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Hi! My charity song, Come Home (Cardinal Pell), has had a pretty surprising impact in Australia. I’ve had a lot of requests for interviews and comments, but have so far refused them all. The song says what I wanted to say.

However, today, as survivors head to Rome, I have released the following statement:

Many very serious questions remain about George Pell’s conduct as a leader of an institution that failed to curb decades of rampant child sexual abuse within its hallowed walls. This failure has resulted in hundreds of innocent people suffering lifelong emotional and physical damage. A shocking number have committed suicide.

Whilst his actions and appearance suggest a man in good health, Pell asserts that he is too ill to travel to Australia to answer these questions at the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse.

And so today, thanks to the generosity of the Australian public, fifteen Ballarat Survivors will fly to Rome. They would not have been able to afford to do so without you.

These incredibly brave men and women will sit in a room with George Pell while he gives evidence via video-link to the Royal Commission. We hope that he will look them in the eye and tell them everything he knew.

Even if his only crime was willful blindness, a personal act of acknowledgement and contrition from this man is profoundly important for survivors. (Read Dr Judy Courtin in The Age, Dec 15, 2015)

I personally believe it would be appropriate for him to get on his knees and wash their feet.

I have great admiration for the survivors and their loved ones who have campaigned for years to have their voices heard. They have fought against a hugely wealthy institution that has a vested interest in quieting and discrediting them. (Pell’s lawyer reportedly costs $20,000.00 per day).

To the many survivors of abuse from all over the country who have written to me since the song came out, thank you so much for taking the time. Your messages have made me smile and cry… and feel just so angry for you. Please know that you are heard.

Thank you also to those who have shared the song. You’ve amplified the voices of the downtrodden, and have helped raise nearly a quarter of a million dollars for survivors.

To Gorgi Coghlin and Meshel Laurie, thank you for your advocacy, for setting up the Send Survivors to Rome fundraising page, and for pushing me to get off my bum and write the song.

To those who were outraged by the judgmental language in Come Home, you must understand: this is the language of anger. I owe George Pell no reverence beyond that which he has earned through his words and deeds. I, and many other Australians, are angry.

If you don’t understand why, perhaps it’s just a failure of imagination. Perhaps you need to picture one of the victims as your 9-year-old son or daughter?

Proceeds from “Come Home (Cardinal Pell)” will continue to be donated to the survivors of clerical abuse. You can buy the song here (as well on other platforms)
You can also now purchase the video here.

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N_R_BAKER on 29th of June 2017

Congratulations, sir, for your courage and honesty, and the strength of your convictions. We in Canada, have had similar child abuse issues from the Catholic Church. I salute thee, profoundly, Mr. Minchin.

Laura in the USA on 5th of February 2017

Tim –

Your music makes me laugh, cry, imagine, think … and FIGHT. Through your music, you have most wonderfully exposed people and institutions who parrot imaginative, generous and thoughtful party-line ideas in public – and proceed to do heinous things in private (not to mention those who publicalky espouse crap as well – will you be writing a song about Trump anytime soon? And, why did that funny fiend, the iPhone autocorrect program, just in this instance replace song with ‘dong’? Hilariously accurate, frankly.). Clearly, we have our own very public version of megalomaniac heinousness in the US right now – but that doesn’t mean our hearts and wallets can’t be opened to Australia’s Pell Problem.

I am outraged at the astonishing levels of sexual abuse rampant in the Catholic Church throughout the world. Some of this anger and hurt comes from a dark well of abuse Inflicted on me as a young child, and, the cracks it always leaves in the development of our sense of self-worth, our confidence, our ability to relate to others cannot be underestimated. You are so correct when you state that even a word of honest contrition would help the healing process dramatically, and, though I am not Christian (atheists are a bit shunned in those crowds), I understand the deep spiritual resonance in the act of contrition and humility inherent in the cleansing of the feet. Had my abuser done even one of these, I think I would have been more emotionally prepared to go out into – what seemed to me at the time, anyway – a dark and scary world. The only way I could finally come to terms with it was to understand that I was a child and I did nothing to provoke or invite what happened – and, as a child, I could not simply say ‘no’ and walk away. I was a victim, pure and simple. It’s an ugly reality, and it will always be part of my psyche, but it is possible – for most of us, I think – to finally come to a place where we can weave into our lives hope, knowledge, love, and the exercise of compassionate and responsible use of power. It’s taken 40 years to come to that ‘place’ and is what works for me; I weep for those who still suffer. I also seek to understand the overwhelming pain, suffering, and guilt that brought each of the other survivors to the point of taking their own lives.

