at the Old Fitz in Woolloomooloo. The first time I straightened my hair and put on thick eye make-up was downstairs at the Seymour Centre. I even wrote songs for the musical that opened the Joan Sutherland centre in Penrith, (the opening song of which I extensively stole from when I wrote the opening number for Matilda).

Last year I fulfilled a dream of acting in a Stoppard at the Sydney Theatre Company. Long before anyone took much notice of my silly tunes, Sydney offered me some of the most edifying and hilarious experiences of my career. The thought that in less than a year, the Lyric’s curtain will be opening on our darling Matilda feels just perfect.”

And if all that wasn’t enough to whip you into a fevered frenzy, here’s a trailer for the production!

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Andrea Sowden on 15th of October 2014

And Perth too PLEASE!

Kim on 14th of October 2014

Saw Matilda in London last year and loved every single naughty minute! Clever, funny, anarchic, enormous fun for big and little kids. Wonderful theatre and you won’t need to drag a child along as an excuse to see it – but feel free if you have a spare one lying around. They’ll love it too!

Ross on 14th of October 2014

First look at the prices and see what is available. Then look for flights and accommodation for the time they are booked.


Leave the kids at home, fly in from the Gold Coast, watch the show.
Think about going home.

Saw Tim in Brisbane when he was here a couple of years ago. It was amazing (and also the first time we had been away from all the kids at the same time since we had the first in 96). Thank god for the in-laws as we got to make a weekend of it.

Rod Clifford on 14th of October 2014

Tim, my wife & I have followed your career for many, many, many years & have loved every minute. Are you touring Oz with “Matilda”, or just playing Sydney? Much love xxxx.

marian fleming on 14th of October 2014

one of the family favourites comes to life, my expectations are HUGE.
i am mortgaging the house so the whole family can go….

Julie on 14th of October 2014

Hi Tim, any chance you will be bringing the show to Melbourne ? Would love to see it.

Lisa on 14th of October 2014

Congratulations on coming to Australia! Can’t wait. July is just too far away!

kathy on 14th of October 2014

having seen Matilda on Broadway, I can tell you – you might want to get tickets for more than one show!! Just sayin…

Mara on 14th of October 2014

Tim, Am thrilled to hear that Matilda will be playing in Australia. Similarly to Bev, I was convinced that the only way to see it would be to travel overseas! Can’t wait to get tickets!

Di on 14th of October 2014

I just saw this in New York and LoooooOOOOOOOoooved it! Even cried in some bits! Brilliant!
Please, please, please… bring it to Perth too?

Bev on 14th of October 2014

Oh Tim you don’t know how happy the fact you are bringing this wonderful show to Australia makes my husband ( and me ) I had convinced him that he had to take me to the UK to see it and now we can just tootle off to Sydney , onya and thank you .

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.