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Hi all. Here’s an infrequent blog. Am writing it by way of diarizing this weird little moment in time, and because I know a lot of you followed the progress of this project on socials.

The fact that I named this upcoming album of mine “Apart Together” long before Covid hit kinda presaged the way in which it has grown to become – in my mind at least – an album very much of this time. And as more shits have hit more fans, I have become more dedicated to making it a testament to this fucking year, and to the idea of making lemonade out of lemons, whatever shape the lemons are.

Some of my nerdier fans (hi, bless you, love you) will have heard me say more than once that I think you should aim to bring everything you are into everything you do. I tend to say it about artists, but I guess it works for humans in general. I also often quote my mentor/director/friend Matthew Warchus (who was perhaps quoting someone else) who told me, back in Stratford-Upon-Avon in 2010 when I was anxious about whether Matilda was ready to open, that “any piece of art is just an artifact of the work you did in the time you had”. These two simple ideas have profoundly affected the way I go about my work… and this year have come to mean even more. This year, bringing “everything you are into everything you do”, means bringing your anxiety, and your disappointment, and your tiredness, and whatever else you are carrying through the pandemic months. And “the work that you did in the time that you had” could perhaps be extended to “… the work that you did in the time that you had in the space you were locked inside with the collaborators you were allowed to have contact with”!

Each single I have released this year has been an opportunity to make a little bit of art, and as our industry shut down, and then nervously semi-reopened, I tried to let the restrictions that came along govern the style of art-making.

Which brings me to the video for “Airport Piano”, the 4th single from my album, being released today!

Which, typical of this shit year, is also the day I have to get on a plane and fly away from my folks. Let me go back a bit….

A couple of months ago, our gorgeous mum, who is only 71 and very healthy, and who loves her family with a sort of nuclear fury and is widely and furiously loved in return, was diagnosed with a particularly nasty blood cancer. She’s actually stabilized and is doing great at the moment, but when she was diagnosed, shit went very bad very quickly, and my two sisters and I (the Sydney-based siblings) and our families scrambled to apply for travel exemptions so we could fly home to Perth to see her.

Endless phone calls and doctors’ letters and documents later, we booked flights and landed in Perth… then drove straight to the house in which we were to quarantine for 14 days. Hashtag-fuckin-blessed, by the way, that we were allowed to quarantine in a house rather than a hotel room, and doubly blessed that we have family friends who lent us their big old home with a big garden and a big garage, and triply blessed that two of our families were able to quarantine together! My youngest sister, Nel, and her hubby and their two little girls, and Sarah and Violet and Caspar and I all moved in.

This is Nel Minchin:

A lot of you know Nel is a film-maker. (Digression: the feature doc that she and Wayne Blair have made about Bangarra Dance Theatre is absolutely spectacular and heart-breaking and beautiful. It’s called Firestarter and it premiers next month, and will be playing at festivals all around the country. I will tell you more when I’ve found out more ways you can watch it.) Nel’s husband, Guy, is a creative. Both a capital-C Creative (in the ad industry) and a small-c creative, in that he just makes shit all the time. And he trained in photography.

And before Mum got sick, Nel and Guy and I were talking about making a music video for Airport Piano. Guy had the idea that we should do some sort of piano-painting art project, then sell it for charity, and the music vid would kinda document that process. (Told you he was creative). And – being a man obsessed with words – I had the idea that the art project should involve me spewing the lyrics of the song onto whatever hapless instrument we found. We had begun to plan the shoot in a studio, with proper crew and lights and all the stuff. But suddenly the we found ourselves with a garage, no gear and two weeks until the deadline. And we all had to work normal hours with our various (remote) jobs.

First thing we did, is sent my Dad and my brother to Bunnings (equivalent to Home Depot / Homebase) and built a quick Drop-cloth studio.

Meanwhile, I put out the call for a free (or very cheap) piano, but as I did so, I realized that I wanted it to be a pretty good instrument. I thought if we want to auction it for charity and make some proper money, it should be very playable. For a while, I’ve been a Yamaha Artist… which I mostly agreed to so I could put a bit of energy into their charity work, and so they can help supply instruments when I tour. I didn’t expect them to ship me a brand new $12,000.00 Yamaha U1 within days of me asking the question. But that’s exactly what they did. It was so new, it came in a box.

And it therefore took a good while to pluck up the courage to take a frickin orbital sander to it.

