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Bill Murray, Barrett Doss & Andy Karl

Last Tuesday, Bill Murray, who made the iconic role of TV weatherman Phil Connors famous in the 1993 film, went to see Groundhog Day on Broadway and he LOVED IT! Then, the next night, he went again…

Pictured on the right with the two fabulous Broadway leads: Barrett Doss (Rita) and Andy Karl (Phil).

Sopan Deb, culture writer for the New York Times, covered the event in hilarious detail, in threaded tweets, before writing it up:

Day one: Bill Murray Relives a Role, Seeing Broadway’s ‘Groundhog Day’ – New York Times

The following night, he was back to see the show again:

Day two: Bill Murray Attends ‘Groundhog Day’ Again, and It Feels Like … Well, You Know – New York Times

Murray went on to enthuse about Groundhog Day and his experiences seeing the show on The Leonard Lopate Show – WNYC. Listen to the lovely interview here:

Barrett Doss & Bill Murray

Barrett Doss & Bill Murray

Two Phils - Bill Murray & Andy Karl

Two Phils – Bill Murray & Andy Karl

Addressing the Groundhog Day cast

Addressing the Groundhog Day cast

Bill Murray & the company

Bill Murray & the company

GhD New Artwork

Further information about the show can be found on the Groundhog Day The Musical Page, including videos, tickets, the Original Cast Recording and you can DOWNLOAD the Lyric Book.

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Domino Boyaa on 18th of December 2017

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nice, thank you

Cheryl Solimini on 17th of August 2017

Bill speaks for me. On my birthday, I was taken by my husband to the play because I love the movie (I rewatch it every Groundhog Day) and love Tim’s music/humor/truth (my Christmas season doesn’t begin until I’ve played “White Wine in the Sun”), so I knew I’d enjoy it. But it moved me in ways I can’t articulate and wept through the second act, too. I also wanted to see it again immediately (and did, though the box office messed up and gave us tickets a month later), and hope to see it again before it leaves Broadway. I’m wishing Murray’s endorsement saves it for at least a few months longer, because my dream would be to take my nieces and nephews to see it at Christmastime with this incredible cast.

Bryan on 17th of August 2017

A personal endorsement by Bill Murray. Hate to say it Tim, but its all over now. Anything you do from this day forward – it’ll never be better than a personal endorsement by Bill Murray… unless you get *another* endorsement from Bill Murray…

Leslie Fitzpatrick on 17th of August 2017

Well deserved kudos. It’s a special story and deserved your talents. Congrats!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.