I’m not a member of the psychiatric profession (but owe my life to several of the best practitioners I could locate or stumble upon) – and am not even a peer counselor. But, I have walked many, many miles and marched even more to increase the visibility of the massive problem of childhood sexual abuse. You have done so much more, and I am just so glad to have found your passionate demand to the Church arising from the hope these now-adults might receive a measure of healing from what is supposed to be a safe space. Ideally, men and women of the cloth help guide the people they are supposed to serve through the vicissitudes of life. It’s not my path, but I grok the ideal of a supportive and loving Catholic family. This ain’t it.

Thank you again; you are a truly awesome person.

With love and kind thoughts,

Carlos Vera Andrada on 4th of December 2016

Tim, you have moved us all really deep. Your talent and your humanity is a great force for all those who believe in secular kindness…

Susie Schultze on 1st of May 2016

And you’ve done it again……have to say when I hear talent like yours doing what it is you do…..we’ll, I start to wonder if the leg, the piano and the wife will have to go. Amazing as always. An honor and a privilege.

Kerry Walker on 1st of April 2016

Tim, you are truly magnificent.
With love, admiration and thanks
Kerry Walker

Daniel G on 6th of March 2016

You’ve always been awesome mate, waiting for the next Adelaide show, and I think this has made you more awesome. There aren’t enough words to fully express the anger that would be justified against Pell but you’ve done well. I’m hoping this RC and the outcry may be something the Church can’t hide and recover from, that it costs them dearly by exposing their corruption and filth, which so sadly, far out weight anything good they’ve ever done.

Michael Holder on 5th of March 2016

Hi Tim, I love your music. Anyway.. as a Catholic from America, I agree with you that Cardinal Pell should cooperate with the Royal Commission completely. There is absolutely no reason why he shouldn’t. Yes, if he tells anyone anything said in confession he would be stripped of his priesthood and excommunicated from the church but that’s worth it in my opinion. The Pope could also grant a pardon as he is the only person who could undo that.

S. on 3rd of March 2016

Hi mate,
(I’ve been to several of your live shows in Perth and watched the majority of your Youtube clips to feel comfortable enough to call you mate – but not in a stalkerish way).

I’m a psychologist in W.A. and just wanted to say that you’ve only just scratched the surface by writing and performing your song regarding Cardinal Pell. I work in a mental health clinic and the incidence of children and young people experiencing what we call C.S.A. (child sexual assault) would account for approximately 65% of our referrals. It’s a stat I struggle with. These are kids maltreated and sexually abused, usually by family members, regardless of religious denomination and/or affiliation.

I wish there were way to let the general public know, or educate them about the actual significant psychological damage that is done to a child, should they experience prolonged CSA. It can be life long and impact on so many facets of their lives. In my job I attempt to understand and empathise with my clients’ cuttting, burning, self-loathing, anger, anxiety, depression and the impact CSA has had upon their sense of self. Sometimes you may need to spend several months just building rapport so the kids can feel safe talking about their stuff.

For some however, the damage has been too much and they ‘bounce’ between agencies / counsellors for years. But hell, can you blame them? We live in such a narcissistic world, who is available to listen? To genuinely listen? Their B.S. radars work overtime and get so distorted they don’t know who to trust (even me).

Sorry mate, I’m ranting.

Congrats on everything so far (yes, ok, I’m a fanboy).

From what I’m seeing, I think George is making great use of the rope he’s been given. But let’s not forget the ongoing plight of our current kids and the damage being done to them.

Freo, W.A.