Got the teen on the tools for a bit.


And painted it white.


I called up the awesome Murray Johnston, who was Katie Milwright’s camera assist and focus puller on Upright, and asked him to hire us some gear and bring us everything we needed, and to advice us on set up. I also called up Richard and Fiona Rees-Jones (Head of Lighting and Head of Make Up on Upright) to advise on cheap lighting solutions. Total. Fkn. Legends.

We filmed the video in a day, and this is what the piano looked like at the end!

It’s currently out in Midvale being sealed / varnished, and will then be trucked to Sydney, where it will make an appearance in an online thing I’m doing (more on that soon).

And THEN we’re going to auction it for charity. We’ve chosen an amazing arts charity*, and I’ll tell you more about that when we get to that bridge.

That’s the story of our funky little clip. I really like it! Massive respect to Nel and Guy. And thanks to John and Liz Mair for all your generosity and loveliness.

We have been out of quarantine for 4 weeks, visiting family and – as ever – working working working to try to keep making and promoting these songs and clips. I actually filmed another whole music video this week! This time, it was a massive production at an amazing Perth venue with a cast of 18 and a crew of 45. But I’ll tell you more about that in a month!

I actually have to get back to Sydney today, which is very complicated and sad.

So it goes.

Loads of love and peace to all of you who read this far.
Tim x

Sept 2020.

*UPDATE (05/07/22):The Art of Music dinner raises money for Noro Music Therapy, an AMAZING charity which provides almost two thousand music therapy sessions in Australia every week.
I performed on my Airport Piano, after which it was auctioned, making – thanks to an incredibly generous couple – $60,000.00 for the cause.
Thank you to the amazing Jenny Morris, creator and organizer of the dinner; to Yamaha Music Australia – Music Products for donating the piano in the first place; all the incredible staff at Noro Music Therapy and the Art Gallery of New South Wales; and my sister Nel Minchin and bro-in-law Guy Patrick for helping me create the thing.

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Bec on 30th of April 2023

Some people sit and wait for things to happen for them, while others make things happen for themselves in whatever situation they find themselves in. You are definitely the latter, and it’s why you are so successful. It inspires me to be a better advocate for myself. Thankyou for sharing your endless wisdom and creativity with the world. You are an incredible performer in everything you do. I hope your mum is doing ok. I’m sure she is extremely proud of you.

Simona on 14th of July 2021

Hello there. I only want to say, that I loved watching the video. Reading this story about how the video was being done made it even more interesting to me.

So sorry to hear about your mother. Sending lots of love and strength to you and to your whole family.

I really apologize. If anything that I write sounds inappropriate, please forgive me. English is not my mother tongue, and it’s sometimes difficult to express my thoughts and feelings.

I want to add that I really admire what you do. I absolutely love your sense of humor! On the other hand, I can see the humility with which you approach life and anything that happens. And that’s amazing! Thank you for you being such a great person.

Wish you all the best and success in your life!

Take care.

P.S. Sending greetings from the Czech Republic. ;)

Sue Schultze on 6th of June 2021

Tim & Co., just want you to know your art achieves its objective – your music is created from in emotional place, shared through a non-emotional place, then (wonderfully) received through an even more emotional place…YAY FOR YOU!!! HOW WONDERFUL to have met your goals! I’m flat out chuffed for you. What more could any of us ask for? Been following you since you took your eyeliner to Edinborough 20-05 (and what better description of you could there be, besides a love child of Liberace and Edward Scissorhands?!?!), my daughter and I have cheered every success, admired you wearing nothing but a guitar on Californicatiin, shared your work with everybody we can convince to give us six minutes of their life, been blown away by Mathilda, Ickes out to JCS, and loved every minute of watching you become the artist you were always meant to be. You’re funny, kind, brilliant and, above all, appreciated! Keep the work coming. You’ve turned us greedy! Sending happy thoughts to your Mum. Losing moms is the worst. Done it a few times now. It doesn’t try any easier, but you begin to remember the laughter mite than anything else. Knowing that would come eventually, well, it helped me get through the worst of it. Best Wishes, Susie from Seattle

PS Just have to throw it out there…you and Lin Manuel Miranda should really collaborate. I can’t even imagine the genius that would occur should the two greatest lyricists of our time meet heads. I’m sure this will be met by that frozen “just kill me now” smile. Understandably so, but anybody who can do what he did in Hamilton and you’ve done with…well…everything, will see the benefit! -s.

