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Meet The Mavericks

ABC TV’s Meet the Mavericks is an interview series featuring some of Australia’s most iconic artists, performers, thinkers and cultural leaders. Each episode sees two of these creative talents (and troublemakers) come together to compare notes and talk intimately about their view of the world, their passions, what inspires them, what drives them and how they channel this into their creative process. (Photo courtesy of ABC Arts)

Tune in to Episode 4 on Tuesday 3rd May, 2016, at 10pm, for two humanists: Phillip Adams and Tim. Late Night Live radio host and godfather of the Australian film industry, with a regular column in The Australian, Phillip Adams and Tim (composer/lyricist, musician, comedian, actor, writer and director) talk about life, art, identity and religion.

The episode will join the others on ABC iView once it airs.

Here’s a clip to whet your appetite:

For those outside Australia: Sadly, there are no plans as yet for international distribution and iView is geo-blocked. However, there will be a couple more clips available to view on this blog 24 hours after the episode airs.

UPDATE: (04/05/16) Additional video clips. Tim and Phillip discuss comedy:

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andrea bolton on 3rd of May 2016

Tim Minchin THINKS INDEPENDENTLY. A lost artform. Plus his IQ I’m guessing to be very high. Thoroughly enjoy all his thought provoking work

Valentina on 27th of April 2016

Guys, try browser plugins that allow you to “be” in any country )
Tim is not responsible for those copywrite maniacs anyway.

CJ Asfour on 27th of April 2016

Bugger! I feel cheated from the “good” interviews and discussions Tim takes part in, I feel geographically punished…however I suppose…
“Some people have it worse than I”

Rachel Jacobson on 27th of April 2016

This looks so interesting…yet geo blocking will prevent so many of us from seeing the whole thing…like Matilda and Me…doesn’t make any sense to limit accessibility to Art and stimulating conversation….VERY frustrating !

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.