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Tim will perform the entirety of his new album, Apart Together, in a one-off concert at the iconic Trackdown Studios, to be streamed at 7pm (local time) on November 19th, to celebrate the record’s general release.

Featuring extraordinary guest musicians, 6 cameras, 11 songs, and whatever pours out of Tim’s brain in between, the concert will be available online for just 48 hours, and will only be accessible to ticket holders.


Tickets go on sale at 12pm (Local time) Monday, November 2nd, 2020


Ticket prices: AU$15 / £10 / €15 / US$15
You can buy tickets for whichever timezone works best for you.

Tim: “I’ve been thinking a lot about how to make live entertainment in this no-live-entertainment world, and – as always – how to make a virtue of the restrictions placed on us as artists. And I’ve concluded that we have a fantastic opportunity to make a new style of “live” concerts. Not like the old model, where cameras are inserted into seats in an audience, or put on the shoulder of a camera operator dressed in black, skulking around the edges of the stage, pretending she doesn’t exist. But instead, I want to bring the audience into the room with us. I want the viewer to feel like they have been invited into the studio to watch the final dress rehearsal for a concert, and have been given permission to stand in amongst the band, to sit down next to me (ewww), to be completely inside the experience.

This album we’ve made really lends itself to this sort of performance: the songs tell stories that ask the listener to stay engaged with every lyric; they are generally very personal; they vary in style from proper all-out rock-pop tracks to seriously intimate ballads.

I really hope people settle in with a really good set of speakers, a really good friend or two, and a really nice bottle of wine, and let me see if I can’t give them an online performance that isn’t quite like anything they’ve ever seen. Oh. That sounds like porn doesn’t it. *It’s not porn.”

Tim will also be raising money in support of Ausmusic T-Shirt Day during the stream, with all proceeds going to music industry charity, Support Act. You can donate here.

Apart Together …is full of gravity-defying balladry and beautifully observed moments
– American Songwriter

“If there’s an artist more naturally disposed to a hybrid of pop and orchestration, I do not know his name” – The Age, Melbourne

“Minchin is a genuine musical virtuoso”
-The Times, London

“His songs are jaunty or bittersweet or dark, but always fiendishly clever.”
-The Evening Standard

“As with all Minchin’s stuff, it’s a little bit funny, it’s a little bit sad, and it finds the beauty and romance in even the most tragic of circumstances.”
-The Guardian

“an LP’s worth of bangers, fizzing with his trademark acid one-liners, plus a goodly helping of more reflective ballads too.”

‘Apart Together’… is a determinedly auto-biographical effort that has finally given him peace with his own voice, musically and metaphorically.

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Adam on 1st of December 2020

Ordered the bundle with the show and album and never received the follow-up message with how to get my music. Who can I contact to clear this up?

Louise on 25th of November 2020

I bought a signed copy of this with the live stream tickets. My CD is not signed. Does anyone know who I contact. It was bought as a present for my daughter and so would like a signed version.

Amanda Holtom on 22nd of November 2020

Just popping in to say thanks to Tim and his team. You guys have done a tremendous job. I hope you all know that your work has been a big, bright spot for so many people, especially in this desperately dark year. Thank you so much. Cheers from Phoenix!

Rachel Jacobson on 22nd of November 2020

I left my Glowing concert review on the wrong page…arggghhhhh…on Comments Page…please read it. The Concert was superb. In every way.
PLEASE ASK TIM TO RELEASE IT ON DVD. No one should have to miss this beautiful gift. Thanks for helping so many people with their techno challenges Shell. You are fantastic.

Vanessa Bates on 22nd of November 2020

Would it be possible to watch this live streaming of this latest album from Sydney, from now on, now that he will raised a considerable amount for charities? I was unaware of it until I saw Tim Minchin being interviewed on Sunday Brunch on channel 4 this morning in England. Any other platform I can view the special performance on please? Thanks.

Steve on 21st of November 2020

My wife bought a ticket but missed the show. Will there be another chance to watch? Thanks.

Denyse Hanna on 21st of November 2020

was unable to watch due to buffering issues – will there be another chance ?

Anthea Lawrence on 21st of November 2020

I’m enjoying your show RIGHT NOW in UK and I think you all achieved exactly what Tim and you wanted to … It’s stunning. Beautiful voice, Tim, and what a wordsmith. Thank you all for the huge amount of work.

pat on 21st of November 2020

I paid for the digital album but did not receive any instructions on where I might download it. Is this still coming or did I miss something?

Michael Rimmington on 20th of November 2020

I watched this live and was blown away. Going to watch multiple times in my 48 hours but was wondering, after that time will I be able to buy this performance? Thanks for the laughs, the tears, the win, cheese and most of all the inspiration to be better at what I do.

Belinda on 20th of November 2020

Amazing show by an amazing entertainer. Fantastic!

