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Matilda and Me

Charting the intimate relationship between Tim and the multi-award-winning musical, for which he is now internationally known, Matilda and Me is a family documentary which will air on ABC TV later this year.

The rehearsals for the highly anticipated Matilda The Musical in Australia form the backdrop to the story, as the new Australian cast prepare to launch the show in Sydney.

Directed by Nel Minchin and Rhian Skirving, the film looks at Tim’s long-term fascination with author Roald Dahl and at how he went from being a virtually unknown lyricist and composer, in Australia, to debuting his first musical on a West End Stage.

There’s a mix of archive footage (including rare family moments), interviews, musical performance and Australian Matilda The Musical rehearsals. Specially shot footage of Tim globetrotting between LA, London and Sydney, culminates with his return home for the triumphant opening night of Matilda The Musical in Australia.

Matilda and Me is an ABC TV/In Films co-production.

We’ll announce the air date as soon as it’s confirmed. There’s no word yet as to whether this will become available outside Australia but, as always, we’ll let you know if we hear anything.

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Keith Epstein on 16th of June 2016

Does anyone know when this might air in the US?

Steven Glasby on 24th of February 2016

“Come Home” is clever and thought provoking. It is generous of you to donate the proceedings to help abuse victims.

Is it too risque to write a song about Peter Dutton and his “god-like” powers to deport and strip citizenship? On second thought, stick to
making fun of religion. Lots of comedians, including you
and Dave Allen, make us laugh (and cry) at Religion’s foolishness and hypocrisy. Jokes and songs about Religion are timeless, and political jibes don’t last.

Marian on 28th of January 2016

I hope we get to see it in New Zealand. I am an ardent fan of Tim’s :)

Susan Sisson on 28th of January 2016

Please make this show available on Netflix or Vimeo! I would so very much like to show it to all my North American friends who never got a chance to be exposed to the wonders of Tim! (And while I’ve had some epic giggles watching his XXX rated shows, it would be lovely to be able to share this “family show” with my Mum and rather stuffy, but otherwise lovely relatives!)

Rebecca on 24th of January 2016

And for the Americans? A DVD made available to us, at least? :)

Sarah on 23rd of January 2016

Please provide this on youtube so we can watch as well.

Adam on 22nd of January 2016

Any chance of a UK screening? On the web maybe?

Hayden on 20th of January 2016

This version of Matilda was fantastic, it captured the same darkness and humour as the book but brought it to life with Tim’s music and insight. Can’t wait to see the doco!

Alexandr on 20th of January 2016

I like Tim`s work and stuff.But, I kinda miss his stand up`s.You know?

Susie Hines on 20th of January 2016

Love this man. Will definitely be watching!!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.