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Matilda The Musical

On Sunday, 1st February 2015, the Broadway production of Matilda the Musical will be putting on an autism-friendly performance!

The show is part of the Theatre Development Fund’s Autism Theatre Initiative, which aims to make theatre accessible to children and adults on the autism spectrum, as well as their families.

There’ll be a few slight adjustments to the production, including the reduction of any jarring sounds or strobe lights focused into the audience. In the theatre lobby there will be quiet areas and an activity area, staffed with autism specialists, for those who need to leave their seats during the performance.

The last few tickets can be booked exclusively, at a reduced rate, through the Theatre Development Fund’s website, which also includes several guides to help personalise the experience.

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Karen C. on 9th of November 2021

Tim, I am so astounded by your compassion and clear knowledge of the needs of those on the spectrum. I have never read about any other musician, playwright, or producer offering an evening’s show designed to be comfortable for those who may have ASD sensory challenges. Were I not already a dedicated and enthusiastic fan (and the mother of a high-functioning but still challenged young adult son on the spectrum), your kindness and empathy would make me one. Grateful parents around the globe applaud you. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if other plays offered a similar evening? Karen

Carl on 31st of January 2015

Tim Minchin – a wonderful man. And a damned fine atheist too!

B on 29th of January 2015

Tim Minchin, I have spent many a happy hour watching “The Fence” and “Not Perfect” with a young friend with autism. (Over and over over again, which is just fine by me.) She gasps with delight when I so much as say your name. If she didn’t love you I still would, but she does, so thanks for the joy you give us.

amanda on 28th of January 2015

at last, someone who cares and understands, all respect

Anjela on 28th of January 2015

That’s fantastic.. What a fabulous thing to do

Becky on 28th of January 2015

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
A Grateful Speech-Language Pathologist

Andy on 28th of January 2015

Thank you for being so awesome. From an often misunderstood aspie. :-)

Nisha on 28th of January 2015

This is just fantastic! Many ASD kids don’t get to experience the wonder of theatre, thank you for making an effort to include them.

Gaynor Evans on 28th of January 2015

Wonderful initiative. Hope it works fabulously well!

Sophie on 27th of January 2015

This is so utterly brilliant, thank you : ) beautiful.

Angela on 27th of January 2015

Love it. that’s all x

Noah on 27th of January 2015

This makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.