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White Wine in the Sun

As in previous years, all November, December and January profits from the sale of Tim’s sentimental Christmas song, White Wine In The Sun, will go to The National Autistic Society (NAS) which provides support, information and services for people with autism and their families and campaigns for “a better world for people with autism”.

There’s the 2009 solo version and the one recorded in 2012, with strings, french horn and more.

Here are just some of the places you can download the 2012 single internationally: iTunes , Amazon (UK), Amazon (US) and 7digital.

If you have it already perhaps you’d like to gift it along with the socks, jocks or chocs…

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Adam on 2nd of October 2016

White wine in the sun. Very pretty song, there is nothing in this world more beautiful then our children. Thank you for your love Tim. ?✌

Phil Clark on 16th of September 2016

Does this count for every year or just 2014, (i’m guessing?).

Mary Wolf on 28th of November 2015

I just so love your work and want to listen to it but I am not ‘connected’ up with other devices AND I so don’t want to use Amazon.

Can I not get a CD/DVD through other outlets?

Have wonderful bits of Christmas that you really like.

Glenn on 23rd of December 2014

James, it actually says if you listen carefully ‘I’d rather break bread with Dawkins AND Desmond Tutu’.

Kat on 16th of December 2014

You are amazing.

Rick on 26th of November 2014

Chicago is a beautiful city… please come here and do a show. My wife and I will take you to dinner! :)

Michele Lewis on 16th of November 2014

Love it! Keep doing and inspiring because your truly send a great message… Saw your speech at UWA of on all thing Facebook. Awesome! I can not wait to find more of your material. Sorry it’s taken this long!

Terry G on 6th of November 2014

A agree with every word James, but you need to consider the other definition of breaking bread.

More importantly, much more importantly, Lovely moving song and a good cause.

Morgan on 6th of November 2014

How about a google play release of this, and of course many others as there is only one song on there at the moment.

joe the soul on 6th of November 2014

Tim wanted to see you play Judas was crushed when show never made it to the states

James on 6th of November 2014

A nice song, but why would you rather break bread with Dawkins then Desmond Tutu? Tutu fought for the liberation of South Africa and has been outspoken in his support of Palestinian rights. Where as Dawkins in his militant atheism has generally just promoted hatred and division. I am also an athiest, but surely the starting point for working out who you would want to share a meal with is their orientation to creating a better world on earth rather than whether they believe in a god or not?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.