Teoy on 20th of November 2020

Just watched Apart Together. It was truly lovely and uplifting. Thank youTim!

Jocom on 26th of October 2020

You mentioned your mother and I’ma nosy dick… So now I’m just super curious if she’s ok. Cause a story told must never be left unfinished!!! In all honesty I came here in search of a possible story about you being trapped in a airport for hours writing a song and now I’ve gotten distracted and developed a deep interest in your family… So that’s creepy… I’ma go back to looking for funny songs now.

Kyle B on 8th of October 2020

Hi Tim!

I am sorry to hear of your sitituation and hope all is well.

I appriciate your thoughts of your mental struggle while under lockdown. I constantly question my own art (music) and have put off actually putting pen to paper. Well, you challenged me by putting marker to piano…. I love all that you do and the reasons that you do it. Stay true my good sir, Stay True!

Susan Saleeba on 3rd of October 2020

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of experiencing the ‘the awesome’ Murray, in Kenya as he did filming for my school and orphanage, showing compassion for those whose lives differ from ours .. just brilliant!

Heidi on 2nd of October 2020

You got me on this. My dad, my superhero, was diagnosed with stage IV cancer just as everything shut down. He went in thinking he had diverticulitis and then alone, because no one could come in the hospital, he was told. I sit half a world away devastated and just wanting to hug my dad one more time. Thank you for this song. It means something that I saw it today. Will send the link to my parents so my mum can show my dad. I think he will love it too.

Ben on 30th of September 2020

I’ve always loved your music, but this song in particular blew me away. Masterpiece doesn’t even begin to describe it, and it’s so well complemented by the creative music video – so this was a really interesting read!

Wish you and your mum all the best :)

Janelle A on 29th of September 2020

The line blur between the theirs, yours and ours holds a beauty in it’s realisation. The hidden layers unfold with each watch / listen. Endless points of appreciation.

The humour
The observation
The reflection
The no-filter
The bookmarks
The strings, beautiful fkn strings
The build
The vortex
The kicker

… and just when you are on the verge of something of substance in the frequent flyer lounge of life the plug gets pulled because …
Your flights gotta go when your flights gotta go. 💜

Jo Standaar on 28th of September 2020

You sir are a fucking legend….. serendipitously I listened to you chat with David Tennant today while working away in the sun at my job and then I came home to find this suggest to me by my friend… the only thing that can possibly follow that is my much awaited cup of tea. Thank you for being you.

Sarah Jones on 28th of September 2020

Wow.. what a year it’s been.. you have created some incredible material in the most difficult of circumstances.. I am so sorry to hear of your mum’s illness.. I hope she beats that cunt of a disease.. I can also see though that through adversity you and your wonderful family have grasped a rare opportunity to work together and create this amazing video of a smashing song.. You are drip feeding us your album.. it’s frustrating the fucking hell out of me but I’m loving it too. Best wishes to you and yours…. PS tell Sarah I agree with her comments about your songs… you want us all to think you are incredibly fuckable.. the podcast with David Tennant was brilliant..

Allyson.S on 28th of September 2020

I’ve watch the video for Airport Piano countless times in the three days it’s been out, and each time I’m blown away by the same thing. Some people spend vast amounts of money making music videos in a professional studio with proper lights and crew and equipment and don’t end up making a video half as good as one you made with only drop clothes, fluorescent lights, a piano, a marker, a paper onesie and a camera.
This video is fun silly and just goes to show that with the right people, no set of adverse circumstances is enough to keep you from making something awesome.
Thank you for giving us this peek behind the curtain (drop cloth?) and adding even more layers to an already fantastic video.

Love from Canadia to you and yours and I truly hope for the best for your mom.
Only time in my life I’ve wished for 50k, but hopefully someone will come along and give you twice that much to own this wonderfully consecrated piece of art💖

Nancy on 28th of September 2020

I decided that reading your archive here would be just the thing to distract me from the dreadful, interminable, and impotent (I mean, will my reading it make the slightest bit of difference?) cycle that passes for ‘news’ these days, and look what I found from July 2005:

‘Tomorrow morning the piano arrives. It is to be a Yamaha, and it is to be white. Roll over Elton, I wanna make you my bitch. I thought I might get a whiteboard marker and write on it during the show. Hmmm, as long as it sound bright and sparkly and doesn’t break when I hit the shit out of it, I don’t care.’

