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On The Steps - signed poster

There have been a number of requests for the merch created for Tim’s spectacular Sydney Opera House ‘On The Steps’ show, last month, so it’s now been made available through Tim’s shop here. They ship internationally.

So, if you attended the gig but didn’t get near the merch stall or if you didn’t make it to the show but fancy a souvenir of the event with the unique artwork, here’s your chance.

There are Limited Edition T-shirts in a range of sizes and Limited Edition Posters, some of which are signed by Tim.

You can access the ‘shop’ via the tab above, selecting the ‘Australasia shop’ for these items or directly here: timminchin.bandtshirts.com.au.

UPDATE:The posters are A2 – 42.0cm x 59.4cm.

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Christine on 13th of April 2015

Finally! Got my signed poster today. :-) Happy Happy Joy Joy! Apparently a tube mailer containing a poster of Tim Minchin is so subversive, it warrants a 3 week layover in US Customs. Wish I could have actually attended the show, but still.. YIPPEE!

Penpens on 24th of March 2015

What a fantastic idea! I’m so glad that we are moving toward encouraging everyone to be able to enjoy music and the arts (among other things too). Personally I have epilepsy caused by a spinal chord injury which has limited my access to concerts and the like due to the strobe lighting and the flickering of other lights so commonly used, in fact at the Bon Jovi concert a couple if years back I had 4 seizures within close proximity and had to be taken to hospital and it was because of the strobes. Before I was injured I made a living from playing live music at pubs and clubs and just love watchig true talent and Tim is certainly the best pianist I’ve ever seen and his lyrics are hysterical! He’s in a category of his own!

Shannon on 20th of March 2015

Was the show filmed. We were there on the 24th and it was magic, I’d love to relive it again and again
Thx Shan

Christine on 20th of March 2015

Fuckin’ Yippeee!

Jenny Storey on 19th of March 2015

You could do with adding a new sweatshirt to your shop. The RNRN hoodies are getting tatty, and your fanbase cold as a result. X

Bobbie on 19th of March 2015

it’s about time! you could add other stuff too and you need size details added to your bag and more options too not just black, maybe even reference your canvas bag on it :D otherwise your shop is awesome!!!!
blessed be

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.