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White Wine in the Sun

Hey! It’s that time again and as in previous years, all November, December and January profits from the sale of Tim’s beloved sentimental Christmas song, White Wine In The Sun, will go to The National Autistic Society. The NAS provide support, information and services for people with autism and their families and campaigns for “a better world for people with autism”.

There are two versions; the 2009 solo version and the 2012 studio version, with strings, french horn and more.

Here are a few more of the places you can download the 2012 single internationally: iTunes, Amazon (UK), Amazon (US) and 7digital.

If you have it already, you may fancy gifting it, along with the socks, jocks or chocs…

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Dux on 28th of May 2018

You’re a beautiful person, thank you for music that makes me literally laugh and cry >3<

Tahiya on 26th of December 2017

I love this song. Your are able to sneak in some objections without anger
and focus on the importance of love and family even if it’s not perfect.
In such a beautiful way. Thank you

Susan Adelson on 24th of December 2017

I hope listening repeatedly on Apple Music counts, or adding it to my iTunes Library through Apple Music. Tim, you had me hooked ever since I came across that wonderful commencement address. You are brilliant!
I would very much like to see/hear a collaboration with another genius, Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Michele Cullen on 24th of December 2017

A friend posted your original, solo version of “White Wine In the Sun” a couple of years ago, and as I listened, I finally felt like it was okay for me to love Christmas for all the right and wrong reasons, and that there’s someone out there who not only gets my feelings but who quietly expresses them with beauty, fun, passion, and peace. You know… kinda like… Christmas.

The cherry on top? After listening to me play it over and over and over throught the holiday season, my now 17 year old son “discovered” “White Wine In the Sun” himself this year. It’s his favorite Christmas song too. So you’ve given my big guy and me a reason to look at each other with understanding, and to give each other a hug.

That’s magic, Tim. You gave a mom and her son an excuse to hug eacher and say, “I love you.”

Merry Christmas. Give your brother and sisters, your aunts and your uncles, your grandpatents, cousins, your wife and your daughter our love, from Memphis, Tennesse, US.

Scott on 24th of December 2017

For an expat, ginger Aussie with dodgy facial hair n London for over 13 years, this is Christmas. Tim is brilliant. This, of course, brought a tear to my eyes when he did it live at The O2 in 2010, I think it was.
I will buy the single this year. Great cause.

Kitty Shelley on 23rd of December 2017

I love this song so much, and have an iTunes download. I can’t, however, seem to find my favorite version – from the Australian ‘Ready For This?’ DVD. Is that not on U.S. iTunes, or am I just missing something?

Thanks for this gorgeous song.


Shell on 23rd of December 2017

Hi Robert,
Yes, all official download purchases of either version of the song are included in this every year.
Thank you and best wishes,
Shell x

Robert on 20th of December 2017

If we purchase the songs on Google Play Music, will the donations still be made?

konrad kuenstler on 18th of December 2017

Dude. I just love you, and all you stand for. Your solid. I am an attorney in LA, and I have 4 kids, 2 grand kids, and 1 autistic child. Thank You so much for anything you do for families with autistic children. What we need is homes for seriously Autistic Children, Baby Sitters that won’t sue us when our Autistic kids attack people, and we need to get away and act normal, which we can’t do when nobody will watch our kids for us because their violent or aggressive, etc. nonetheless, its not your problem. I can handle my shit, unless I lose my Law License, or my physical therapy license because I self medicate to try to keep myself normal.

My point, is that its great to talk about autism, but parents, and especially single moms have to have people who can watch these special children, so, they can work and have a God Damn life (excuse my cursing). I just love your music, as I am a musician who happens to have to work as a LA lawyer, and a Dr. of PT to earn a living. I get so much enjoyment from your work.

Thank you for doing anything for Autism. If you ever need any help in CA, I am here for you. Have a great holiday season, and, I pray your little girl will never have to deal with the insanity of autism. You rock man. Please keep playing. You will never offend me, I love your art.

Konrad Kuenstler, DPT, MBA, JD.

Julie Higgins on 18th of December 2017

Love it and love you Tim Minchin.
It goes to the heart of Christmas xxx

Catherine de Jong on 14th of December 2017

Didn’t know it existed: a Christmas song with normal good lyrics! Excellent!

Jenny Skelton on 14th of December 2017

Watched you play this in Cardiff in 2010 with my partner and Daughter and baby Son (in my tummy) and the tears rolled down my face!
This truly has made my Christmas! Well done Tim Minchin your a genius xxx

Michael Murphy on 10th of December 2017

Such a great song. The lyrics very much resonate with me. I am full of admiration.

Clare in Sydney, Aus on 2nd of December 2017

Dear Tim, just discovered this song on Youtube, and while i’m a Jesus person I just resonate with heaps of it , cried for half the song & loved it … Love hearing this side of you, thanks so much for sharing your many gifts with the world and being such a clever honest human. <3 x PS just donated to the NAS.

Daniel Holman on 2nd of December 2017

The most beautiful Xmas song ever written. I have listened to it every Xmas since it was released and i find myself still listening in Feb!
Such beautiful lyrics that always bring tears to my eyes
Thank you

sophie palmer on 28th of November 2017

Mr Tim Minchin

I just wanted to tell you how much this song grips to my heart it is beautiful thank you for sharing your thoughts, idea’s and music with the world.

Many thanks
Sophie Palmer

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