Could it be that this lovely idea has been looping around in your brilliant noodle for 15 years (or, more likely, longer)?

Thank you, Tim, for making such a difference, using your superpowers to invert perpetual frowns and unfurrow brows. Healing hugs to your Mum. 💗

Rachel Jacobson on 27th of September 2020

As with all your songs, videos, concerts, musicals, Judas turns, podcast interviews and conversations, Uni speeches and Uprights…the more I watch and listen, the more I learn and understand. Uncovering each layer you create brings something new. An “aha”…oh that’s what this means…or a laugh…or a tear…Always more richness for thought and emotion. Every word, rhyme and goofy face and move in this Airport Piano vid is satirical Treasure. I Absolutely adore those 2 beautiful long female arms dressing you (Violet and Sarah? Or Nel ?) lolol 😂 !!!!! Nothing is superfluous. Not a milisecond is wasted. Thank you for these oases of Good Stuff, especially in this year from shitty hell. Really. Thank you. And…I’m so very very sorry that your mum is sick. ❤️ Sending thoughts of strength and love to you and your family.

Becky on 27th of September 2020

At the end of the day words are just a pretty pattern on an airport piano.

Caio Azevedo on 27th of September 2020

This song is pure gold, Tim. Thank you for it.

Linda Muirhead on 27th of September 2020

Thanks for posting about how you made the video- the song is a fabulous earworm, but so sorry about your mum and everything you and the family are now dealing with.

Having your song be sick is the shit.


Having your mum be sick is shit.


Susan Healey on 27th of September 2020

Kudos to you and love to your family Tim x

Xavier on 27th of September 2020

It is nice to see what’s going in behind the scenes. Airport piano was such a great comedic with newer vibes song! I love it.

glenn blank on 27th of September 2020

I am new to your amazing works and watched one of your concerts today. I work in a hospital and contracted Covid –worked at home right through it and returned too soon but at 68 thats all I know keep your head down and just keep going. Really appreciated what you said about what we contribute while we can’
Good Stuff

Jim Stringer on 26th of September 2020


Belinda Weber on 26th of September 2020

All I can say Tim, is thank you for being you. Aside from the laughs and making me think deep over the years, your songs have REALLY helped me grieve, first for my Marc back in 2014 (I’d more recently listened to a since vanished naughty recording on YouTube video of Absence of You when it was “one of those days” on repeat for hours, better out than in I figure.) Then just in early July I lost my Mum *fk cancer, and everything in Upright felt even more real, and Carry You will be the timestamp whenever I hear it from now on. I’m so glad you managed to get into Perth and spend time with your family and especially your Mum, keep safe and healthy back in Sydney bc the world needs creative, smart souls like you – even if it’s all “meaningless” in the end. 💖

iVozar on 26th of September 2020

Firstly- fucking awesome song. Thanks for writing it amongst the chaos, you legend.
Secondly, thanks for the quotable content, ‘the work that you did in the time that you had… with the collaborators you were allowed to have contact with’ provides the perfect perspective for this year’s creative journey for my family.
Thirdly, what a year. I’m sorry to hear about your Mum. I feel it- I’m 24 and have a golfball tumour growing in my fibula- I’ve been waiting about a month now to find out if its malignant and or benign. In the case its malignant I’ll be in the no-recovery-zone too. Freaky days of uncertainty.
I hope your Mum is doing well today- your post certainly helped bring a ray of joy into my gloomy morning ! Thanks Tim.

Lisa B on 26th of September 2020

Darn! why are you shipping the piano to Sydney? I need it in Perth!

Really love your music and your caring. It gives me some hope for the world.

L on 26th of September 2020

I think hearing a back story of a project just gives it such power and extra dimension – thank you for (as always) sharing with us. And the teasing. Always the teasing…
I’d like to channel some nuclear fury into kicking 2020’s arse back into the 20th century we’ve always dreamed about. At least now I can do it with a truly funky earworm and some new onesie dance moves :)
Sending love and light to you and your family, esp your Mum.
Stay naughty x

dinesh on 26th of September 2020

Absolutely love this arts creation Tim and and looking forward to buying your alBum

Belinda Bedin on 26th of September 2020

Tim, love the arty music and the reason and purpose, just brilliant.

The closeness with your family reminds me of my own. And I completely feel and u set stsnd what you are going through. My dad too, is only 73 and has an unusual blood cancer. It’s not curable, so trialing many different treatments which is taking its toll. He has weekly injections and blood washing at Peter Mac. It’s very sad.
So my heart goes out to you and your family.

