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The Arts Centre Gold Coast has become HOTA, Home of the Arts and to celebrate Tim’s kicking off their new programme with a free open air concert next month!

It’s free but you will need a ticket, so make sure you sign up to HOTA NEWS before 2am Thursday 8th February for your chance to secure limited pre-release tickets.

At 9am Thursday 8th February HOTA will send you an email with a special link to get your tickets. It’s only two tickets per person, so be sure to tell your friends they’ll need to sign up too.

UPDATE (08/02/18): Ticket allocation now exhausted.

Any remaining tickets will be released to the general public at 9am on Friday 9th February.

Tim Minchin In Concert

Outdoor Stage
HOTA, Home of the Arts
Gold Coast

7pm, Saturday 17th March, 2018
FREE EVENT (tickets required)

Tim: “I’ve just moved back to Australia after 12 years living overseas, and the first stage I get to play on is a spanking new, world-class amphitheatre on the beautiful Gold Coast! It’s a hugely exciting venue in a part of the country I’ve not been to in years. Can’t frickin wait.”

This’ll be a very special concert indeed, in a beautiful outdoor setting – and it’s FREE! Don’t miss out, get a wiggle on and register for tickets here now.


UPDATE (13/02/18): HOTA contacted us with this statement for those who missed out: “Sorry Tim Minchin fans, we sent the email at 9am and we realise some of you didn’t get it in time. It appears that some servers like Hotmail delayed the delivery. We are as disappointed as you are.”  They have taken steps to try to ensure that this won’t happen again.

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Courtney on 17th of March 2018

Does anyone have 2 tickets for tonight?

Adam gane on 15th of March 2018

I am sadly unable to attend. I was so excited. Feel free to contact me people. I have two tickets

Cpancy on 14th of February 2018

My partner is the world’s biggest fan. I’m really broke at the moment and he’s been helping me out financially like the absolute angel that he is. I saw the event and started crying because I felt horrible that I didn’t have the money to buy tickets for us, it would have been so perfect and I’m used to being able to just buy stuff like that…. Then I saw it was free, THANK YOU UNIVERSE! I was elated. I signed up for tickets and thought we could drive to the coast for an amazing date night. The perfect thank you for a man who is continually the hand reaching down to pull me up. Now I have to tell him that it was merely a “chance” and that there was no email and we don’t have tickets and I’m still the same shitty girlfriend I was last week ???

Rel on 9th of February 2018

Love you Tim. Just watching you on ABC show ?
Have always loved yr comedy. Disappointed I couldn’t get tickets.xx

Marchie on 8th of February 2018

Hi Tim,

Queued up both days on the 8th and 9th online as instructed and it was too late to book tickets in the first minutes to your Gold Coast Arts Centre event.. :-(

We are HUGE fans.. Hope to see soon your tour dates in Au.
Welcome on home land BTW!

Marchie and Steve Condon

Carli Callahan on 8th of February 2018

Really disappointed that there were no tickets allocated to today, although I signed up for the pre-release, I was unable to be online at that time and was holding out for today :(

Alison Carlisle on 8th of February 2018

I think the new Venue looks great and I even checked it out on the weekend. I have always wanted to see Tim Minchin in concert and would love to go with my partner and to get free tickets would be fabulous ?

Fran on 8th of February 2018

Hey Tim,
Can you add me to mailing list so I know when you will perform in Australia next. Thank you.

Cooper on 8th of February 2018

PLEASE TIM, do more shows!! This sold out instantly. Very disappointing.

Laura on 8th of February 2018

Never even got the email after signing up with HOTA. Very disappointing.

Penny on 8th of February 2018

Welcome home Tim, can’t believe we will be seeing you live in concert, so so happy

Anna on 8th of February 2018

Waaaaah. I missed out! Please do more shows!

Rod on 8th of February 2018

I’m so pissed off right now!! What happened to the email link you were supposed to send?? I’m still waiting. Obviously a conversation, I bet there were no free tickets in the first place.

Harry on 8th of February 2018

Tickets were sold out immediately. PLEASE do more shows

Clare on 8th of February 2018

What happened?? I never got the email with the link to get the tickets? It is sold out and I still don’t even have the email link. Very unimpressed ratepayer. How did it sell out at 9am when the link was to be sent at 9am?

Emma Clark on 8th of February 2018

Tried to get tickets as soon as I received the email from Hota but they were already sold out :( Any chance of more shows being added?

Bev on 8th of February 2018

Seems this must have had very few tickets. We tried to book early but already sold out. Disappointing system.

Jason Tyrer on 8th of February 2018

Normal working people never stood a chance at getting tickets to the Gold Coast Show. Tickets went on sale via E-mail at 9am then you had to log onto a website to secure tickets. How is a person that has a normal job where you are not allowed access to your phone or device or have access to the net supposed to get tickets?

Sara on 8th of February 2018

Still waiting for the email…Did anyone else get one?

Allan on 7th of February 2018

I was refreshing my email from 9am, when I got the Tim minchin email, I clicked to book and it had already been sold out.
Im hoping that there will be more tickets available.

Mateus on 7th of February 2018

Can you or someone make a live on you tube ?

Amanda de Wilde on 6th of February 2018

I’ve signed up at Hota, fingers crossed for ticket, can’t wait, love from the Sunshine Coast X

Vicki Jarrett on 6th of February 2018

Welcome home Tim!

Norah & Shane on 6th of February 2018

Would love to attend.

Melissa Clarke on 6th of February 2018

My Dad is a huge Tim Minchin fan, would love to bring him to this as it’s his 80th birthday on 21st March…this would make his day!

Kim Shepherd on 6th of February 2018

Great venue choice, Tim, just down the road. Very excited about seeing you perform on home soil again.

Christine easterbrook on 6th of February 2018

I live in GC and so upset I can’t make this date! Have wanted to see Tim forever, when will he be touring Aus again!? ???????????

Maureen Kelly on 6th of February 2018

Can’t wait… so glad Hes back in Australia !

Cheryl Gay on 6th of February 2018

I would love 2 tickets so I can take my daughter to see Tim. We are both huge fans so it would be wonderful to see Tim Minchen in this new venue. Thank you :)

Janet Leggo on 6th of February 2018

To see and hear Tim again. Yah!

Patrick de Waele on 6th of February 2018

Can’t believe I get free Minchin tickets! ??

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