Joanne on 3rd of March 2016

Hey Tim,
loved your song and love you lots. But maybe it’s time to do another one. The Cardy didn’t come home and now the whole world’s media is focused on him and the Catholic Church in Rome.
The Ballarat survivors are there and trying to see the Pope. How can the Pope refuse to see them??
The Cardy has dragged the Pope into his own mess. Maybe it’s Stay Away Cardinal Pell in future. Encore!

Aunty Ism on 1st of March 2016

Thank you Tim for lighting another torch. It is encouraging to see so many shining light on evil so prevalent in hierarchical institutions. Our eyes are no longer wide shut. Besides your song “Come Home Cardinal Pell” being stuck in my head, I have Peter Gabriel’s “I Don’t Remember” and Leonard Cohen’s “Anthem”…
“I can’t run no more
with that lawless crowd
while the killers in high places
say their prayers out loud.
But they’ve summoned, they’ve summoned up
a thundercloud
and they’re going to hear from me. ”

Some say that Pell is a victim of a witch-hunt. Well, with his behavior he should expect to face the torches and pitchforks of an angry village at his gates. He and many others…

Deb on 1st of March 2016

Brave song Tim. I’m a survivor of childhood sexual abuse from my father who groomed and abused me over a period of 6 months. He was a church elder at the time. As 12 year old I was sent in the middle of the night to a different denominational church minister to ‘talk to’ and kinda felt somehow it was my fault or even my imagination! Our church found out but no action was taken and I certainly was not helped… at all. It kinda felt like it was a non-event…. and never even contemplated that it was an illegal act! I asked for a lock on my door only to have dad say he felt like an animal if that happened. I left home as soon as I could.
Silence is the enemy of child abuse.
So many adult survivors struggle with the horribly destructive self-talk everyday. Lucky for me I landed in group therapy some 20 years later and turned from victim to survivor! I only hope I can help others find that happy place!
Cheers to you Tim!!

Barbara Ramsay on 29th of February 2016

Tim Minchin..yours is a voice for all mankind..a spark in the dark to ignite the truth..lets hope the Pellian nell has a positive outcome.
Thankyou .

Steve on 29th of February 2016

Pell-it ious comes from the roman word to LIE & not tell truth.
many sufferers can,t fly or travel,especially to royal commissions,it is not a rare condition by any means with many of the clergy being afflicted,many sufferers will be heard muttering,[I have no recollection] or [I can,t remember] or [I have seniors disease] there has recently been breakthrough a cure maybe,I believe its called JAIL!!

Meg on 28th of February 2016

Tim, After twenty-five years of being collateral damage, your song is the FIRST THING EVER TO MAKE ME FEEL BETTER. Thank you for your outrageous fighting spirit that has blow-torched my sorrow.

Gwenda on 28th of February 2016

Thank you Tim, your song is brilliant.

Pam on 28th of February 2016

I feel so sad knowing that your song had to be written. I am angry with the Churches who allowed this to happen over such a long time. I am angry that people were not believed when they told others about these crimes. But, as angry as I am about this abuse, I am even angrier at the abuse our leaders are inflicting on refugees and asylum seekers. They are committing their heinous sins in full view of the public- and getting away with it. Just like the ‘religious’ people entrusted to look after children, our pollies are torturing refugees and asylum seekers. In many ways I think that they are even worse than the pedophiles within the institutions of religious ‘kingdoms’.
i know that your friend, Georgie Coglan, has lent her support to the refugee cause. Is it possible that you can too?

By the way, I do love the song!

Pamela & John on 28th of February 2016

Thank you TIm. There are people close to us who have suffered and we can see the insidious and forever life changes nature of these events. We have also sadly seen the terrible outcomes for people who couldn’t face the lack of acknowledgement of what happened to them, let alone the lack of punishment of those guilty, and directly or indirectly have chosen paths to end their pain. Thank you for providing a voice and expressing what many of us know is truth.

Torie Dominguez on 27th of February 2016


Thank you so much for your song and for this statement. Even had the public reaction not enabled survivors to look that so-called paragon in the face as they demand the answers they more than deserve, you’ve added thousands of voices to the chorus we’re all hoping will finally be loud enough to be heard through that stone wall around Vatican City.