Chrissie on 26th of September 2020

What an inspiring “family” collaboration of “creative”!
Airport Piano is FAB-U-LO-US!
Cheers to sharing your journey with us…your artistry adaptations always keep me smiling!
Success to your charity endeavours…
Healing fortitude to your mum.

Lyndel on 26th of September 2020

Can we expect a film about trucking the Piano to Sydney? Seems like it could make a good, if unoriginal, story?

Carollyne on 25th of September 2020

I am bursting with such a mix of emotions I despair even our beautiful English language. Yes, I have read this far. I always do. Your art is an ambient comfort around my life – daily.
Airport Piano is a banger of a song most bodily effecting with earphones and often my eyes closed expressly to be inside the music.
“And so it goes.” The lemons will fall too. Some for quenching a thirst and some to remain where they lay.
I leave you with that most inadequate of English words.
Love, xxx Carollyne

Kyle Southon on 25th of September 2020

Thanks for sharing this Tim! Can’t wait to hear your album in its entirety. Love the new video. You seem to have a really warm relationship with your children, your fkn awesome dude.

Hilary on 25th of September 2020

Brilliant – thank you. Big love to you and your family xx

AndyPic on 25th of September 2020

Thank you so much for sharing this saga with us. Like true love, the course of very few people’s lives ever runs completely smooth. It’s such times of adversity that present a real test of a person’s character, and here you present an outlook on life that is truly inspirational. With love and very best wishes to you and all your family. x

Jeff Goin on 25th of September 2020

Well that was just f’n fabulous. Really. Awesome. Lit my already-bright day.

Years ago I was wandering around the bottom bowels of a train station in Indianapolis, IN and came across an upright. Nice one, too, and I couldn’t resist plucking out a horrible rendition of Morning Has Broken. So this song really broadened my smile. Plus I spend a lot of time in airports.

Love your work, but this is my favorite thing so far. Dang, keep it up, and the amazing attitude. Humans rock.

Sorry to hear about Mum.

Kris Lomonaco on 25th of September 2020

I have no new words of love and hope for your mum than those that have already been said. I just wanted to add my voice to theirs. I’m 69 years old and am married to the boy I met when I was 15. 54 years of growing together and, ultimately, falling apart together. Your story with your Sarah grabbed me immediately and hasn’t let go. You are an amazing human and I have loved following you. Thank you for sharing your journey, your thoughts, your fears and your talent with us. Love to you and your family from me in Littleton, Colorado.

MJS on 25th of September 2020

So grateful to have “discovered” you this year. It was the beginning of quarantine in the US and Jesus Christ Superstar came available for a week, and I saw your amazing performance. Then a plug for “Upright” showed up on FB, I made the connection, listened to probably all of your published work, and we watched “Upright” as a family (except for one episode ;). You now have a huge fan in Portland OR. Thank you for the honesty, intelligence and humor in all you share creatively. Stumbling upon your work has been a silver lining of quarantine for me (and my family!). Thank you.

Vicki Jones on 25th of September 2020

You absolutely nailed it Tim! An incredible piece of insightful observation….a fantastic video…..and a crackin’ tune to boot. Loved it…..love everything you do! Thank you for the emotions you stir and the joy you bring.
Sending much love and every good wish to you and your family🥰.
From Mijas, Spain.

Karen L. on 25th of September 2020

Watched the video first and then read the backstory… wow… and ugh… In this case I do wish life didn’t imitate art… Have been a fan since discovering you in JCS and then watching hours of video of previous shows… Binged on Upright and have been getting my fixes through your current work. Love the diversity of the videos. You are one of the few people that I enjoy watching online these days – well, you and Sarah Cooper. Wishing you and your family strength and peace as you move through this tough time. Thanks for everything you do.

Angela on 25th of September 2020

2020….almost enough said.

Thank you for sharing and creating and for allowing us a glimpse into your world. You have made getting through this year bearable. Love the way your mind works and the creative energy used to express it. You are appreciated beyond words, thank you….wishing you the very best.

Hugs to your family and thoughts for your mum as she navigates this new chapter and beats it….Health and happiness!

Hope to see your live show! It’s on my bucket list….