Jack on 19th of November 2020

I can’t find my code

Boo Feltham on 19th of November 2020

Thank you Tim.

You have just brought joy to our home. After what has been a really hard year… 11 months ago my teenage son was diagnosed with Leukaemia, and yesterday my mum diagnosed with a brain tumour…. you have just given us the best 80 minutes we have had in months!

Please never stop doing what you do…. we need you to talk too much and stay too long, it’s keeping us sane!

Love you you and your family, from me and mine x

Mike on 19th of November 2020

Thank you Tim. This was bloody brilliant. Loved the narrative between the songs And the songs themselves were pure class. Worth letting the stream repeat to enjoy once again. Hoping that carries through into the album, but a wonderful way to spend an hour or so under lockdown in the meantime. And would love to be there when you hit those keys after your mashed banana!

Shell on 18th of November 2020

Hi Chance Duncan – Runtime is about 78 minutes, including the credits.

Hi Doug – You can choose to buy a ticket to watch any of the streams – whichever one works best for you – and then the concert will be available to you for 48 hours. So you can choose to watch any time within those 48 hours and as many times as you like. Check the email you’ll receive to be clear on timings for the stream you choose.

To all: We are updating this FAQ, also linked above on the blog, with any new or clearer details as we get them: https://www.timminchin.com/apart-together-the-album-live-concert/#FAQ

Shell x

Chance Duncan on 17th of November 2020

Approximately how long is the concert stream? Really want to see this and support Tim, and hoping I can fit it into my schedule.

Doug on 17th of November 2020

What is the 48 hours of availability? FAQ says streaming is only at the time of the event. I have the same issue Ancora noted, East Coast USA and working..alot

Ed on 16th of November 2020

Thanks Shell and Zac!

When I tried to check out last week, it gave me the option for a $6 add-on digital copy of the album. That has disappeared. Now, when I click on the “select add-ons” tab, it shows the ticket, but no add-on options. Is this option not available in the US?


Zac on 16th of November 2020

Success! Shell, you are the best!

Shell on 16th of November 2020

Hi Zac and Ed,
I’ve just been told that the address line two issue has been sorted for those of you having problems with this in the US. So if you’d like to try yet again… it should work for you. Thank you for flagging the problem and for your patience.
Shell x

Zac on 15th of November 2020

Hey Ed, I have had some email communication with Universe customer service but they have not addressed the issue I mentioned and I have still had no luck getting it to work. Shell has kindly contacted me as well with some suggestions but I had already tried everything except for contacting my Credit card company which I just don’t want to bother with.

Shelagh Gall on 11th of November 2020

Hi, I have a query about the Apart Together concert:
When I went to buy a ticket I was offered the option to pay £6 for the digital album. Will the digital version be included with the CD and vinyl, which I’ve already ordered?

Ed on 8th of November 2020

Zac, I’m having the same problem in the U.S., for days. Have you heard anything from Universe?

Elisheva on 5th of November 2020

Oh, I’m so happy to hear about this! I live in an out-of-the-way country and figured I’d never get to see Tim perform live, but now I have a chance. Still gonna continue saving up for that trip abroad to see him in concert one day :)

Zac on 5th of November 2020

I am in the US and have not been able to successfully buy a ticket because the Universe website is requiring an address line 2 which I dont have. I tried putting a space but my credit card just gets declined. I dont know if others are having problems buying. I tried contacting Universe but have not heard anything back for days.

JP on 2nd of November 2020

Am I right in thinking you can watch this anytime up to 48 hours after the start time?

Shell on 1st of November 2020

Hi Ancora,
I’m sorry to hear that. As it says above, the concert will be available online for 48 hours so maybe you’ll be able to find a little downtime to watch it? Depends on your work role and shift pattern of course.
Shell x

Ancora on 1st of November 2020

Sadly, not a single time slot on offer works for those of us in the Atlantic (or likely Eastern) time zone for a Wednesday if you also have to work. Maybe could have worked if it was a weekend, but sadly we can’t watch. :( Very sad to have to miss it. I know it will be amazing. xx

Rachel Jacobson on 31st of October 2020

VERY much looking forward to this…calendar marked off in Red !
I’m a bit concerned that no Canadian price is listed…? Or do we just pay in US$$$…? Thanks Tim and Shell

Natalie on 30th of October 2020

Once again thinking out of the box, Tim were you ever in the box?
Excited to be apart of this new experience, and looking forward to hearing this long awaited album live before the full studio release which is pre ordered.
I can’t see how I won’t love the album as I have loved all of the singers released this far. As I have with all your material, whether it be comedy, rock, theatre, acting or just straight from the heart love songs in your own way 😉

Louise Carway on 29th of October 2020

Wow, this is so exciting. I’m hoping there’s no limits on the number of tickets for sale.

This will be the highlight of 2020, hubby and I can’t wait. Xx

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