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Photo by Courtney McAllister courtesy of Fremantle Arts Centre

Photo by Courtney McAllister courtesy of Fremantle Arts Centre

ABC Radio National’s Live Set, this week, features Tim live in concert and conversation for the Sonic Sessions. It first airs on Friday 5th February at 8:05pm (AEDT) and will be repeated Sunday 7th February at 4:05pm (AEDT).

The show will be across two 55 minute episodes. Part 1, with Tim and Lucky, broadcast as above and Part 2, which includes Tim’s family, friends and guest musicians, available as an exclusive online stream and podcast.

Both episodes will be available worldwide to stream or podcast on this page of the Live Set website. It will be updated with the stream and podcast links on Friday afternoon AEDT on 5th February.  The online stream will be available for one month after broadcast and the podcast will remain online for the foreseeable future.

Photo by Chris Gosfield

Photo by Chris Gosfield

Recorded in August last year, Grammy Award-winning musician and Radio National presenter Lucky Oceans hosted this special one-off live performance featuring Tim at the Fremantle Town Hall. Tim and Lucky play and talk about his life, career, passions and songwriting methods, illustrating them with performances of a rare and eclectic collection of songs.

Tim is variously joined on stage by friends and family including: Uncle Jim Fisher, a local musical legend; cousin Tom (Jim’s son), who played bass and sang; Dan and sister Nel who both play and sing; Ben Vanderwal, Tim’s drummer for the past three Australian tours and old friend Karl Wendt who sang. Highlights of this engaging and intimate show were captured for Live Set by RN’s live music team.

Photo by Courtney McAllister courtesy of Fremantle Arts Centre

Photo by Courtney McAllister courtesy of Fremantle Arts Centre

Song of the Masochist
Happy Boy
Harbour Lights (by Jim Fisher)
When I Grow Up
Got My Mojo Working
Seeing You
Shine A Light
At Least I Tried (lyrics by Tim to his brother Dan’s music)
Feel Like Going Home
White Wine In The Sun

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Ros on 8th of March 2016

A late comment – but I loved it!!! I felt as if I was in Freemantle Town Hall with Tim’s family and friends and Tim, instead of being 9000 miles away in the countryside in England. Don’t understand about streaming and podcast but son Tim got me sorted out! It was good!!!!!

Stuart on 29th of February 2016

Hi Tim.
You would think that George’s legal team would have advised him to say “Nobody told me” as oposed to “I don’t recall.” I certainly would remember a tale of child violation, even over that time period.

Camille Summons on 26th of February 2016

Hello Tim,
I saw you at San Luis Obispo! Great show! I drive four hours to see you. I am almost 64.
I am glad you are giving a voice to abuse survivors through your music and comedy. I was the director of a sexual abuse treatment clinic for years through UCI. I want to tell you that right now the Jehovah’s Witness Organization is being investigated in Australia for hiding sexual abuse and refusing to report it. One of their governing body was found guilty of child sexual abuse recently. The Watchtower organization governing body has decided that no report of sexual abuse is valid or deserves attention if there weren’t TWO EYE WITNESSES to the abuse! Like abusers always do it in front of an audience! This is a mind control cult who actually tear families up if anyone leaves the group. Yes, they are the ones who knock
on your door! If a Jehovah’s Witness breaks the rules of the cult the leaders make all their friends and families shun them, so only the bravest break free and leave the cult. Despite this they have had thousands leave the organization at great personal cost. This isn’t not a very well known situation publicly, but people who were raised in this cult need a lot of support to break free from these monsters. You can watch a lot about it on YouTube if you are interested. They are worse than the Catholic Church. They are in Australua and around the world. There are thousands of victims. I personally would love be to see them get a lot of publicity for their enslavement and exploitation of innocent children. You have the public platform to do it!
Thanks so much for your activism, your music and comedy!

Camille Summons
714 454 0645

Jan Davis on 17th of February 2016

Was a great show, Lucky and Tim, thanks for your spontaneity and good fun!

Suzanne on 5th of February 2016

Thank you! So happy we’ll be able to hear this in the US. (and second the thanks for the “Sit” songs!)

Nicole on 2nd of February 2016

So exciting!

Stephanie on 2nd of February 2016

How do I convert to American eastern time?

kath cinroy on 1st of February 2016

Cant wait for Friday. Hope I can find the podcast. Then again that’s what 15 year old son are for. Lol. Xxxx

Chezza on 1st of February 2016

Never mind a set list. Make this a bloody album!! Oh and new songs! MEEEP!

Kenny on 1st of February 2016

So excited for that! I love that you’re playing some songs from “Sit”. Hope someday you would play ‘Everybody is Weird About Rob” (my favorite from the album. By the way I’ve twitted ya once asking who is Rob, guess is only natural to wonder about this avatar of awesomeness.
Here I place the eternal old “Come to Brazil” joke . ( but do come )

Kenny Lopes

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.