Heather on 25th of September 2020

Loved your video.
My mother in law also has been living with an incurable blood cancer now for over ten years. The science continues to improve so her original timeline of 6 months-2 years has dramatically increased (obviously). I hope to hear the same for your mum ❤️

Lesley on 25th of September 2020

I’ve been waiting for this all week after reading your updates, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. I read the page before watching, and the whole thing just makes me smile and my heart feel full. Your quote about a final product being an artifact of the art you’ve done resonates with me as an artist and I’m going to remember that. I’m impressed at your hand painted lyrics being so neat and I wish I’d seen you playing it at an airport while you created it. I saw you live twice in LA and look forward to seeing you on tour again when the world finishes cleaning the shit out of the fans. I’m truly sorry that your mom is sick, and I wish your family strength through it all. Thank you for being a beautiful and creative person to turn pain into music, and make us laugh along the way. <3

Kerry (@bintkeziah) on 25th of September 2020

Oh Tim, this is absolutely the guts of you. I think that’s what makes it absolutely, genuinely amazing, quirky, humourous and yet so sad.
Really sorry to read of your mum’s diagnosis. Glad that she is in a stable situ atm.ling may it continue. I also hope all is OK in Sydney (&the sad refers to you having to leave family not to another sad situ). Somehow that emotional energy gives this project and song such an injection of that special something… I guess 1 could argue that it’s the small nugget of fabulous which travels with tragedy (or not but as humans we try to find the positives) . The age old ‘negatives’ which apparently creatives need…. Whatever. Here you’re able to bare so much of yourself, the track be complex yet simple and your innards be all over it (metaphorically obvs.. Unless you have blue sharpie blood).
Absolutely love it, Tim! I almost can’t believe that last Halloween I was worrying re accessiblity at the Liverpool gig!! Thank you for creating and doing live insta & carrying us right now. Esp at a time you no doubt have moments where you need to be carried too.
What a skilled family you are. Sending mucn love x

Tina Murphy on 25th of September 2020

Sending tons of love to you and your family.

Such a fab project to make an amazing video for an awesome song, and I love that you’re auctioning off the piano for a good cause.

You’re a good egg, Mr Minchin xx

CJ on 25th of September 2020

Sorry, there’s no edit button for my previous message, about the CD being available in the US, I just pre-ordered the album from this site, so no worries then!
So excited!

Thanks again Minch,

CJ on 25th of September 2020

I’m sorry your moms sick, kinda hard to write anything else about the song or video after reading that, I don’t want to seem insensitive.
I enjoy everything you put out, I find encouragement from your energy.

I’ve been slowly working on a bucket list, at the top is getting a travel van, so I can get to remote towns and introduce art to anyone who is interested, hands on of course i.e. painting, sculpture, poetry, short stories, etc.
Some times I am really tired from the arthritis, but your songs and passion for the arts, get me going again.

Looking forward to the new album! Will I be able to get it here in the states?

Stay well and I hope your mom beats this, again, so sorry you all are going through this, 2020, the year of the shit pile.

CJ Asfour

Alison C on 25th of September 2020

Hi Tim
What a fantastic song and such a creative video, born out of ‘circumstances’.
Jan and others have said what I want to say so eloquently, but I just wanted to thank you for your authenticity and honesty and that you share so much of yourself with us. It is really appreciated, especially during these dark times. I’ve been following you for over a decade and I can’t articulate the comfort that you and your work have brought over that time!
I’m so sorry to hear about your Mum and that you have to go back to Sydney today. I hope you will be able to visit her again soon. You have an amazing family and the Minchins will get through this.
From half way across the world I am sending love and thanks to you, dear Tim, for everything, and the best of healing wishes to all the family. xx

Jo on 25th of September 2020

Cheers! This was wonderful!

Love and healing to your family. xoxoxoxoxo <3

Gini on 25th of September 2020

I’ve been a fan for many years but this past few weeks, since finally having the time to watch Upright (which I agree, is the best thing you have done to date – you totally broke me), I have become just a little obsessed and absorbed as much of your work as I could find. I may have completed YouTube. I’ve also binge watched Upright another 5 times in 3 weeks…

I’m genuinely gutted to learn about your mum’s illness and my heart goes out to you. My mum turned 80 this week and although she’s healthier than I am (and I’m only 3 months your senior), it does bring home the stark reminder that life is fleeting and we only get one. If I can bring you even a half pint of frosty cold comfort, it’s that you have the most loving, down to earth, genuine, caring, wonderful family I have ever heard of and if anyone can get through this latest hurdle with as many laughs and smiles as you have tears, it’s you mob.

