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Come Home (Cardinal Pell) has been nominated for the 2017 APRA Song of the Year! This is the largest peer-voted music award in Australia.

Now in their 35th year, the APRA Music Awards acknowledge and celebrate artistic excellence in contemporary music, honouring songwriters and publishers that have achieved outstanding success in their fields.

Along with Tim and Come Home (Cardinal Pell) in the celebrated Song of the Year category, APRA members have voted for Amy Shark and M-Phazes for Adore, Julia Jacklin for Pool Party, D.D Dumbo for Satan and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds for Skeleton Key.

Here’s Tim talking about the song upon hearing about the nomination:

The full list of awards and nominees can be found here and all of the Song of the Year nominee videos are here.

The 2017 APRA Music Awards will be held at the new International Convention Centre Grand Ballroom in Sydney, on Monday, 3rd April.

Proceeds from Come Home (Cardinal Pell) continue to be donated to the survivors of clerical abuse. You can buy the song here (as well as on other platforms) and you can also purchase the video here

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Julieanne on 16th of March 2017

thank you for your humanity, the emotion in your face and indignation in your voice was amazing, you have made yourself a friend to every child, past and present who have been forced to live through this hell, thank you for championing and giving a voice to us, you are a true gentleman and a decent soul, thanks for sticking it to him ;-)

ROSEMARY GAY on 16th of March 2017

Thank you Tim for expressing in Song and launching into the public arena what so many of us felt but struggled to find the vehicle to voice. You have spoken on behalf of us all. Win or not, to us you are already the Winner.

Genius Tim Minchin. Hit the nail right on the head. Winner by a long shot. on 15th of March 2017

So much support for these people silenced for so long. Good work Tim. Love your intellect.

Lyndy on 15th of March 2017

Tim you are a genius and this song was a comfort to the victims of Catholic clergy and a nuclear weapon against the wall of silence the Catholic Church enforces to this day. A win would be another round of ammunition to bring the wall down.

Frank Hampster on 15th of March 2017

I reiterate every word that Andrew said.
I’m also a survivor of clergy abuse in Ballarat. By a priest that used to share a house with Georgie Boy. I have never received a cent in support from the Church and I do not expect that I ever will. Instead I do a comedy show about the whole affair and what it was like to grow up in Ballarat, “Cardinal Sins”. I listen to this song at least once a week to inspire me to stay on course with this in spite of the legal threats, the private investigators that follow me around and the hatred spewed at me by Catholics that have never seen the show and that view George as a Saint. Like Andrew said. You are now one of Ballarat’s adopted sons and you should feel content that you have provided more healing and support for the victims of child sexual abuse at the hands of Ballarat based clergy and further afield than the church itself. You most certainly are deserved to win this prestigious award. Bless you and thank you Tim. Warm Regards, Frank Hampster.

Inger Reeves on 15th of March 2017

This song makes me laugh and cry at the same time, I so hope it wins, Tim you are a genius.

Jo on 15th of March 2017

I love this song, the message it sends and what it stands for.

CJ Asfour on 15th of March 2017

You are a beautiful human.

Trish Pepper on 15th of March 2017

What a song! I loved that it was done in a day. It was reactive, clever, irreverent, pacey, racey, bold and absolutely hit the spot! I SO hope it wins.

Andrew Collins on 15th of March 2017

I am one of the survivors who went to Rome. I am so grateful to Tim for writing this song. I remember being in Rome, surrounded by media outside Pell’s Domus Australis. We unfurled a banner saying no more silence and sang this song l(not very well mind you). This less our song – our anthem. This wasn’t just a protest song, it became a song that brought awareness to our plight. The Royal Commission heard evidence that survivors of childhood sexual abuse are more likely to suffer from mental illness, poor relationships, poverty and die earlier than thier peers. Those abused by the church have been paid pathetic sums, and the government has recently announced a redress scheme which the church will fund. But the average payment will be around 20,000 with no ongoing support. Not much for a life destroyed. And all of those who have taken their lives or suffered premature deaths? Thier families get nothing. So compare the acts of Tim to the church. Tim will forever be one of Bsllarats adopted sons for what he has done, and a friend to survivors all over Australia. On merit alone he deserves to win the award, but throw in his ongoing support and he hands down should have it. Thanks Tim!!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.