Campaigns to “raise awareness” have been much derided, at times rightly so; but when the signature weapons of the enemy are secrecy and silence, their strategy the cynical reliance on a child rape victim’s shame and terror to keep survivors quiet, there is no more potent response than revelation.

Over here in the U.S. I for one had never heard — my apologies for putting the three of you in once sentence — of George Pell, Gerald Ridsdale, or you. (As you may be aware, we Americans tend to notice foreigners only when they arrive on a raft, and Australians only when they are Nicole Kidman. Granted, a few other Aussies have slipped by under our radar, but they don’t really count since we mostly think they’re British.)

Many of us know now, though, and we’re disgusted, infuriated, and not exactly renowned for the eloquent diplomacy of our self-expression. At the very least I’d like to imagine we can muster a couple more newspaper stories for His Elapid Eminence’s lackeys to shove hastily into a drawer when he enters the room.

I have numerous other remarks exhibiting various levels of rage, snark, and perhaps even a bit of cleverness, but with a Herculean effort I will restrain myself. If anyone has consented to read this far, I humbly kiss the hem of their garments.

In conclusion, Tim, you’re great — I’m just hoping to get several of your songs un-stuck from my head before the kid I babysit gets old enough to understand what I’m singing.

Sincerely and Loquaciously,

Terry Legg on 27th of February 2016

For every victim of a repeat offender, the person who knew of the earlier offence, yet chose to ignore it or to cover it up, is as guilty as the perpetrator.

Gerard Dovey on 27th of February 2016

My relationship of 10 years has just collapsed. My (ex) partner and I both attended the Royal Commission about a year ago for what turned out to be a transformative day, especially in the sense of self-respect of my ex. Sadly, very sadly for us both, it didn’t have the effect of enabling him to deal with the compexities of closeness and intimacy. We both blame his PTSD and my being also damaged in turn by the years of effort to try and ovecome his damaged psyche.

Thankyou so much Tim Minchin for your courage and clarity. This syndrome needs both in spadefuls for our society to progress beyond this sorry sorry criminality.

Nezih on 27th of February 2016

You’re doing God’s work, Tim!… Oh, the irony.

Tracey Wicks on 27th of February 2016

Tim, thank you so much for being the voice of so many who suffered at the hands of these shites, who publicly say ‘I didn’t know it was to rape and to sodomise children’. ????? hope karma gets them with a pineapple wrapped in barb wire in the place where the don’t do that shine

Margie Best on 27th of February 2016

Thank you Tim you have helped so many people and been brave enough to publicly shame Pell. The little people have been heard.

andrew eustace on 27th of February 2016

Although I am lucky enough not to have had such a vile person even remotely near me, well done and thank you for standing up to such evil

Nick Clements on 27th of February 2016

You are a comic genius and a fearless humanitarian. Thank you for using your talents the way you do.

Aaron Larkin on 27th of February 2016

Thank you!

Greg on 27th of February 2016

Well done Tim ….. your reasonable and well thought through action was very brave – braver than I, Cardinal Pell and many others shall ever be probably. I am proud to have had the opportunity to share your great and appropriate piece of bravery.

Helen watson on 27th of February 2016

Hi tim amazing song. Touched me as my son Peter was a suicide victim of clergy – Paul David Ryan – ballarat diocese. Keep up the good work as many other fellow Aussie’s are supporting the plight to hold church accountable with a redress system implemented for surviving victims of clergy (Catholic) sexual abuse!. Regards Helen watson

Helen watson on 27th of February 2016

Hi Tom amazing song. Touched me as my son Peter was a suicide victim of clergy – Paul David Ryan – ballarat diocese. Keep up the good work as many other fellow Aussie’s are supporting the plight to hold church accountable with a redress system implemented for surviving victims of clergy (Catholic) sexual abuse!. Regards Helen watson

Carolyn Minchin on 27th of February 2016

Yes Tim, I am glad that you have written this song, as you have the ability to use the words and put them into the public arena.
In regard to suggesting that people imagine their own young children in this situation I believe is not enough, but people need to be shocked into seeing in their minds what is done to children then outrage would be greater. Humans have the ability to shut their minds off this subject because of its abomination, but us adults should not close off in disgust but should visualise so we can be absolutely shocked into greater action, not silence or apathy.