I just watched Airport Piano and loved it. It was upbeat with just the right amount of silliness and I really needed that. I live alone with my cats (professional spinster) and as much as I usually love the solitude, I’m feeling surprisingly melancholy this week. It feels really fangirly and pathetic to say it but my newfound appreciation for your work has really kept me going over the past few weeks. I’ve even managed to stream The Secret River (not easy to find in the UK). Can’t wait for the album release!

I have decided to reject all ideas of a foreign holiday next year in favour of a long weekend in London to see Matilda. I’m keeping fingers, toes and pissflaps crossed that theatres will actually still be open this time next year for it! I know I shouldn’t be greedy because it’s less than a year since I saw you in Manchester but if you should happen to feel the urge to tour again…

I could gush and blah blah all day about how much you’ve helped me this month (I now realise why calling myself an atheist never felt like enough – I’m a humanist, yay!) but I’d be surprised if you’ve got this far without your eyes rolling into the back of your skull. Hey… this comment’s about me, baby… Hey… this comment’s about me… don’t ya know it… I’ll sign off now with a massive THANK YOU and love ya lots xxx

Adrienne on 25th of September 2020

I watched you sign that stack of inserts last night, and I’ve watched all the little moments of your life that you’ve shared with us during the time of Corona, as I’ve been awake unable to sleep in the early hours here in Cardiff. It’s probably the weirdest and toughest time of our lives. I’m grateful that you’ve let us in, some of us literally half a world away, to share this strange time and your creative process, I find it fascinating.
I knew you were having a tough go of it and was very sorry to read about your mother. I’m glad you got to document this bit of your life in Perth with your family on Airport Piano. Thinking of you today, as you head back to Sydney xx

Cathy Penrose on 25th of September 2020

Thanks so much for this back story on the project and of course thank you for the amazing piece of musical and visual art you have created for us Tim. The first thing that hits me reading your blog post is that old phrase of how “life imitates art” … my goodness, you must have been freaked out in more ways than one by the parallels of your own life and that of Lucky in your masterpiece Upright. What with your mum’s illness (sending all my positive vibes and well wishes to her) and your desperation in trying to head West to see her despite all the obstacles that Covid restrictions were setting you. And then to turn all of that into this amazing video. Let’s be honest, the original plan of a studio piece would not have been such huge part of you and your family’s experience of the last few months. I’m probably not wording all of that right but yes, the way to live life is definitely to adapt to whatever the world throws at you and put a part of whatever you are feeling into what you ultimately and defiantly spit back out! Sending love and thanks to you for all of your hard work and I hope the auction raises loads of $$$$$ !!

p.s. love reading your contributions to this blog. Please write a book!

JanG on 25th of September 2020

I totally second everything LollyPollyish said.
Thank you for the song, the video and, as Lolly says, sharing so much of yourself. Best wishes to you and your family. Challenging and stressful times but what a great team you all are.
Huge thanks for everything you have put out during these troubled times. It helps so many of us in so many ways. Wish we could do something in return – other than enable your affirmation addiction! ;-) Seriously, man, massive thanks, love and virtual hugs to you and good wishes to all the Minchins.

Jo Bridge on 25th of September 2020

Thank you Tim. Thank you. I have been a fan for a decade & have been privileged to see/hear you perform live multiple times here in Adelaide. Absolutely adore your work. Still clearly recall the audible inhalation of the whole Adelaide Festival Theatre audience when you introduced ‘Ginger’. 😆😆
Too many favourites over the years to list but special mention for ‘Thank You God’. Can’t wait for the new album. Your work continues to surprise & delight and I look forward to many more sublimely satisfying hours of listening. Stay Calm, Keep Creating.

LollyPollyish on 25th of September 2020

Oh Tim!
Hello Dear Man.
I am so sorry for you guys and sending you love.
This project is amazing on so many levels and the final piece is stunning. I hope you make lots of money for the charity and wish I could be the one to treasure it…daydreams.
Thank you for being the lovely you that you are and sharing so much of yourself.
Love, wishes and that funny scrunched up feeling I don’t have a word for projecting half way across the world to you x

Joni on 25th of September 2020

Love hearing how your family is close and supporting to each other! Thank you for sharing your stories and your art!

Much love from our family in Salt Lake City, Utah to yours!

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