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On the 25th of October, at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre, Dublin, a new charity single will be recorded.

Over two thousand, three hundred voices will join together with a sixteen-piece orchestra to record When I Grow Up from Matilda The Musical. Tim’s gladly given his approval and royalty free use of the song.

Stephen Macken, producer of the hugely successful charity single Tiny Dancer, has once again teamed up with the Association of Irish Musical Societies (AIMS) to create something very special for this Christmas.

The recording will take place as part of the gala concert ENCORE! celebrating the 50th anniversary of the creation of AIMS and will feature former Westlife star, Shane Filan.

Stephen Macken says: “I chose ‘When I Grow Up’ as the AIMS charity single because of its deeper meaning in the context of its portrayal of the simple childhood dreams and ambitions that we all once projected into our adult lives, eating sweets all day, climbing taller trees, no longer fearing monsters, and how those dreams and ambitions are the same for all children, including those who face an uncertain future due to illness and who may never live to see their fulfillment. It’s that context that makes the song so special and meaningful.”

Accordingly, the proceeds of the charity single will go to the Children’s Medical Research Foundation, Crumlin and the Royal Belfast Hospital for Sick Children.

The single will go on sale at the end of November. It will be a global release on all download stores and there will be CDs available in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Jack and his mum Stacey

Jack and his mum Stacey

The recording is being dedicated to the memory of Jack Lam from Castlebar in Co. Mayo. Jack died in November 2013 from complications arising from his treatment for Neuroblastoma. He was part of the original social media campaign set-up by Stephen Macken to create awareness of the recording, but his passing just a month after submitting his ‘When I Grow Up’ photo so shocked and saddened the team that the project was temporarily postponed. Now, Stacey McHugh, Jack’s mum, says she is honoured that Jack will be remembered this way and that if Jack’s story will encourage support for this project, raising funds that might help save a child’s life, then it makes her happy. Stacey has shared the wonderful news that she and her partner, Tsung Lam, are expecting the birth of a baby this Christmas week, within days of Jack’s seventh birthday.

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Ros on 18th of October 2015

A wonderful thought and wonderful deed and a favourite song for so many which will surely sell massively and raise lots and lots of money for this charity.

Also, ditto for Rebecca’s comments apart from not quite sure yet about the God thing and also not sharing the same birthday!

Rebecca Sauer on 18th of October 2015

Dear Tim,

This is truly lovely of you. Your work (if it’s available in the main stream, I probably own it) has given me an incredible amount of pleasure. You make me laugh, think, and thank the God that I’m pretty sure doesn’t exist, that you’ve put such a clever and articulate voice to many of my deepest held and seemingly-unpopular beliefs. You are a breath of fresh air and enlightenment in a really kooky world, and I could listen to your one-man shows almost endlessly.

Happy belated birthday (mine is the same day, a couple of years apart), and thank you for your wonderful work.


Barry on 17th of October 2015

It’s no surprise that Tim donated the rights of his song to this worthy cause.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.