Rob on 27th of February 2016

Thank you Tim.

Without people with loud voices advocating for those who have had theirs taken…the world would be a much more quiet, solemn place.

I’m glad your voice is loud enough to wake the community up.

Conor Healy on 26th of February 2016

Fantastic work

David Harley on 26th of February 2016

Thanks Tim, it needed saying and if the uproar it created makes one more person realise the inanity of the church and the holy rollers position it will have achieved something great.

Lyndy on 26th of February 2016

Tim you have spoken for the voiceless and stood up for the persecuted. The Catholic Church can choke off rebellion through controlling its members, the media, the governments and bureaucracies but it can never control music or social media.
In addition to the thousands of victims, can we just take a moment to remember the good priests, the whistleblowers, who were also treated abominably, excluded, made pariahs for daring to speak against the abuse. A parish priest I knew, Father Maury Crocker DID speak out in defence of victims in the Wollongong diocese. When asked if he would betray a brother priest he answered “No pedophile is a brother of mine”. Maury was found hanged in the boxing gym he founded for troubled youth. It is said he committed suicide after depression over the Church’s refusal to deal with the abuse. Maurie would NOT have killed himself in the gym where his boys might find him. There were other whistle-blowers, let us remember them too

Natalie on 26th of February 2016

Awesome work Tim! Have bought your song and play it for anyone I meet who hasn’t heard it. Keep up the good work xxx

Heaven on 26th of February 2016

It takes a lot of courage to stand up publicly and denounce something as powerful as religion and in this case, the Catholic Church. Thank you Tim for using your talent to openly denounce these monsters. I was raised in a fundamentalist religion. What I have come to know is that underneath the smiling, ‘love thy neighbor’ veneer, is abuse, whether it be spiritual, mental/psychological, emotional, and/or physical. This is why I never got baptized and now identify as a secular humanist. The Catholics are the Australian Royal Commission’s 28th case into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. There are more cases after this! http://www.childabuseroyalcommission.gov.au/

Helen on 26th of February 2016

You are a true poet. Thank you for sharing your exceptional talent to reach so many people.

Ted Portnoy on 26th of February 2016

Thank you.

Kitty on 26th of February 2016

As a Christian I have proudly listened, shared, bought and raved about this song. You’re right, Jesus would have been absolutely furious that the trappings of religion were put before the protection of children, and at the hypocrisy of so-called representatives of the faith. It makes me sick and angry, and I am so sorry people have been and are going through so much. Thank you for speaking for so many of us. And thanks for separating the criticism of leaders from the founder, even though you’re not a fan. Kudos to you.

Rebecca on 26th of February 2016

Thanks, Tim. I’m not your usual demographic but I applaud you saying what needed to be said, and saying it in a way that garnered a lot of attention (and donations) for an important cause.
I cannot understand the hypocrisy of a man who, as Cardinal at St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney, refused to allow consenting gay adults to receive communion, but apparently had no objections to abusive, predatory, paedophile priests GIVING communion. How does that work?
We recently saw Spotlight at the movies and at the end, it said that the Cardinal in Boston who had knowingly just moved abusive priests around to different parishes was promoted to the Vatican. All around us, people were just shaking their heads in disbelief and saying ” That’s still happening! Just look at Pell!”
I abhor witch hunts but churches have to realise that they are accountable for their actions.

Matt West on 26th of February 2016

Tim you are a true gentleman and living legend!! Your song has reached so many people and open the eyes of many that had maybe heard about what has happened but didn’t really know enough about it. You have used the power of music to get a very important message across. I tip my cap to you sir. Cheers!

Jill Clarke on 26th of February 2016

Thank you Tim, for your anger, for the song.
Survivors – Please know that you are heard.

