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’15 Minutes’

by Tim 31st Dec 2018 | 16 comments

Here is the first of what will hopefully be an album worth of song releases in 2019. It’s called 15 Minutes. I hope it amuses.

14th January 2019: Now available to download or stream from all the usual places, including:

iTunes & Apple Music

iTunes & Apple Music
Amazon UK

iTunes & Apple Music
Amazon US

Also available on:
YouTube Music

Orchestrated and Produced by Daniel Denholm
Engineered by Daniel Denholm at Point Blank Sound

Orchestra recorded by Brent Clark @Trackdown Scoring Stage
Mixed by Tim Palmer @ 62’ Studios

Piano and Vocals – Tim Minchin

Guitar – Jak Housden
Bass – James Haselwood
Drums – Evan Mannell
Backing Vocals – Jak Housden, Sarah Belkner, James Haselwood, Ben Vanderwal
Mastering – Ryan Smith @ Sterling Sound Nashville
String Section – Contractor and Leader – Veronique Serret

15 Minutes

By now we thought that there would be
Jetpacks and flying cars
Robots to do the cleaning up for us
And help with the shopping.
We’d all be famous for bit
That’s what Andy Warhol said,
Thought we’d all get our coloured head
Well the truth would rock him

He may be surprised
To wake up and find
That we have weaponised

In the future, everyone
Everyone will have
Their 15 minutes
15 minutes of shame
15 minutes where they
Are unforgivable.

Pick up your pitchfork and your torch
We’ll go hunt the monster down
But keep an eye out for uneven ground
We’ll turn on you if you stumble.
Don’t need perspective or a heart
Leave humility at home
Welcome to the glasshouse, hope you brought your stones
Are you ready to rumble?

I am scared to write
Anything that might
Upset my own tribe
But never mind, cos

In the future, everyone
Everyone will have
Their 15 minutes
15 minutes of shame
15 minutes where they

Are unforgivable
Inexcusable scum
Fit only to be strung up
In the village square
I will see you there

I am scared to say
Anything that may
Be taken the wrong way
But fuck it, baby

In the future, everyone
Everyone will have
15 minutes
15 minutes of shame
15 minutes where they
Are unforgivable
15 minutes
15 minutes of shame
15 minutes where they
Are unforgivable, irredeemable
Unforgivable, irredeemable
Unforgivable, irredeemable

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Mr Alan Kelley on 23rd of March 2021

Hey Tim, love your work.

Brave enough to sing about the Elephants in the room.

Perhaps you can write a song about the Elephants that are no longer in the room, because there are too many people on this planet.

Maybe call it “No room left for an Elephant”.

A world without fossil fuel can only support about 1.5 billion people which was about the global pop in 1900 before the rise of the internal combustion engine.

The world was a much better off place.

When the fuel is gone, 3/4’s of the Earth’s current people will become fossils.

Look forward to seeing you in Sydney 14/07/21


Geoff Wooloff on 22nd of October 2019

Saw the show in Oxford on Saturday, been trying to get tickets for years, amazing show great band Tim is a genius 😋 ! The songs “Leaving LA” and “I’ll take lonely tonight” were spectacular amongst a great setlist, and “Carry you” the moving tribute to Greg Weaver moved us to tears. Thank you for a moving poignant and thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Joel on 22nd of October 2019

Was very happy (but not at all surprised) to see every other comment here referencing “I’ll take lonely tonight”. Should’ve known amongst the laughs and amazing jamming there would be such an overwhelming song that would have me crying in an instant.

My girlfriend lives at the other end of the continent from me, and in my previous relationship I was also used to having to make long-distance work for years – quite an unusual position for a 21-year-old to be in really, so no wonder I resonated so strongly with this song. Thank you Tim!

mark cowell on 20th of October 2019

Saw the show in Oxford last night. Blown away absolute joy, F#
Have been searching for “I’ll take lonely tonight”, when will you release this masterpiece??

Meryl Hill on 4th of May 2019

Rachel, I am with you, I keep hoping I can find “Ill take lonely tonight” on you tube or something! It was such a wonderful show and I can’t get that song out of my head

Rachel on 2nd of May 2019

I’ve never stalked a song for it’s release before… but, “I’ll take lonely tonight,” has had me checking weekly! No other artist makes me laugh, nod in agreement and cry all within one show!

Nickole on 28th of April 2019

Just saw your show in Sydney at the beautiful State Theatre and loved every single second.
Please please please release ‘I’ll take lonely tonight”. I, along with everyone in my group, just fell in love with it. Such a breathtakingly beautiful and soulful song. Can’t wait to hear it again.

Glenn on 7th of April 2019

I have watched you since the smaller shows in Melbourne and I was blown away again at the Palais theatre last week. Like others I have been searching for ‘I’ll take lonely tonight’ everywhere. Please release it. I was telling my wife about it (who incidentally has been living on the other side of the world apart from me for months) and we were both overwhelmed with the sentiment. Thanks Tim. Hope it gets a release.

Michelle on 6th of April 2019

Still stunned from tonight’s performance of Back at the Palais in St Kilda. Wow. Just wow. And a well deserved standing ovation! But I went looking for the haunting “I’ll take lonely tonight” without succes – please please release the new songs you play so we can continue living the moment. So glad to have you Back Tim xxx

Karen on 5th of April 2019

Waking up having been to your “BACK!” Tour in St Kilda and I cannot get the new songs” I’ll Take Lonely Tonight” and “Leaving LA” out of my head! O felt like I had heard them before as they were do relatable and offered a real insight into the more sensitive and hidden parts of being human. Amazing! Can’t wait to hear the album. Loved the show and the parts where you speak and go “way down a rabbit hole” are equally as awesome as the songs as they offer food for thought and belly laughs in equal measure. As a carer for my now teenage daughter (who has the nickname of “Sleep Deprivation Ninja”, amongst other endearing nicknames) your song”Lullaby” has always struck a cord with my warped sense of humour/hanging onto sanity like most other parents coping on a few hours of sleep a night part of our lives. Even though that wasn’t on the playlist, I LOVED the show, your band members are incredibly talented and I loved the energy they gave, especially your backing vocalist/ folkish musican Sarah – great steal! It was my first night out in many, many years, and my first night away from my daughter in over a decade and I can say it was well spent! Going back home I’ll just have to sensor my language a little, although I would be proud as punch if I got yo have a conversation with my daughter’s speech therapist that included the jubilant sentence “….. said Fuck!”…

Penny on 17th of March 2019

Please release ‘I’ll take lonely tonight.’

And make us pay for it, we will!

Bob Hampton on 13th of January 2019

I can’t believe I’ve only just been introduced to your marvelous gifts, having ingested the 2008 performance of “So f**king rock” in London! We rarely get the best talents in a timely fashion here in the US. All I can say is that it was a mentally and emotionally exhilarating eye, ear, and mind opening experience such as I hadn’t had since first listening to Tom Lehrer in the 60’s and 70’s (but framed in the present era).

Best of wishes, and hope that some day you might get over to the East Coast US!

Coxy on 11th of January 2019

Welcome BACK Tim – we’ve missed you!. Seriously awesome…off to re-listen (yet again) to the back catalogue!

Shawna on 10th of January 2019

Been having a rough week and this was exactly what I needed to lift my spirits. Love the new song and I can’t wait to hear the album in its entirety! Thank you for sharing this!

Alec Brady on 9th of January 2019

Awesome, beautiful, moving. I’ve watched the video five times so far, and it gets better every time. When can I get the album?

Louise Carway on 31st of December 2018

OMG I love this, can’t wait for the album and to see you perform in the UK in 2019.

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