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Photo by Lyndsey Gardiner

Photo by Lyndsey Gardiner

It’s been a few years since Tim visited San Francisco. So, having heard your numerous pleas, he’ll be performing at the Nourse Theatre, San Francisco, CA, at 7pm on Sunday, January 25th, 2015!

This will be vintage Tim; delivering a heady mix of clever, satirical and often beautiful songs, along with his musical athleticism and a ferocious hairdo.

Tickets to this special evening, at the newly renovated and reopened Nourse Theatre, are likely to sell fast so be sure you’re adequately prepared to snap them up at the presale:

The presale starts tomorrow Wednesday 3rd December, 2014, at 10am (PST) and runs until 10pm Thursday.
Use the presale password: PRESENTS

Tickets will then go on general sale at 10am Friday 5th December, 2014, here.

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D. Thorpe on 26th of January 2015

Thanks for coming! It was a GREAT show. I’m looking forward to that new musical.

And hope your back here soon!

Mike on 23rd of January 2015

Tim, we’re coming from Texas to see you – Waco, Texas to be exact. A fair sized contingency too, considering the local flavor. Yes, you do have friends and fans in Texas! Can’t wait!

EvanL on 18th of January 2015

These last few weeks since tickets went on sale have gone by at snail speed while waiting to see Tim Minchin for the first time since DC in March 2012. This is going to be such a great evening!!!

Kat Cruickshank on 18th of December 2014

I second the motion to have you play at Red Rocks — it is a Bucket List Venue for both performers and audience!! And also please consider some Canadian dates especially Vancouver or Victoria….

…but i’ll see what i can do about coming to SF for this show…

Thank you, Sir. <3

Nikki on 16th of December 2014

Je suis tres triste! I have been dying to see you Tim, when you’d come ’round to the states again and have even saved a precious frequent flyer trip so I could jet off to whichever city you’d be visiting. But alas, (did she just say alas?) your show sold out too quickly! Please! Oh please, consider scheduling a show at the breathtaking, fabulous RED Rocks amphitheater outside Denver Colorado!

Paula O'Shaughnessy on 12th of December 2014

I would love to take my son and daughter to see you in San Francisco. Tickets are, sadly, already sold out though. Any way there could be another show? (Nudge nudge, wink wink) We live in Humboldt County 6 hours north of SF. Would you be interested in a house concert? We have a lovely home in the redwoods. :) Either way you have an immense talent & we(my children and I) hope to see you live in the future. Best wishes.

Lisa on 11th of December 2014

I am so so so sad. After hubby and I decided to buy tix to your SF show and make a spontaneous trip to SF in January from AZ, they were sold out! :(

I so wish you’d add a second show in SF….

Melissa Hollow on 8th of December 2014

When will you be in Seattle, WA? I am so looking forward to seeing you! Your 9 lessons of life is something I listen to at least once a week.


Eric Ennenga on 6th of December 2014

See you in San Fran Tim.. =)

Kate on 5th of December 2014

Vintage Tim? Is he about to go off or something? Well, if he’s about to start wafting a bit vinegary I’d hurry to see him if he got anywhere near Spokane.

Becky on 4th of December 2014

OMG please please please hit some other cities in the US, Tim! I am in Texas; we NEED you here!

Please. Pretty please. I’ll pray on it. ;-)

Jaime on 3rd of December 2014

Do you have any plans to travel to Spokane, WS or to Western Canada? I am from southern BC and we would love to attend a show.

Jyl Groves on 3rd of December 2014

Just bought my tickets. We are so excited!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming to San Francisco!

smittypap on 3rd of December 2014

Saw the headline and thought it was about Matilda the Musical next summer in SF. (Bought my tickets yesterday.) But this is way better!

Susan Bell on 3rd of December 2014

Be sure to check availability due to the earthquake I just set off by screaming and jumping up and down on the Hayward Fault.

Graeme Hill on 3rd of December 2014

Chicago cubed

And I’ll try not to get evicted like the last time here

Christine on 3rd of December 2014

If pleading is all it takes:

Please, please, please do some shows in the Mid-Atlantic region in 2015! Philly, Baltimore, DC… Please?

Mike Putnam on 3rd of December 2014

Chicago please!

Kevin C Smith on 3rd of December 2014

Chicago please.

Kelly on 2nd of December 2014

How about Chicago in January or February? It’s lovely here that time of year!

Susan Adelson on 2nd of December 2014

Any chance you’ll be coming to à Massachusetts? Please.

Jenny Storey on 2nd of December 2014

Don’t forget to put some flower’s in your hair. Have fun, missing you in blighty. X ♥

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.