Bianca on 26th of February 2016

$20k a day!!!??!!! Remind me why they need tax cuts?

Ian on 26th of February 2016

Tim, I like many other past St. Patrick’s College students were outraged by the sexual abuse that occurred to some of our fellow students. I personally know 2 of the survivors. Whilst I understand the disgust of everyone including myself of the heinous crimes perpetrated by both priests and Christian brothers during the 1970s and 80s l believe the cover up took place more so during Bishop Mulkearns reign as bishop of the Ballarat Arch Diocese. I believe your targeting of Bishop Pell as being responsible for the Catholic Church on going cover up is unjust and the personal assassination of his character is in poor taste. By all means the Catholic Church needs to be held accountable but to use Cardinal Pell as a scapegoat is unjust. I agree that the victims and us the public deserve the truth about what he knew but to vilify Cardinal Pell before we do know the truth is like being part of a lynch mob. I hope that the victims will gain some closure from the Royal Commission and that healing continues. Never again can we allow this to occur in the Catholic Church or for that manner any institution.

Cathy Minchin (yes we share the same surname) on 26th of February 2016

Your fearlessness and the the inspiration of your words in your song are very powerful. Although the subject is incredibly painful to those who were abused, you manage to use humour as a wonderful tool.
Thank you Tim, I am proud to have married a wonderful man with the same surname.
(We are also going from Tassie to Melbourne to see Matilda later this year.)

Linda Benham on 26th of February 2016

I have never been more proud. My heart swells to hear enough money was raised and that survivors are on their way to face this impostor. Thank you for standing loud and proud with these people, you stood up for us all. It is a complete and pure definition for Australian of the year in my eyes.Thank you Tim! Thank you

Michaela Newell on 26th of February 2016

I’m still reeling from this: ‘Pell’s lawyer reportedly costs $20,000.00 per day.’ How does the catholic church’s legal team live with themselves- earning blood money whilst defending the indefensible?! They’re as sociopathic as the clergy they’re defending!

Jasper Joy on 26th of February 2016

I cried, and I cheered at your song Tim. Pull no punches. You speak for me. Bravo.

marie on 26th of February 2016

Thank you Tim for your touching and accurate words. Your song made me cry today as I heard it on the radio. I feel it is time for Pell to come home and make amends for his utterly shameful cover-up. His well prepared and staged answers do not wash with me. I hope next week-end he comes down from his pedestal, gives up the pretence he has been abusing all of us with and tells the truth. I will stand next to the survivors in my thoughts. I am so glad that all of us could join in showing we believe them, not him. It is time he realises that we don’t buy his lies.

Sharat Lal on 26th of February 2016

I want to add my thanks to Tim for expressing in song what many (maybe even most) people are thinking.

Trish on 26th of February 2016

That song gave us all a way to help the survivors, Tim. Sincerely – Thank you. It was everything art should be – a confronting, honest, evocative reflection of our collective humanity. I was educated in Catholic schools, and while I wasn’t targeted for abuse, I’m sure there will have been friends of mine who were, that never told. My heart breaks for those who survived it, and for those who didn’t, along with every non-perpetrating Catholic, whether clergy or lay person, past or present, who feels a profound sense of loss at the betrayal of trust and the damage to our sense of belonging. I’m so blindingly angry. I have heard the argument ‘against’ your song, but have also seen it turn opinions from ‘protectionist’ to compassionate by forcing people to think about it. The rest will come in time. Well done, Tim. I’m so thrilled the survivors will get to Rome for Pell’s testimony – I hope it brings them one more step closer to healing. xx

Jacquie Calvert -LANE on 26th of February 2016

This vile ongoing abuse by men of the cloth, has to stop. People must realise that the Catholic Church will do anything and everything to uphold its good name in order to continue its power over people. I hope that those who go to Church on Sunday stop to think about what they are doing, and how by being at Church they condone the way the church has neglected to care for its congregations, in the most awful way imaginable. Thank you Tim, Meschel, Gorgi for shining some light onto this dark time of lies and deceit by those who failed so appalingly in their duty of care.

