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Smasher (Photo courtesy of ABC TV)

The ABC mini-series, The Secret River, in which Tim plays Northern Irish ex-convict Smasher Sullivan, is now available on DVD from the ABC Shop.

It’s even on sale at the moment, priced at $24.99, until 23rd July, 2015!

They ship internationally but, as it is Region 4 only, do check that your player is suitable.

It’s also available from iTunes and Google Play in Australia.

There’s no news yet as to whether The Secret River will air outside Australia or if the DVD will be made available in other region formats, but we’ll let you know straight away if we hear anything.

If you’ve yet to see it, here’s the series trailer:

Here, Tim talks about his role as Smasher Sullivan:

You’ll be able to catch both episodes on ABC iView until 9:30pm on 5th July, 2015.

Adapted from Kate Grenville’s acclaimed novel, The Secret River was directed by Daina Reid and stars British actor Oliver Jackson-Cohen as William Thornhill, a convict, and Sarah Snook as Sal, his free settler wife, who are transported to the new colony of New South Wales in 1805. Tim is amongst a stellar cast which also includes: Lachy Hulme, Genevieve Lemon and Trevor Jamieson. It was shot in locations across Victoria and on The Hawkesbury River, north of Sydney, last year.

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Rob Stainsburu on 30th of June 2016

One year later – still unavailable in Region 2?! Please release in UK!

Anne Griffiths on 9th of May 2016

Come on….. please release this worldwide.
To those of us in the UK (BIG Tim Minchin fans) the subject matter is a part of our history too, as so many of the early pioneers were British, so it’s something we should all know about.

Dixie on 31st of August 2015

Sigh. Once again I will purchase a DVD in a format the States doesn’t support. But that’s the price of being a “devout” Minchin follower.
Fortunately, I solved the format issue waaay back on his first DVD.
Our entertainment worlds need to be more available. Just sayin

Diane Raven Eagle on 16th of August 2015

I have been a recluse long enough, Tim Minchin has already been to the U.S of A. and I missed him. Wow and shame on me for hiding from the world,

Ria on 6th of July 2015

Just want to chime in here as well, as another American. Perhaps the more of us who nag, the quicker they will get this to us. C’mon! Don’t make us throw a tantrum.

Vicky Pierce on 4th of July 2015

I feel an inordinate amount of pride in Tim’s work considering that I do not even know him personally. I am convinced that he is as principled as he says he is, and obviously he is as talented as I can plainly see that he is. Therefore, I want to see everything that he does. I believe it is my right. I should expose that belief to a rigorous assessment, I suppose. One day, perhaps I will. In the meantime, though, let’s get whoever gets Australian things onto American screens busy on it.

DoomScribe on 24th of June 2015

Sure would like to see this here in the USA, looks wonderfully made and an important story we’re not familiar with, except for that part about kicking out the natives.

Cece Giroux on 23rd of June 2015

Oh come on Tim! You know we greedy Americans resent anyone having something we don’t have! Don’t make us go to war to get this video! And you know we would win because we, of course, have God on our side.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.