Carl Lidin on 26th of February 2016

Thank you! Lovet your work Tim!

Mary on 26th of February 2016

THANK YOU Tim Minchin for having the courage to step out of the politically correct world we inhabit to speak the truth about Cardinal George Pell. THANK YOU Tim for your crazy, wild imagination that has seen you create a cracking song full of irony, candor and principle. THANK YOU Tim for your support and above all for being a voice, for me, for other victims, for those still alive and those that are not. My brother Paul (R.I.P.) would be in fits of laughter listening to your song. THANK YOU Tim for having this idea and being audacious enough to follow this through. THANK YOU Tim for caring enough about us to take the time out of your busy life to do this and for your clear, politically untainted social conscience. THANK YOU Tim, you have brightened my day and given me hope in an otherwise seemingly endless journey of days very often filled with disappointments and despair. THANK YOU Tim. Mary Elizabeth Rutledge

Jo Hall on 26th of February 2016

You are always spot on. We love you in our household. Thank you Tim!

John Storey on 26th of February 2016

Well said, Tim Minchin!
What is unsaid is that, completely independently of the child abuse saga, a special place in hell should be reserved by people who, like George Pell, have wantonly used their considerable position of power and influence to deliberately delay the introduction of action on climate change – thereby causing the increased misery and premature deaths of millions of people – some of whom are as yet unborn.

Girl with a voice on 26th of February 2016

I was sexually abused. The crushing weight of that has impacted my whole being. It wasn’t by a Catholic preist. I wasn’t in an institution. I was in my home. He was my family. I’m stronger than him though. Stronger than that. People speaking up for us make us stronger. We are everywhere and we deserve to be spoken up for. Thank you for adding your voice to our screams, Tim. Paedophiles must pay for their pathetic, cowardly, weak choices. We are paying and we always will. But we are so much stronger than them. Just look at them run away whenever they can. Thank you to those 15 victims who are so strong that they can fly to Rome and watch George Pell give evidence.

Alisdair Steer on 26th of February 2016

Just yes, yes, yes, yes, yes to what you have said and your song and the previous comments. Thank you. From someone in no way involved but who just knows what is right and just.

Adam on 26th of February 2016


Kate on 26th of February 2016

Thank you. The words in your song and your statement capture the anger and outrage felt by so many. Thank you so much. Your song and words have shown that people who have experienced this awful abuse have been heard. there are not enough words. Thank you

Theo on 26th of February 2016

Good on ya, mate. Let’s expose these scoundrels for what they are.

What did you think of the movie Spotlight?

Mick Jarvis on 26th of February 2016

Well done Tim! Love your work! Keep up the great work mate! We need more of your shows in Australia.

Matt G on 26th of February 2016

Thank you Tim. For me personally as survivor I find your song and your statement uplifting, empowering and it feels good to have someone, that has a large public following as you do, take a stand and speak out. Why do I feel this way? Its because one of the first things I learnt at a very early age was that it was pointless to say anything, I had no voice. I’m now in my early 50’s and its still not easy to speak up for myself but I am doing better. I don’t know how many hours, days, months my abuse lasted for because I dissociated a lot…but the impacts last a life time…you just learn to live with them and try not to let your past define your future.

Danielle Davenport on 26th of February 2016

Snaps to you Tim, using your talent, time and profile to cause such action.
Your raw authenticity and desire to tell it how it is and speak for and on behalf of so many who have been neglected, voices muffled and placated by those in more powerful positions, not willing to seek justice and expose those that need to be held accountable.

marian on 26th of February 2016

Tim, you have a wonderful heart. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and willingness to stand up for what you believe in. Sincere thanks. Marian.

Kath on 26th of February 2016

As always you have made a significant intervention into a critical issue facing Australians. I have sat in court in Ballarat this last week and listened to the Christian Bros deny responsibility for their appalling lack of care for the children at their schools. I listened to bishop Mulkearns make a pathetic attempt at an apology which none of us believed. I heard the stories of those who survived and the impact it had on their lives. I applauded Gail Furness and her brilliant interrogative skills. But still the truth will not out. Because these clerical men are too scared to tell the truth. Thankfully you have prodded Pell. We wait to see what happens on Monday morning. Thanks Tim so much good!!

Karen on 26th of February 2016

You voice the anger many of us feel but are unable to express so clearly and publically. Thank you!

Bev Shirley on 26th of February 2016

As someone who lived in an institution when I was a child, but never suffered what those young men suffered at the hands of those ( I can’t say men, I can’t say anything other than those bastards who took lives away from those children). I applaud what you are doing Tim Minchin. Cardinal Pell needs to face the music and the public. He has the final responsibility and should be accountable for their suffering. To say that he didn’t know what was happening and possibly is saying that it didn’t happen is a joke. He knew! Of course he knew unless he turned a blind eye to what was happening. I will purchase the song and the video to show my support for all of the survivors. Cardinal Pell, you know!!! You know!!! Tim Minchin, I applaud you! What an amazing thing to do for your fellow man! Thank you! My very best wishes to all of those young people who survived.

Tracey on 26th of February 2016

Tim, you are a true leader. Thank you for your wonderful music.

Ade Kelly on 26th of February 2016

Thank you Tim for your gifted talent directed at this major issue,
your good work and clout has hit the nail on the head for so
many wonderful people, who would never have had the chance
to be heard!

best regards
Ade Kelly & Myra McRae

Greg Miller on 26th of February 2016

Hi Tim – it is easy for each of us to see injustice that doesn’t affect us directly and walk by. Thanks for not doing that, and for doing it with grace and style and as a way for others to join you in supporting those that have been so very very wronged.

Geoffrey Lund on 26th of February 2016

Tim i was at the send off for the fabulous 15 they were all inspiring in there show of courage sharing their stories.after the speeches they played your song the roar and cheering from the assembled crowded of well wishers was deafening.I think that you would have been unanimously elected as mayor of Ballarat Thank you so much for your humanity and generosity

Georgia English on 26th of February 2016

Tim, I just love you. I can’t describe just how happy I felt when I first heard your song. Hard to believe there could be something written in relation to this awful case that would make me laugh, cry and feel hopeful all at once. I am certain every survivor and their families would have felt a sense of relief that someone like yourself cares so much. You’re amazing. Thank you for being a wonderful Ginger, from a fellow Ginger.

Paul on 26th of February 2016

Thanks Tim!

Michael hoekman on 26th of February 2016

Hi Tim.
Your heart for the undefended and the broken gas moved Australians. But surely its only the beginning of the pursuit of real justice. There has to be more that can be done to bring these men to account. What do we do next. These men. This institution owes the Australian public a contrite apology . A National apology. We must contend for it, until theres a shift in the atmosphere over this issue and we see the victory for justice that is due. The church is not above the state. God is a God if love. These men are God haters. Look at the fruit. Cheers Michael.

Nada Vlatko on 26th of February 2016

Sincere thanks from me too. As for the language,go for it. I can’t understand the priorities of people are upset about it but remain silent about the real outrage: the abuse and betrayal of children who are, of course, by their very nature innocent.

Peta Stephens on 26th of February 2016

I think you are fantastic! I applaud the lyrics and consequent actions. I think there is nothing more Australian than dealing with tragedy with comedy, but unfortunately it is also becoming our way to complain about this if we do not agree with the message.

helen on 26th of February 2016

Love your work Tim!

Mark Davis on 26th of February 2016

Thank you Tim for making a stand for those who have been ignored for so long.
For to long those in a position of religious power have been above the law based on their position. Although I have no time for religion my thoughts on the matter are in no way just a swipe at the church, they are a swipe at those who use a position of trust to perform despicable acts on those in a position of need. I have no issue with those who believe in a higher power, I do take offence however when certain sections of society are blinded by it to the point that their leaders are held unaccountable. To you Tim I say this, good on you for taking a stand, and to your critics I say this, If you want to criticise someone like Tiim who is standing up for what is right and decent then you are just as accountable for turning a blind eye in the name of your beliefs.

Jodi Cran on 26th of February 2016

Thank you

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